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By taking advantage of some recent Events and Trends I am going to show you A traffic source that has been gaining Millions and millions of traffic month After month because of this event and we Are going to capitalize on that in order To make a lot of money for free just Like I did over here this is my bank Account and you can see I have received Around 40 000 Indian rupees just a few Days ago into my bank account that is Around 500 US Dollars then on my PayPal As well I have just received a payment Of 800 from this particular method you Can see my name over here that is Singhania if I scroll down you can see That I have received around four Thousand dollars just in the past week And out of this around three thousand Dollars is from this method that I have Received on my PayPal then on another Platform you can see the total earnings Over here from this method it is around 100 from this platform then coming on Digistore as well I have made around a Thousand dollars in the past to one Month using this particular method you Will understand that why we have used so Many different Platforms in order to Make money but all together I have made Upwards of five thousand dollars just With this one single method free traffic Source in the past one month and this is All because of using the trend the event

That I'm talking about that is getting a Lot of attention and each and every one Of you needs to start this method right Now if you want to make some quick money Online it is very simple to set up you Just have to follow what I'm going to do Understand the concept and just watch The full video now jumping straight into The video I'm sure you must have seen Videos of this particular person on Instagram YouTube Tick Tock some other Other place and rotate is has blown up Like crazy he's become super popular and Everybody must have seen his videos as You all might also know that he also got Banned from different different social Media platforms like uh YouTube Instagram Tech talk and different Different places so what he did was he Signed up he collaborated with another Platform and because of that the traffic On that platform has blown up like crazy And we are going to use this particular Event this particular Trend in order to Make a lot of money like I just showed In just one month I was able to make a Good chunk of money using this so Firstly talking about how we are going To make money for that you need to Understand that what kind of a traffic This person brings it is more of an Entrepreneurship and making money and Hustling and making a dream life for you That kind of an audience so for that we

Are going to use different crypto and Trading oriented products and there are Basically three verticals in which you Can work the first is different Forex Trading products crypto trading products And normal stock trading products so These are the three different sub niches Verticals in which we can work and we Need two things for each of these Verticals one is an informative course Related product and second is the Trading platform referral program where These people can sign up and they can Buy and sell and we can make money so For that you can just come on Google Search over here for best Forex courses Affiliate programs best crypto courses Affiliate programs best stock market Trading affiliate programs you will find Plenty of options and you can just keep On looking at different different Products and try to get approvals for Them you can also go to different General Affiliate networks where you can find a Lot of crypto Forex kind of products Digistore is one of them you can go to ClickBank as well you can go to share a Sale as well share a sale I found a lot Of different crypto and Forex and Trading oriented products if I just go On digistore over here you can see if I Just go to business and investing there Is a crypto product over here then

Crypto product again so as I said we Need two products for each of these sub Niches one is an informative course Based product that we can sell and Second is the trading platform So course based things you can get over Here for the trading platform as well You can just search over here for best Uh Forex Trading Platform affiliate program best uh Crypto trading affiliate program for Example I used wazirex as an Indian Crypto trading platform so I made around Hundred hundred and fifty dollars from There Along with that I also used binance Referral program for other crypto Trading platform referral commissions Similarly you can go to different Forex Trading platforms and Start promoting that why I'm not telling Any one particular platform because as I Said you need to get accepted for the Affiliate program some will accept some Will reject so that is not an issue just Come over here on Google search for the Best crypto trading platform Forex Trading platform and try to get accepted Into the different different options That are coming up over here try for two To three of them and you will get Accepted so this is why I hope you now Understand that in the earlier part of The video as I showed you plenty of

Different payments from different Different platforms so now you Understand that we had to use so many Different platforms some paid in PayPal Some paid in my direct bank account some Money is will be paid in a few days so It is already in the account itself how We are going to present it we can make a Simple landing page for these three Things using Google sites just search Over here for Google site this is it is Absolutely free click over here on blank Site and as I said we are going to use Three verticals crypto stocks and Forex So here we are going to make three Different landing pages for these three Things you can write the heading Something like complete stock trading Kit complete crypto trading kit complete Forex Trading kit once you have done That over here in the background image As well click over here on change image And you can go to Google Search any Trading based image and you can place it Over here once you have done that click Over here on the text box and what I Like doing is to grab the attention of The people in the starting itself I Provide a testimonial or a story kind of Thing that XYZ person made so much money With crypto or with Forex so what you Can do is just search over here for Forex success stories crypto success Stories and there will be plenty of

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Success stories that will come up so you Can use any one of them pictures will Also be available once you have done That now click on the text box again and As I said two things we need course and Crypto trading platform so you can write Over here the best Crypto or Forex or whatever is the Landing page about best crypto Course for complete learning you can Write that as the heading bold this Increase the size you can make the Landing page as beautiful as you want Then again click over here on the text Box then here we can provide a review of That particular product so you can just Go on Google search for the product you Are promoting review and you will find Plenty of good points that you have to Write about that particular product this Is good that is good and then again Click over here on the text box best Crypto trading platform and here again You can search over here for the review All the different points you will get From Google reviews itself that you can Write over here then for placing the Link of your different different Products once you have talked about the Course scroll down below over here click Over here on button here you can write Start your crypto course right now start Making money with crypto right now learn The best way to make money with crypto

Right now something like that a catchy Heading you can write and here you can Place your affiliate link of the Particular product you are promoting I've just written as an Example click over here you will see the Button will appear over here you can Just drag it in the middle same thing Once you have talked about the platform Trading platform that you're promoting Again click over here on the button Quickest trading platform safest trading Platform best trading platform cheapest Trading platform click over here and Then you can provide your referral link This way you have to make three landing Pages one for crypto with the two Products Forex with the troop two Products and trading stock trading Landing page with the two products once You have done that click over here on Publish enter any website name you want Let's say Uh Uh trading one or two anything like that Click over here on publish once you have Done that click over here on this icon Over here and this is your Google sites Landing page that you need to start Promoting then once you have done all of That now to get traffic as I said that We are going to use a very trendy Platform that is gaining in popularity Month after month because of the recent

Events the name of the platform is and just watch the full video Don't just straight away go on that Platform there is a unique way we are Going to trigger emotions of the people In order to make money in order to get Them to click on our link as you see That the ranking of Rumble has been Increasing month after month the traffic On Rumble has been increasing month After month and if I just scroll down Below this is the best part over 50 Percent of the people are from the United States then Canada also is there Australia so top tier traffic is Available on this website if I just go On this web site over here you can see There is a specific section for finance And this is how I got the idea of what Kind of videos we need to copy paste Over here as I said that we are going to Trigger emotions of the people extreme Emotions for that what we are going to Do is on YouTube just come on YouTube And search over here for best trading Moments once you come over here you will See plenty of different videos top five Trading fails top 5 trading meltdowns Watch as Forex Traders blow their Account so these are extreme emotions They will be negative as well where People are blowing their accounts there Will be positive videos as well where People have made money just within the

Few minutes and they are happy they are Shouting they are enjoying and on the Other side people are crying and Shouting and angry because they have Blown their account so both of these Emotions are extreme emotions that we Can use because the videos are available Over here super simple I am going to Show you what small thing you need to do In order to use these videos and get Traffic all you need to do is whichever Video you want to use just click on that Copy the URL of that video from here Then you can come on a website called Y2mate in order to download these YouTube videos just click over here Paste the link over here and download it Then to make some minor changes in that Video we can come on a free platform Called canva then just search over here For YouTube Video you will see the template over Here click on a blank template from over Here then click over here on upload and Upload the video that you have Downloaded so here is the video you can Just increase the size like this another Thing that we won't have any copyright Issues because firstly we are going to Use this video on another platform and Along with that as I said that you can Combine two to three videos together we Just need to make a two to three minute Video so as I showed that there are

Plenty of different people plenty of Videos in which five examples are shown In another one 10 examples are shown of People blowing up their account so you Can take both of these videos and Combine one video one part from one Video another part from another video in Order to do that let's say we have this One video over here click over here on The trim tool after that you can just Decrease the size just like this just Like this to whichever part you want to Show so you can take let's say one Person's A video from over here then you can just Click over here on the plus icon add Another video and take one part from That so this way you have combined two Videos together first thing second thing Once you have done that click on the Plus icon again and at the end we are Going to add a call to action This call to action will depend on what The video is about for that come over Here on the text box click on text and Here we are going to write a call to Action like learn how these people are Making money click on the link in the Description box if you have made a video About people making money if the video Is about people failing so so the call To action will change like uh don't make The same mistakes these people made Learn the full strategy of making money

With crypto or Forex or trading Link in The description box this way we need to Add a catchy call to action you can Place a background image as well or a Background color as well click on this You can click over here on the animate Icon and just animate it like this so Here at the end we are going to add a Call to action don't make the same Mistakes learn the full trading click on The link in the description learn how This person made ten thousand dollars in Just one minute Link in the description Don't make the same mistake that this Person made of blowing up ten thousand Dollars learn the full strategy Link in The description box this way we can add A call to action Another thing I like is that throughout The video we can add a proper heading a Text so just look over here on the text Box Then go over here on the elements and You can just add a background color like This just like this stretch it just like This Just like this over here and here you Can add a heading see how John lost ten Thousand dollars in just two minutes see How this person lost x amount of dollars Whichever number is mentioned in the Video you are showing uh see how X person lost 500 in just one minute see How X person made five thousand dollars

In just one minute so I like putting a Heading like this once you have done That click over here on share and Download the video once you have done That come on And just create your free account very Simple nothing technical click over here On the plus icon click over here on Upload video Here you can just select the video that You have created like I said it will be A two to three minute video the title Will be similar to what you have got From YouTube best Trading Fails See how John lost Ten thousand dollars in just two minutes Best crypto meltdown moments see how uh XYZ person blew his account in just two Minutes So this way you can take the idea of the Title from YouTube itself whatever you See on YouTube in the description we are Going to write the same thing we wrote In the call to action John lost ten Thousand dollars in just two minutes Learn how to properly trade in crypto Then we can place our Google sites link Over here that we have created for the Thumbnail over here you can either Select the thumbnail from the video Itself if you want to make your own Thumbnail you can do that very easily Using canva itself then it's very

Important to write proper tags so the Tag will be let's say Trading is one tag you can put a comma And then write crypto Then you can write a comma and write Making money you can write four to five Tags that is enough once you have done All of that click over here on upload Button then on the next page select over Here Rumble only Scroll down below click over here on the Check box and click over here on submit You can see that the video upload has Been completed so I hope you are getting The idea this way I did this very Aggressively as I said that this is a New trendy thing so I did this very Aggressively I made around three videos Each and every day of two to three Minutes on the same thing uh stock Market fails stock market happy moments Where people have made a lot of money or Lost a lot of money so this is how you Can also do the same if you didn't Understand any part just watch the video Two to three times comment down below Any doubts you have and I'm here to Fully help you just start doing this With consistency now this is just one of Many methods I have to make money online If you like the way I teach and if you Want to learn more of my money making Tips and tricks and want to learn how I Built a seven figure digital Empire with

Hundred percent free traffic I provide Personal training as well so you can Check out my website from the first link In the description box below my students Are absolutely crushing it some are Making money in the first week as well Some in the first month as well with Hundred percent free traffic WhatsApp Support is there live sessions group Sessions high quality training videos Each and everything is done to help you Succeed in this field so if you want to Get personally trained by me do check Out my website from the first link in The description box below and if you Want to learn another method of making Money online for free click on the video That is flashing on your screen right Now all the steps each and everything is Explained in that video in detail

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