I tested the world’s EASIEST crypto trading bot

I am no crypto expert so when I heard About these so-called robots that could Trade on my behalf and generate me daily Passive income for literally doing zero Work I was like I need a piece of this I'm gonna give this a try I mean I was a Bit skeptical at the start but I was Seeing loads of people raving about Loads of people on YouTube saying how Amazing they were so I decided to sign Up to a trading bot called coin rule Which is a UK based crypto trading bot And they've had quite a lot of hype Around them there's a few articles about Them they've had quite a bit of Investment so I thought this will be Quite good to try out I basically Trusted it so I just jumped in and I Just put in a hundred thousand dollars Just joking I only put in a thousand Dollars because I'm not crazy anyway to Call long story short it didn't end well So I tried out a few different types of Their Bots this one lost me over 62 and This one lost me over 70 percent

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