The Laziest Way To Making $200/Day With Ai & ChatGPT (Make Money Online For Beginers)

In today's video I'm going to show you The laziest way to make 200 per day Using free AI tools and chat GPT I'm Going to show you a method that you can Use to make over 200 every single day on Autopilot and the best part about it is You don't even have to be working on it At all because this is really a lazy Method all the heavy work all the heavy Thinking are going to be doing for you AI robots and the most difficult part is Going to be done using free AI tool chat GPT using this method you can be making 200 every single day on complete Autopilot and all you got to use are Free AI tools that I'm going to show you In today's video the best part about it Is you can be lazy you don't even have To have your own website you don't need To pay for anything at all and you can Get started completely from zero even if You have no experience at all but please Guys if you are not lazy and you Actually like doing some work then leave These method out for people who are lazy Soaking they can make some money and Also you guys who are lazy just comment Down below you are a lazy person so I Know I should be making more videos About lazy money making methods because Yeah there are some lazy people out There and that's that's completely okay But before we get started don't forget To please smash like on this video

Subscribe to the channel if like videos About making money online let's try and Get to 1 000 likes on this one and also Comment down below if you are a lazy Person or you are not a lazy person and If you're going to give this method a Try and yeah if you make some money then Comment down below that as well alright Guys so let's get started now first of All what I want to tell you about this Method is you can use it literally for Any money making method out there now This is my CPA grip account one of my Oldest CPA Group accounts that I Actually have if you're going to check Out the ID my ID is actually 16 000 most people have like couple hundred Thousand their ID you can see I'm an OG I have 16 000 ID and most people showing you the Method they have like a couple hundred Thousand doesn't mean the methods don't Work that they post I'm just telling you Like this is my old account and the Method I'm going to show you in today's Video works for any kind of monetization Website whether you are going to be Using CPA grip and their CPA offers this Is going to work for you okay I want to Show you an example like all of these Offers mainly for United States I Recommend going for United States in This one they are all going to work so If you want to be promoting these CPA

Offers right here which are currently Converting like crazy you can see it Right here like 80 percent 77 the Network performance over 10 conversion Rate 30 conversion rate 18 conversion Rate all of these are going to work okay Now this is for CPA grip now also this Method is going to be working for Warrior plus this method is also going To be working worldwide you need to pay For anything at all so if you have those Questions like is this going to work for Me if I'm from this country if I have This this and this all of this is going To work for you if you can watch this Video that means you have some kind of a Device and you have an internet Connection and that's the only thing you Need then you need some monetization Account like CPA grip Warrior plus a Digistore24 it's going to work for all Of them or even like ClickBank okay now For this video I'm going to show you how To do this on the ClickBank but I want You to be using any kind of these Because I know most people want to make Money on ClickBank and that's what I'm Going to show you in today's video so First of all what you want to do is you Want to pick up an affiliate offer or Something that's going to be making you Money now what I'm going to go for as an Example is going to be health and Fitness because I believe this is the

Best example to teach this method and Also you can actually use the same exact Thing that I'm going to do and still Make some money so what I'm going to do Is I'm going to use one of these Products now I don't have any idea what This is about it's called Alpine lean But this should work very well because The conver the gravity is 1300 again It's the beginning of the year everybody Wants to get in shape maybe even you are Trying to get in shape and you would buy Something that's going to help you get In shape and this is like some kind of Weight loss supplement that's going to Help you burn burn fat or something like That so yeah I'm going to show you how To how to promote this product using Completely free AI tools okay and just Just by one sale you can make like 140 Few dollars so you can see like making Two hundred dollars per day is already Not that difficult if you're going to Pick up a product like this so this is Going to be our product now what you Want to think about is what is this Product about that's the only thing you Need to think about so this one is for Alpine secret for healthy weight loss Okay so this is about how to lose weight Okay get in shape how to get in shape How to lose weight fast how to lose Weight without any any workouts or stuff Like that okay so this is going to be

Our first product now just an example if You were to pick up any other product For example like languages for example Like Spanish one like how to learn Spanish like these products that are Going to help you learn Spanish online So for example this one right here if You're going to check out the sales page It's about how to learn Spanish okay so That's the only real thing only really Thinking you need to do yourself to Actually pretty much be able to to make Money with this method but other than That that's it that's all I really need To do so now we have a product we know What it's going to do and now we're Going to be using these free AI tools to Make some money and I know this works so So just make sure you're going to watch Till the end because first I'm going to Show you like how to set this set this Up and I'm going to share with you the Secret sauce which is going to pretty Much determine if you are going to make Money or if you are not going to make Money and this is the part but most People are going to leave out they just Watch the video till halfway see if There's something shiny in this they Don't watch the video till the end and They never see the secret sauce and I Always share it at the end because you Can already just start with the sauce Okay you need to start with the

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Meatballs then you need to start with The potatoes and then you just pour some Sauce on top of that and it's always at The end I hope you like this metaphor so Yeah this is how the method is going to Work so now here the product it's about How to lose weight now the first bot I Want you to go to is called answer the Public okay answer the and This is like a free automation bot or Robot or AI intelligence that's Gathering information from people and From their current searches okay and What it's going to tell you is what are People searching for right now and it Also in which country so I'm going to Put there like a keyword like how to to Lose weight I'm going to change the Language so to change the location to United States and change the language to English make sure to do this if you are Not from United States okay if you are From UK it's okay but just do United States because that's the hugest Market The biggest Market we are going to be Approaching you're going to click on Search and it's going to give you all of These search phrases that people are Current they are currently searching for Them it's not like the best keywords That might work it's what people are Right now searching for and they are Trying to get information about it's Like Google Trends but on steroids okay

So it's going to give you even better Results than Google Trends and all they Need to do is just now use all these Questions all these prepositions and all Of these pretty much as results like These ones so you can actually read them Because these are in circles so if You're going to scroll down this is Where you can actually see them easily So pretty much how to lose weight and Gain mass muscle how to lose weight After 40 how to lose weight and keep it Off how to lose weight after 50 after 60 How to lose weight during winter how to Lose weight drinking water so there's All of these different questions that People are currently asking okay so That's the first thing you need to do About your affiliate offer if you were To pretty much pick another one for Example like Spanish offer like how to Learn Spanish it will give you different Results now the next thing you want to Go to is going to be the chat GPT and This is something we are going to be Using for this method now quick hack to Actually see what other people are doing To make money online with chat GPT who Are not pretty much being precocious Just check out their search history Right here and you can actually see what They are trying to do on the chat GPT For this reason I created two accounts On chat GPT so I can test out some

Private stuff to see if it's going to be Working using myself and then on the Video demonstrate how to do this you Just want to go to chat GPT if you don't Know the URL it's or just search for chat GPT it's a free software and now you Just want to pick up any of these so I'm Going going to use this one how to lose Weight and gain muscle okay and I'm Going to write here please write me a Blog post of 300 words about And that's it so you want to just write There please write me a blog post or 300 Words about how to lose weight and gain Muscle and now Chad GPD is going to do Pretty much everything for you okay and That's it now you just need to wait a Second and Bam now we have a full Article now what most people like 80 Percent of the money making methods on YouTube about chat GB to tell you is Like Hey Now sell this article now That's something you shouldn't be doing Because you are not going to be making Any money it's so easy that everybody is Doing it and the Articles currently have Very small value and if you're not good At marketing you are not going to be Able to sell them for any price tag so This is what you want to do okay now you Want now we have this article what you Want to do right now is you want to go To a website that's called

Okay sign up for a free Account and this is where the secret Sauce is going to come in place just Make sure you're going to pay attention Because this is something that I Actually paid for a couple hundred Dollars back in the day to actually get The right secret sauce it's still Working to this day most people are Using this method they are using it Incorrectly and that's why they are not Getting the results what you want to do Is first of all you want to grab the Keyword that we have used to how to lose Weight and gain muscle and you want to Put it into the title you don't want to Put it just like this you want to make Sure every single part is going to be Capitalized okay and the reason for that Is because there was a Google case study And they're trying to see like uh what Kind of headlines where people are doing The most and they found out that if the Headline has all the first letters Capitalized then people are going to be More likely to read it and if there's Something what people are going to be More likely to read then Google is going To show it higher in the search engine Positions so how to lose weight and gain Muscle okay that's the first part and Then just want to copy and paste the Entire article and you want to place it Right here in and then at the

Bottom you want to play call to action From the sales page of the product that We are promoting now for Alpine the main Headline is the Alpine secret for Healthy weight loss and there are some Scientific discovery in the in the sales In the sales copy and pretty much this Is what I can came up with check out the Healthiest way of losing weight in 2023 New scientific discovery January 2023 And that's where you want to put your Affiliate link to go back to ClickBank Or go back to whatever Digi store Warrior plus CPA grip whatever kind of Method you are using to make money but Every kind of product you are promoting Get your affiliate link okay so that's Now the part I'm going to do that very Quickly so I'm going to copy that and I'm going to highlight this part I'm Going to link it and I'm going to put There my link okay and make sure it's Going to be a little bit bold okay so Just like this okay so this is going to Be my article for now I'm going to Publish it now I'm going to add a topic The topic is going to be the main Keyword that we have used okay so how to Lose weight and gain muscle and you just Want to publish this okay now listen one Article is most likely not going to make A difference this is why we are using The AI tools and free AI robots to Generate them on demand so this is the

Article number number one okay and this Is what you want to do right now to Actually make money you want to you Create these articles for all of these Keywords okay you have one two three Four five six seven eight eight sixteen Twenty four forty eight and yeah I'm not Going to do the math but it's like 40 Different articles that you have right Now completely for free for the same Exact product so this is what you want To do you want to create multiple of Them one is never going to make a Difference just like my YouTube channel If I just posted one video you would Never see this this is like my 800 433rd video that I posted on this Channel so yeah one article is not going To make a difference please make at Least five or ten of them you can Literally just generate them on demand Using the chat GPT and then copy and Paste them into medium and now here is The thing that you want to do you want To copy the article URL put it into a Notepad and this is how it's going to Look like okay now make sure it's going To look like this because this is the The URL if you have something after that Then you can delete that just make sure If you're going to copy and paste this One once again and you're going to visit It you are going to land on the page Okay this is very very important make

Sure you're going to land on the page And there's the link and now I want to Share with you a secret sauce to Actually make sure that this article is Going to be showing up on Google people Are going to be able to find it and you Can make affiliate Commissions in this Case from the product that we are Promoting right here but before I give You the secret sauce please make sure You are going to create multiple Articles because that's the way to make Money with this method and also for Other affiliate products what you want To do is you want to pick up five to ten Different niches and then create like Five to ten different articles for all Of them that way you're going to have an Arsenal of over 100 pages indexed in Google selling your affiliate link and The chances of you not making any money Right now are very very low and then Once you actually have the link what you Want to do is you want to go to this Website called and this Is going to send backlinks come Completely for free to your website just Make sure you're going to check the Complex URL that means instead of Indexing Eric just this Part is going to index the entire Article okay and that's what you want Click on that and click on the rapid Index and you can see it's working in

The background okay and this is what you Want to do for all of the Articles to Make sure they are going to be showing Up on the Google searches this is the First website and the Second one is called these Are the ones that I've been using myself Again click on mass being right here and These are my results that I was able to Get with this website if you're going to Search for example for a holiday Gold Rush review you're going to see my Medium article is number one okay and It's just one article you can see it Right here so I know the method work if You're going to use it the just the way I showed you with the secret sauce and I See no reason why you should not get any Results with this one if you watch till The end of the video please comment down Below the word Secret Sauce I'm gonna See who are the action takers and who Are people who are just looking for Something shiny but I know if you're Going to use the secret details you can Pretty much rank any low competition Keyword very very easily and get on First page of Google just like I did Right here holiday Gold Rush review and It's right here and yeah it's still Making me money that's it for this video I hope you enjoyed this one if you're Looking for another method check out This one right here which I think you're

Going to love even if it's on the lazy Method it still can make you a couple Hundred dollars very very easily with a Minimal amount of work click here and I Will see you there bye for now

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