Make $100 Per Day With Bots From Anywhere (Even If You’re a Beginner)

Making 100 per a day if you’re starting From scratch and why this is the best Opportunity right now my name is Ryan Borden after 12 years of working with Bots and AI I can tell you that there Hasn’t ever been a better opportunity Right now to start from scratch and make Money online and that’s because there Are so many Bots now that can make your Life so much easier to get the job done And make a hundred dollars per a day so It’s a fairly simple four-step process That we’re going to use here first of All we need to get a free checklist from Scary toolbot so we have some substance And the bot here you see running in the Background we will get to that in just a Few minutes so let’s look at scary Toolbots right now and here we go scary this is a checklist of Tools that you can promote and get paid For these all have what’s called an Affiliate program so everything from Shine ranker to Jasper Victory and on Down the list you can see there’s quite A lot of them here and you can go to Each one and get the link and once you Sign up you can promote them and you get Paid when someone buys from them which Is great so let me show you one and then Let me show you how you’re going to use This and leverage it so if we go to Jasper for example And look at it if we roll down here

Jasper’s a AI writing tool if we roll Down here to the bottom of the page Usually somewhere in the bottom of each Page there’s an option to sign up as an Affiliate and the affiliate setup here It is under company affiliate Partners When you go here you can just apply to Be a partner and once you’re in Basically they’re going to give you a Link and then you’re going to promote That link well this is where a lot of People get stuck and I’ve been stuck Here too so I was trying to sell Affiliate products actually in the early 2000s and I didn’t know what I was doing And it was a struggle and it felt like It was going to be a whole lot of work To try to figure this out and I’m here To tell you it was a lot of work back Then it was hard and so that’s why it’s Such a good opportunity now because There are Bots now that exist that Literally didn’t exist then that can Help us do the work and make it easier And so Bots are really all about Leverage you’re leveraging A bot to do some work for you and Promote the affiliate link and another Leverage point we can do is point number Two which is what we’re actually Currently working on is the VPS so VPS stands for virtual private server And a VPS allows you to utilize the bot Like we have here and utilize the

Affiliate programs to literally make Money from anywhere so I can run this From my phone I can run it sitting on a Beach somewhere from my phone and it Actually runs in the background when You’re not there you know it takes a Little time to manage it that I don’t Have time to go over all of that right Now I can’t teach you the whole thing Because that would be a ridiculously Long video but but let me show you what The VPS is here and let me just actually Pause just to say that because I can’t Show you everything there’s actually Live classes that I’m teaching Tuesday And Thursday on how to do this and step By step everything how to do the Affiliate setup how to do the bot setup How to do the VPS setup and then if you Don’t want to do it we can even do it For you but if you go to You can actually just enter your email Address here and get in to the live Classes and so I’ll talk about that in a Minute but right now I want to show you The VPS the VPS I said was a virtual Private server this is the VPS now this Looks just like what you just saw but It’s not so let me move this window so You can see that this is actually a Whole different computer right so we Have this which is my current laptop Which is a black screen here and it has This window on it where we see our

Step-by-step process and then we Actually have the VPS which is another Computer that’s setting out there Somewhere and I’m not going to go over All that but it’s another computer it’s A second computer and I have done what’s Called remotely connecting into it and Again I don’t have time to teach all of That right now but basically I’m Remotely connected into it so it’s just Like I’m sitting in front of that Computer just like I had it here on my Desk except I don’t I can connect to it I can control it again I can connect and Control this computer on my phone so It’s a whole computer out there That I can connect to from my phone and Control it and run a bot and then I can Log out on my phone and then put my Phone in my pocket and the computer Stays running out there and right now I’m connected to it here on my desktop So we can see the bot running like this So I could take here and go into one of The projects And input my affiliate link so for Example let me show you here this is a Project that’s running and if I go in Here under the content and look at this I can go to the message and what I would Do is I would take my affiliate link and Stick it right here now this particular Project is promoting a actual YouTube Video which is a whole whole different

Ball game But works with the same setup again Again this is in the Class as well under the account warming Service because you can actually use These Bots as well with a VPS to warm-up Accounts like a tick tock account or a YouTube account Etc so that you can start a brand new Account and jump start it and power it Up right so what I would do is I would Put my affiliate link right here and Then close out of this and I can go here To start and I’m going to hit send Message what’s going to happen is and so I’ve reset everything and I had to reset It don’t worry about that again I talk About that in the class but I had to Reset it because it was already running And I just didn’t want to take the time On the video to go through an entire Setup I mean it’s just I can’t so it’s Going to take a moment here and prepare And while It prepares We can just revisit our thing here our List and that so we’ve got a free Checklist we went to scary toolbots we Got an affiliate link We have set up a VPS that runs that we can run from our Phone phone or computer or from anywhere And we’re utilizing contact forms which Is what the spot does this bot is going Out and submitting our advertisement Basically so

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Whether you’re advertising an affiliate Link or warming up a YouTube account Like I mentioned that sort of stuff it’s Submitting that to people and then they Can click the link and it warms up the Account or they can choose to buy the Product which would you get paid and That sort of thing so now that this is Running here in the background we can See here it’s going through right now And checking out all of a list of URLs Right so we can see here under Cent it Is already sent and contacted well well Over 100 there in a matter of a couple Seconds while I was trying to say it now We’re at 200. It’s contacted all of these people and Is offering them our affiliate product Offering them to buy like the Jasper Service so we’re you know at 400 right So That’s why I say there’s never been a Good time as right now because I Literally did this 12 years ago before I Got into automation I did this process By hand and I don’t even have time to Cover the whole manual process you can Do it one by one by one by one by one And I would sit with Excel spreadsheets And I would do this by hand and it was a Lot of work But I did it right and I made some money I made a few hundred bucks a month and You know if I was making two 300 bucks a

Month I was doing pretty good and that Was you know in 2009 2010 and you just Did what you had to do because there was No better option Then I discovered automation brand new Program had come on the market at that Point a bot and that is how I got from Sitting around with Excel manually doing Things one by one to what’s possible now This is done a thousand think about that Can you imagine contacting a thousand People while we were sitting here Talking offering your product To sell them and it doesn’t have to be Your product that we’re using the Affiliate product but selling them an Affiliate product and then you get 30 Percent that Jasper that we showed Um is a so they pay if you log in and Look at Arrow right here and when you Sign up you get 30 reoccurring so every Person that signs up you get 30 so if They pay you know 30 bucks a month You’re basically getting roughly 10 Bucks a month right If they pay 90 bucks a month you’re Getting 30 bucks a month and that’s for The life of them being a customer so if They sign up and they’re a customer for The next five years you’re getting that Money every single month from that Person plus all the new people you get To sign up so I mean I don’t we didn’t Even I can’t explain I just can’t

Explain unless you’ve ever sat around And done this manually I can’t explain How easy it is to have now contacted 16 I wouldn’t even get this much work done In a day 1600 people I couldn’t even do That kind of work in a day And it’s been done in a minute The amazing thing about that is is now We can take where I used to earn a Couple hundred bucks a month and that Was me like hustling and working every Single day 30 days a week I worked on my Days off I worked on my lunch break I Worked constantly and doing this sort of Stuff to make a couple hundred bucks a Month and now this is you utilizing a VPS connecting to it from your phone and Spending some time each day just Managing and running it or connect from Your computer right and then the bot Does the work and that’s it so it used To take me hours every day I would work On my days off I would work on my lunch Break I would work before I went to work I would work when I got home I would Work 30 days a month or 31 days if there Was 31 days and I would make a couple Hundred bucks a month and in a matter of A few minutes This spot has done all the work that I Could do in an entire month so it used To take too much time really to get Stuff done I could only earn a couple Hundred bucks a month with this tool you

Can set remotely on your phone or a Laptop or whatever get into the VPS run It and Just let it run and it takes Not that much time at all to get it done It’s going to take a little bit of time Don’t get me wrong but it’s not going to Take 30 days on your lunch break and Your days off and before and after you Go to work and everything else and you Don’t have to be an expert to do this Right that’s where the classes come in The the fortune bot Dot com classes they come in I’m Breaking it down Little by little step by step every Tuesday and Thursday teaching how to do It there’s homework here let’s just jump In here and look if we punch in Email address and get in here we can see That there is actual homework there’s Already students that have started Making money with the course I was just Talking to Alan yesterday and he Actually started Because of us and is transitioning out Of his job into running a full-time Business from home being able to make a Full-time income doing this sort of Stuff right so there’s homework in the Classes to guide you step by step and There is a certification at the end and Basically I’m just going to walk you Through it step by step broken down how

You can utilize the VPS to do everything For you and now we’re at 3 700 Businesses that we have contacted and Offered them to buy it and the cost used To be significant amount of time and I Would spend significant amounts of money Trying to get my 200 so I made like 200 Profit right but I’m gonna have to spend Hundreds of dollars a month to make that 200 profit plus my time Now for virtually pennies by comparison You know it doesn’t cost that much and If you have money you can put some money Into the system and get going if you Don’t have some money you can put some Time into the system and get going and Then you would ideally reinvest that Money into the system that I’m going to Show you how to do this so could you Actually make a hundred dollars a day Like with this just like I was showing Here at the beginning and let me show You my PayPal account now I have more Than one and we can refresh it here so You can actually see it I’ve got more Than one PayPal account and because of The way the different projects are set Up it’s just convenient this is just one Of them in the last seven days nineteen Hundred dollars in the last 30 days is Almost seven thousand dollars so I’m Making more than a hundred dollars a day And then I have a square account and Another PayPal account and I actually

Get checks for a lot of things just Because I won’t go into that again I can Answer that in the class but why I Choose checks for some Affiliates but The point here is that It’s entirely possible it doesn’t take That much time you don’t have to be an Expert and it doesn’t cost a ton of Money to get going all you have to do is Go to Fortune Bots .com enter your email address and I’m Going to teach you step by step I mean Like this is a person here that was Actually doing this for a client what We’re teaching them and the client Starting all these are leads that the Client started getting all within the First 24 hours and you can see there’s a Ton this is like 1400 right here and These are all things so you got over 400 Leads in the first 24 hours right so I’m Going to walk you through step by step How to do this and if for some reason You decide that you know you want to Take the classes but you don’t want to Take the time to set up the VPS to set Up the Bots and that sort of stuff so no Worries I’ll do it all for you I have it Done for you service where I will set Everything up for you and all you have To do is connect to it from your phone Or from your computer which I’ll show You how to do in the live class and run It and you can make the money so I look

Forward to helping you out in the live Classes the next class is Tuesday and And until then Happy money making

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