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So 2003 is nearly here and what I want To do in this video is show you a really Cool way that you can make money online In 2023. now these are some of the live Results on the screen you can see right Now now this method does work and people Are making money every single day with This particular method what I want to do In this video is take you through the Step by step so we don't miss any steps And show you how to do everything step By step and the best part about this Method is you can actually go and start Doing this for free that's right you can Go and make money online in 2023 for Absolutely completely free you won't Have to spend any money starting this Particular method now what can you Expect from this tutorial I'm going to Show you exactly how this works how to Get started how to get the tools needed To actually do this and we're going to Learn all of this in around about 10 Minutes because I like to keep my Tutorials very short but give you all of The information that you need so let's Jump into this tutorial and I'll show You how to make money online in 2023 and Don't forget to hit that subscribe Button smash that like button and tap The notification Bell so now my next Video comes out let's jump into this Tutorial and get started and I'll show You how you can start making money

Alright guys so every single day there's Millions and millions and millions of People on YouTube watching videos and What we can actually do is we can take a Little piece of the pie and we can Actually go and make money using other People's videos and we can do this all For free without spending any money I'm Going to show you how to do this step by Step but YouTube is crazy it's growing At an insane rate I watch YouTube way More than I watch anything else nowadays This video is getting millions of views Within a few hours of being uploaded to YouTube so I'm going to show you how you Can go ahead and make money yourself by Using other people's actual videos and You don't have to go and create your own Content and it's really easy to do so The first step you want to do is you Want to go to a website called and we will talk about how You can sign up to this in a second but What I want to do first is I want to Show you some payment proof so you can Actually see that people are making Money with this particular website these Are actually the real dates right now so 7 to the 12th 7th to the 12th 6th to the 12th and these are people that have been Getting paid every single day via Paypal Payer And a few other actual payment systems That you can use but the most common one

Is going to be PayPal that most people Have watching this specific tutorial so You can go and link your PayPal and get Paid into your PayPal account now if we Actually go back here can we go to Payout rates you can actually see what Type of rates you're expected to get Paid per country and I'll explain to you Exactly how all of this works in a Second as we go throughout this Particular training but you also get a One dollar sign up sign up bonus a Minimum payout of five dollars which is Really good but these are the payouts That you can potentially get from this Method Greenland is the highest in Ireland and the United States actually Pretty surprised I thought United States Would have been at the top now what you Want to do is you want to go and sign up Now I've already done this I've signed Up a test account for this particular Video but you want to go and sign up and Account there'll be a sign up button at The top this is going to be your Dashboard and on this dashboard it's Going to go show all the information That you need like for example they just Did an announcement where they have Actually increased the CPM in India Mexico Thailand and Indonesia Philippines and the United States and Then what you can do is on the side here You have all of the information that you

Need like manage links so you can go Find all of your links here and then Withdrawals you can withdraw your Particular money that you've made I Already have a dollar because I've got a Sign up bonus for starting this free Account our test account that we're Going to be using and you can simply Withdraw by clicking withdraw you can go Ahead and choose your withdrawal method You can do PayPal or any of these other Ways even Litecoin which is pretty cool Or A banks transfer so these are the Ways you can go ahead and get paid Online with this particular system so What I want to do right now is show you How you can make money with this website Right here and I'll show you exactly how To do this step by step now what I'm Going to do is I'm going to show you two Ways to do this I'm going to show you The um easiest way right now and then I'm going to show you another way where You can actually make more money by Using a thing called Trends and I'll Show you exactly how that works in a Second so what we want to do is I'm Going to go and head over to Google Right now and I'm going to quickly just Put in something like new world guides This is a game that I play and what I'm Going to do is I'm going to go and click On a particular guide now you want to go And find a guide that has lots of views

The reason is because people are Actually viewing that specific guide and They have an interest in that guide now That's pretty much common sense but you Want to go ahead and make sure you find A video that has lots of views and There's actually one of my videos right There that just popped up which is crazy So anyway let's go to this one here new World how to level up fast we can click On this video and what we want to do is We want to go to share this video and we Want to copy this link now what we're Going to do next is we're going to go Ahead and we're going to go back to here And we're going to oh sorry back to this One and we're going to go to manage Links and we're going to go to new Shortened link and we're going to go Ahead and post in the link right here And then we're going to go shorten now What this is going to do is it's Actually going to shorten the link and We can now go ahead and use this Particular link to go ahead and get People to click on this link and we will Get paid for every single click now like I showed you you actually get paid per Thousand clicks so for Greenland you Will get twenty two dollars for every 1000 clicks now we're going to go and Copy this particular link and you might Be thinking to yourself where do I go And put this link so I can make money I

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Will show you two of the easiest places And then I'm going to show you the best Way to make even more money with this Particular method because there is Another strategy to get more clicks more Views and to make more money now the Reason I chose new world is because you Can see that there's a lot of people Searching New World on Reddit and one of The reasons is is because right now They've had big updates and things like That and the game is coming along real Nicely so it's bringing back more Players now as you can see these P um These are seven days ago one month ago Two months ago but these have 188 Upvotes for 498 upvotes and these are Guides on the new world Reddit as you Can see seven days ago seven days ago as Well what you want to do is because that Video that you went ahead and found is a Video on how to level up fast in New World you want to go to Reddit and you Want to go and create a post in the Reddit subreddit or even in gaming in General and you want to post a guide That is how to level up fast in New World now don't just go ahead and post The link that you got right don't just Go and do that you need to actually put In some detail do a few paragraphs Explaining to people how they can level Up fast and then link the link and say Hey if you want more information check

Out this video that I found now you're Going to be getting paid per click on That link you're not taking any money Away from the video itself whenever Someone clicks on that link you are Going to get paid as per thousand views So if you send a thousand views you go Back to the um thing here that I showed You the stats page from before and it'll Tell you how much you're going to Roughly get now Reddit is not the only Place that you can actually do this you Can go to a website called and You see I put in Lost Arc tutorial now Lost Arc is a completely different game But it's another popular MMO game and as You can see they have tutorials as well So what you can do is you can go ahead And you can post these tutorials and These video links and get people to Click on them to make money online now What I want to do is I want to show you A better method to actually do this so You want to go over to Google Trends and You want to find games that are trending Right now now for example war zone 2 is Trending it just got released a lot of Hype around this right now and what you Can actually do is there is a really Simple way to go and find the great Content to use and one of the best Content Guides out there for Warzone is the best Loadouts everybody's looking for the

Best loadout so what you can do is you Can go into to YouTube and go Warzone 2 Best loadouts you can go and choose one Of these videos for example and then you Can go and copy that link now the reason You want to do trending content is Simple because there's so many people Searching for it right now and you're Going to get an insane amount of clicks This is the best way to get clicks is by Going and actually finding that trending Content online alright guys that's it For this video I just wanted to show you Exactly how you can do this once you get The video and you have kind of I've got That link as the middleman go on to Reddit Cura and even other websites and You can go and post this content but Make sure you put in an in-depth guide Don't just go and post it but for Example if you go to Reddit you go to The war zone section and you post about The I don't know for example what do we Have here Um We have the type five top meters if you Go and post something and read it about The five top meters in the Reddit Call Of Duty um subreddit you could Potentially get views onto that link as Long as you put a bunch of information So maybe list the five guns and then go If you want any more information check Out this video alright guys that's a

Quick way you can go make a little bit Of money online via watching videos and The links don't forget to subscribe Smash that like button tap that Notification Bell and I'll see you in The next video

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