Okay guys in this video I'm gonna set up A live click dealer campaign so I'm Going to set this campaign up step by Step for you and then I'm gonna check in With you tomorrow and I'm gonna show you What the results have been so if that Sounds good to you do me a massive favor And smash the like button and also if You want direct help with your affiliate Marketing from me all you need to do is Become a channel supporter simply click The join button under this video and Sign up to become a mega affiliate You're gonna then get access to me and Other Mega Affiliates via a private Facebook group and weekly live Zoom Sessions you'll also be able to watch The replays of all the zoom sessions We've already had on demand so if that Sounds good to you and you want to boost Your affiliate marketing for the Remainder of 2022 and into 2023 sign up To become a mega affiliate by clicking The join button under this video or the First link in the description and become A mega affiliate today we're looking Forward to seeing you on the inside Alright now to this live campaign let's Get started all right so uh we're in Click dealer right now now I've already Considered a product that I would like To promote today and it's a product that I talked about in another video recently And I mentioned in that video I was

Thinking about promoting it and uh we're Gonna do that right now all right so Um what I'm looking at now is my offers Screen in Click dealer okay and you can Get to the office screen just by Clicking on this offers link on the left Hand side and then going browse okay now If you don't have a click dealer account Already sign up for click dealer using The link in the description and if you Use that link you'll get the same Account manager as me and you'll get to Join a private uh Skype group and that's Where my account manager and myself and All the others in the group can help out With your affiliate marketing with click Dealer offers all right so Um what we need to do is we'll set Status to active and apply now what That's going to do is uh show us all the Offers that I'm approved for okay Lizzles are just narrow it down we're Going to do it on the us as well so Let's uh where are we here we go us All right and we'll apply all right so Let's just go down and have a look That's going to cut a few of them out And I think I've gone past it but I'm Just going to double check no that's it Okay so this is the offer right here Skin cell Advanced all right and this Offer is available for promotion in the US Canada Australia Mexico and IL I Guess that's Italy all right so let's go

And have a look at the details all right Now media types allow adware Banner Contextual email enapp messenger native PPC pop search push review site blog Okay so I'm thinking I'm either going to Do a push or I'm going to do Native all Right so let's just have a look at what Is already running on push in Native Let's have a look at uh Anthrax our Spying tool all right so we're going to Pop over there right now all right so Let's have a look uh this is Anne's Trick's push that I'm logged into now Let's have a look all right so let's Just type in skin and see what we get All right this stuff here that's been Running for 393 days which is a good Sign let's filter this down let's go to At least five days right this one's Pushed so we don't have to go too crazy All right and let's go sort by date last Scene descending Let's have a look at what we get All right by the way if you want and Strikes which is an awesome tool to Actually Um find ads that are running get a head Start on your marketing and start making Money much more quickly with your Affiliate marketing you can sign up for Anne's tricks using my link and coupon Code in the description and if you use That coupon code you're going to get 20 Off lifetime all right so uh well worth

It all right so let's have a look at This what do we got here December 6 Started running October oh that's quite Long for push interesting Okay what countries are we targeting Here Canada USA Israel Australia interesting This is very very interesting okay so This has been running much longer than I Expected most push ads are going to kind Of run out of steam pretty quickly I Think but that is very interesting all Right so let's uh let's click through And we'll have a look at what the Landing page is like All right and get a full screenshot okay So this is the landing page this is a Similar landing page to what we saw in The previous video that I made all right So Um this is definitely one that we could Go with all right so let's just have a Look at another one I've got a feeling This is the same Advertiser so oh oh What's this one Okay just one drop of this weird liquid Made my ugly moles melt away in minutes Interesting oh I kind of I think I like the Simplicity of this One A little bit more than how long has this One been running October 16 to December Again December 6. interesting Okay let's uh I wonder if ugly Muslim

Skin tags how to remove mozz and skin Tags remove moles and skin tags want to Remove ugly moles on skin tag Interesting okay what's this one Okay so I'm gonna show us another thing Let's have a look here no okay Try again no Okay some problem with that one might be Blocked by the uh tracker or something So one concern I have with that one Is getting dis oh there's a different ah See I'm not sure with the logos on there I'm not sure if it's going to get Approved or not we give it a try I guess Um I guess this is a famous person Though and it could get disapproved what We could do is we can go with this one Which doesn't have any I believe it Doesn't have any famous faces on it and Then once that's approved if we find That this one's not doing very well we Can always swap over to Um to the to the other one all right Once it's been approved now if we have a Look at this one one thing that I think Is going to look better on the other one You see this a multi-column layout one Thing that's going to look better on the Other one is it's on both desktop and um And uh Mobile it's going to be a one column Layout right uh so I have a feeling that That's probably a better one to go with So we're going to download and deploy

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This one so we're going to rip this Landing page another great thing about Anstrax so remember to grab a hold of Van strix using the 20 discount coupon Code in the description so we're going To go download and deploy we're going to Say user proxy we're going to go USA We're going to say okay all right so our Downloads started so we can click here To see the status all right I don't have A lot of time in my hands today guys so I want to say the status so what we Actually need to do before we download This is we need to set up our campaign All right so we're going to do that by Going to volume and in volume we're Going to add firstly an offer okay all Right so we're going to add an offer We'll go create offer All right it's click dealer and this is Integrated into volume so you don't have To choose an affiliate network uh we're Going to go Global Um we'll go uh just call it skin cell Um skin cell and something to represent Today so it's December 7 today whoops so Let's just go to semester seven all Right and we want the offer URL so uh I Forgot to copy that out so we're going To go back to click dealer we're going To go to a URL here we're going to Choose a creative uh we'll just go to The default one and we're going to go to A media type we'll say it's going to be

Push and then what we're going to do is We're going to put our sub ID in here Which is Click ID in curly brackets and Then we're going to copy that to the Clipboard and then we're going to go Back to volume and we're going to paste That into our offer URL field like so And that's done you see it's got click ID registered as the token that's in There we go save all right and that's Our offer in there right now all right So now what we need to do is we need to Set up our land up right so we're going To go to our landing page all right and For Orlando we're just going to go Create Lander Okay and so we're gonna give it the same Name just for Um ease of use uh while we're doing this Uh this test all right and our Lander is Going to be https Patriot Health one oops do I spell that Right I can't see what I'm doing uh Let's turn the brightness up on the Screen okay that's better okay and then We'll go uh skin cell like so Okay that's a land URL all right so what We want to do is we want to copy out our Click URL like that so that click URL is Going to go into the landing page before We download it from anstrax right and That's super important okay so let's go Back to and strix and we're going to go Edit

And we're going to go link editor only So we want use Quick editor all right We're going to go edit links And we want to paste in our Affiliate link like that then we want to Go replace Okay success so every link on this page Is now going to be our affiliate link All right so we then go to step three We're going to say yes we want to do That we want to Minify everything And it's optimizing right now all right Awesome so now we're going to go zip and Download All right so you can see we've Downloaded amazingnews all Right so I'm going to close that just so I'm conserving space now what we're Going to do is we're going to go over to Cpanel and we're going to load that page Up to our website using file manager Okay so we're going to upload this file Okay so there's the file there so now What we're going to do is we're going to Extract that file oh all our files are Now here all right so what we can do is We can now get rid of the zip file we Don't need that anymore so we'll delete That all right now if we go to the index File And we edit that index file Okay we're going to find that if we go And search for a h ref All right all the uh ah ref references

Will be to uh our affiliate link all Right now uh there's eight of them it Looks like okay there you go beautiful Okay they're all in there all right now What we need to do is we need to go back To volume all right and we need to get Our Landing uh Lander tracking script All right so we're going to copy that Out then we're going to go back to our File manager and we're going to go to The top and we're going to find the end Of the header which is here uh Slash Header and then right before that we're Going to paste in our tracking script Okay we're going to save that All right so how do we know this is all Working very very easy what we do is we Go back to volume and we say verify Landing page And it says all good so we're good to go All right so we can save our Lambda All right so we've got our offer we've Got our Lander now we just need to set Up our campaign so we're going to go Campaign We're going to create Campaign advanced All right and we're going to call this Uh what are we going to call this uh Skin cell December 7 just keep it the Same all right December 7 well December 7 and traffic Source we're going to go With propeller okay so let's use Propeller ads okay traffic type is push

All right So that's all we need to do there so Again next and then uh on this page all We need to do is say what is ourlander Click here select our December 7 Lander And for our offer click here select our December 7 offer and we are done that's It all right so then we go save All good we've got all the information We need here we've got our tracking URL We've got a campaign name we'll copy the Campaign name okay and so there you go Right so let's just have a look at the Links okay so any of these links that we Click on it's going to take us to the Run through our affiliate link all right Any of these okay so the page is looking Good so what we need to do now is go Back to our anstrax and we're going to Download uh some of these images all Right so I guess we're going to start With just these two images and see how We go so we're going to get this one We're going to go save images so we've Got this image and we've got this image For our push ads and we're going to use This as our icon all right so what we Want to do is we want to go which ads Are probably performing the best Um want to remove ugly skin tags ugly Moles and skin tags how to remove molds And skin to tags so we might try I like the question all right so we Might try this one and this one all

Right so let's go over to propeller ads All right and we're going to go create Campaign Okay and we're going to paste in our Campaign name that came from volume and Then we're going to go push Notifications and we're going to say we Want classic push and we're going to CPC And of course it's going to select in Page push again so we're going to turn That off all right and our Target URL We're going to go back to volume and We're going to get our campaign URL from Here like that and we're going to go Back to our push ads in propeller and We're going to paste that in like so That's done all good to go then we're Going to say propeller ads partner Traffic or both we're going to just want Propeller ads traffic to start all right And we want low medium or high quality Well let's uh let's see how we go now The way I look at this is I think low Medium and high quality traffic is Really defined by how many people are Willing to click right because as people Have signed up for push notifications For longer and they're getting inundated With push notifications they're less Likely to click now if we're paying cost Per click does it really matter well Maybe it does because even though we're Only paying for the clicks that we get What happens is that when we um when we

Don't get a lot of clicks on a Particular ad because of maybe maybe the Traffic is old or something right that's Still going against us all right that is Uh making it look like there's a problem With our ads so it might be less likely That our ads can be pushed out as often As it would otherwise be if it's not Getting clicked as much right so we want To encourage the clicks okay so we're Going to go for high quality traffic all Right of course that's going to reduce What we can do but you know so be it all Right what we're also going to do is Because this offer is available for uh Canada as well I'm going to end Australia I'm going to run this campaign For three different GEOS I'm gonna run It in the US Canada and Australia now Normally I would stick to only one Geo For something I'm running but this is Something I'm going to give a test to Today I'm just going to throw in three GEOS and see what happens all right so We're going to go Australia United States Canada All right very nice and so our CPC is uh 17.5 cents recommended so we'll stick to The recommended Okay and so what's our daily campaign Budget Um uh right now uh let's go with say 50 Bucks a day

Total campaign budget of a thousand Bucks just to see how we're doing all Right we're gonna go mobile only and We're going to go Android And let actually let me go back here Hang on one second let's have a look at What they're doing they're using both Desktop Mobile Windows you know what Let's just let's just copy what they're Doing again this is a test normally I Wouldn't mix mobile and desktop in the Same one but you know what you only live Once all right so we've got mobile Desktop let's choose our operating System Uh windows and did they have did they Have Windows chosen here okay plus one Tablet desktop Mac Windows okay all Right so we'll go back we'll choose Mac As well all right and then we don't Worry about OS version for the moment we Can always filter down later and let's Keep going down let's have a look I Think this is probably going to be a Little bit crazy it'll um use my budget Very quickly given I'm targeting so much But at least we'll get some kind of Information back right okay so we don't Need that anymore we don't need that Anymore okay so let's go so the headings Were let's go in here to copy that out Okay I want to remove ugly moles and Skin tags okay yes I do all right so We're going to go back to propeller I'm

Going to go once to remove ugly moles And skin tags okay and what was the Um Uh where am I okay uh what was the the Revenue product it's the easiest to try This remedy dermatologist approved Uh let's go with this Let's ride this remedy okay Okay Description dermatologist approved show Buttons no that's going to get in the Way okay so that's our icon image and Now let's go for our main image there we Go okay now the reason I decided to go Desktop as well is because these images Are going to be most prominent on Desktop right and most likely to show on Desktop so um you know uh we might uh we Might get a That looks nice yeah see the Mac one Doesn't look very good but you know Maybe if Mac doesn't perform well we can Turn that off all right let's duplicate That and I've changed my mind I'm not Going to change the headings at all I'm Just going to change the image okay so I'm going to change this one image here To the other one okay all right just Like that okay and then we go back Windows Android okay very nice okay so let's go Down here I do declare and guarantee my Campaign meets quality guidelines start Campaign

Let's go all right so we're good to go So I'll check in with you again tomorrow Let you know what happened and also if You want help with your affiliate Marketing direct from me please uh go Down below this video click the join Button or the first link in the Description sign up to become a mega Affiliate Channel supporter and you'll Get access to me and other Mega Affiliates via a private Facebook group Weekly live Zoom sessions and an archive Of the already done Zoom sessions that You can watch on demand all right so We're looking forward to seeing you in There thanks a lot guys don't forget to Click like And subscribe and I'm looking Forward to seeing you in the next video

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