I Tried Amazon Affiliate Marketing From Scratch

Hello and welcome to today's video now This is a good video and the reason why Is it's all done from a case study and Here's the cool thing okay if you are Looking to make money online and from Home without no skills without any Experience and it can all be done purely From your phone then keep watching Because I'm going to share the results Of this case study with you I'll share With you how much I made and I'll also Share with you exactly how you can do This yourself okay so this method was Using the Amazon Associates program and Also YouTube now don't freak let me Explain what I mean by this so if I come Over here this is a channel called the Home reviewer now before this I like to Trial things in test things and share The results obviously we've got the Website over here with lots of different Methods for earning online you can see We've got all the categories on here now I also have an online community and a Training module basically so inside out Of here you can see on the left hand Side we've got all of these different Categories for making money online and From home and what I like to do is I Like to share case studies to prove to You know the students inside of here That you know any one of these methods That you decide to go down and follow The training you can make money now down

Here you can see we've got case studies And we have a number in here so this was The one look this was an Amazon case Study and you can actually get paid in Four different ways with this method and It's awesome because you're just using Your phone now if I scroll up here you Can see we had a starting point and I'll Scroll down I'll show this really Quickly so let's come down here so let's Go to seven days there nine day ten day 14. so this method from absolute scratch Using purely a phone tuck up here you Can see 14 days from scratch to earn Some money so what was this and how was We doing this so let's come over here I'll show you this and then I'll walk You through the process so this was the Channel that we used for the case today I'm gonna scroll down here you can see We have got the dates we have got the Views and also the comments okay now if I scroll down here You can see why we say starting point of This was here look the 10th of October 2022 so it was the back end of last year Now all I did was in the beginning to Start with I literally just got my phone Here And I went around the house and looked At some different products that I could Review and all I'm doing is if you look At these videos like six minutes three Minutes three minutes farming have not

Even published that one four minutes Five minutes we've got a nine minute Four minute three minute one and all I Was doing was I was just sharing a quick Review on these products I mean like This one here this Tommy Tippy perfect Prep machine Look you can see review after three Years it's in the house I thought I'll Just do a quick video on it and it's It's still getting views now and it's Genuinely really simple but let's just Rewind a little bit okay so in order for This method to work we need to become an Associate with Amazon and if you don't Know Amazon host the probably the Biggest affiliate marketing program out There whereby you can partner up with Them and instead of getting a you know a Generic link from Amazon they will give You your own link which basically means If somebody clicks on that link it will Then track back to your ID and you get Paid really simple so you know you may Have bought something in the past Something like like this for example What is this a phone case or a tempered Glass case and you know you're really Happy with it and you know you share it With your friend on Facebook or you Share it you know wherever in a message You normally get a link on Amazon and You just click on copy well you do Exactly the same thing with the

Affiliate program but it's got an ID in There which means in this example Markers you know sent this customer over To Amazon if someone clicks any of those Links and buys that product or any other Product in a 24-hour time period you Will earn a commission Pretty straightforward and simple okay So this was the channel and I didn't Upload a lot of videos but scroll up Here you can see I mean I've still got a Lot of different ones that I've stuff I've still not even uploaded so I've not Uploaded a video on the channel since That's unlisted since October so this Whole channel was created purely to Prove you know that you kind of hand Money from scratch using just a phone so How much did we earn well let's go over To Amazon and you can see here so from The 17th of October to the 1st of January we end the grand total of 48 Pretty good we also earn money as well From YouTube ads because this channel we Went ahead and got this monetized okay Straightforward and simple now all we're Doing is we're finding products around Lower home that we can upload onto YouTube recording a video really simple Now there is some criteria for becoming Um a partner with Amazon market and it's Really simple to figure this out we just Got over here to type in Amazon Associates

Like this and it will tell you you know What you what requirements you need to Become an Amazon associate and you can Do this with a Facebook group you can do It with a YouTube channel you can do This with Pinterest Twitter like there's Lots of different ways you can do this If you just come over here to the Amazon Associate Central it will tell you you Know the requirements now obviously you Know if you are doing this whole method Completely from scratch What I would recommend is you start off With a YouTube channel and just get your Phone up and go around your house and Record some videos of different products You don't have to be on camera yourself You do need to talk and all we're doing Is we're going to any one of these Videos here So let's go just go to like this well Where's it on that Tommy Tippy one this One over here I just you know I saw it On the side I thought I'm doing my Daughter's milk I'll do a quick review Of this I didn't even make a thumbnail I Saw what lazy this method is and you can See three and a half minutes but here's The cool thing okay so you can start Uploading videos onto YouTube once you Start to get some subscribers on this Then you can apply to the Amazon Associates program and realistically you Know if you've got a YouTube channel

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With a number of subscribers it works Pretty quickly and you know you can Fast Track that as well you can buy Subscribers you know some people don't Like this but for the sake of getting Into the um Associates program lots of People do this now for scroll down here As well you can see this is my title and Then here I have a link which is I'm Saying to people in the video you know If you like this product click the link Down below now you might notice you Might be thinking well that doesn't and Say Amazon and it doesn't for one reason So normally you get your Amazon link and You send people over to you know that Web page what happens here is there's This company called genius so if Somebody was watching this video from Say the us or Spain or any other country And then click the link if I was just Using my Amazon UK affiliate link I Wouldn't earn a commission instead I'll In fact let me quickly show you the Website so I'll come up here and I'll go To genius link Come over here if you go to this website Basically what it does is it takes that Person when they clicker over to the Amazon relevant to their country okay Now from memory I think it's about five Dollars a month something like that it's Pretty straightforward so let me log in Here really quickly I'll show you this

As well so you can see this and you can See where the traffic is coming from Okay sir Um I accept let's go ahead and log into Here And I'll show you this now so we can see On here look this is the home page you Can see in the past 30 days we've had a Total of 93 clicks scroll further down Here and look at this you see this pie Chart we've had 70 clicks coming from YouTube It's pretty awesome isn't it now had I Have not been using this genius link and As I mentioned someone from the US Clicked on this and went over to Amazon And bought a product we wouldn't earn a Commission because we are not in that Country however if we're using genius Link they will take that Amazon link Specific to our country and they will Make it available in all countries where Amazon have you know that product Available so it's pretty cool and you Know it's even better than that we've Had 70 Clicks in the last 30 days and We've not even uploaded a video to YouTube since end of October Now the other cool thing about this Method as well is First scroll down here I'll show you This so you can see look at this so one Video on YouTube if somebody types in This Tommy Tippy perfect prep machine

Review it's currently ranked in position Number one if somebody goes ahead and Types in this keyword Position number one number one 35 and 102. so here's a cool thing this video Is potentially being found from three Different Search terms on YouTube and It's currently ranking in position Number one let's go on our analytics and Have a look at this See if you know we've had people Watching in the last hey you can see up Here look in the last 48 hours We've had seven people view this the Majority of this has come from YouTube's Edge and this three minute video has Also earned one dollars and two cents And go go ahead and have a watch in the Video it's nothing special it's just me You know sharing the product and talking My way through with it but look this is The method and it genuinely is as simple As take your phone go blaming look at That I need a new phone case don't I Take your phone review some products Around your house upload them onto YouTube now you don't need to do things Like you know use video tags in here you Need to make sure your descriptions Correctly using your keywords and you Know everything else that comes with Video optimization But it genuinely is a straightforward Method and when I get a bit more time

Then I will more than likely start Uploading some videos but essentially It's a passive income isn't it because I've not done anything with this channel Since well November December coming up To three months yet we're earning money From Amazon we are also earning money From YouTube I'll come over here and I'll show you this now so you can see Here look We've got some YouTube AdSense on here But here's the great thing as well when I was fast starting this Channel people Suppliers were watching their videos on YouTube and they were saying would you Go ahead and review our product of Course I will though so what happens Here is suppliers send us products to Review this one over here was one of Them so they send you the product you Review the product you put it onto YouTube so you're potentially earning From YouTube If people are clicking your Links you're earning from Amazon the Supplier in some cases will pay you to Do that review and then you also get to Keep the product and then you can sell It sir from one short video you are Potentially earning money in four Different ways and the proof is in the Pudding because as you can see over here It took 14 days to end our first Commission with this and then what Happens is your videos can actually

Start appearing on Google which again we Cover this and then yeah it's awesome It's absolutely awesome method for this If you're in the University go ahead and Watch this whole you know this whole Case study on here because we'll walk You through you know everything you need To know if you're not in the human Investor you can have a you know go Ahead and have a look at that I'll check I'll leave a link for you down below but Even if you're not in you know even if You're not in there this method here it Genuinely is a straightforward and Simple way to earn money online and from Home so look let me know in the comments Down below do you like this method have You done this method yourself are you Even going to give it a go because it's It genuinely is straightforward so look Thanks for watching have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow

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