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Today we have a very interesting side Hustle and that is something that you Can do from around the world you do not Need experience with the way that we're Gonna do it it's beginner friendly you Do not need a degree and you can make 55 000 to over two hundred thousand dollars Depending if you get good or not stay Tuned until the end to find out exactly How you're gonna do it with very minimal Effort let's get into the video [Music] Thank you Hi guys welcome to my channel my name is Kat Theo and we invest in ourselves and In our future today we are talking about A side hustle that pretty much anybody Can do with the method that we're Talking about today so you can start Making some coins with this fun and Fairly easy side hustle you can do this Remotely and you can even do this Practically from your bed because you're Going to be working with your computer If you have a phone and you don't have a Computer you can look up apps that are Similar to the ones that we're going to Talk about today to make it work for you So what are we talking about today today We're talking about how to become a Copywriter first off what is a Copywriter copywriting is the art of Compelling people to buy something they Use emotions and feelings to seal the

Deal to compel people to take action It's usually used for marketing it's Used for advertisements have you ever Clicked on a video before someone's YouTube channel where it's like an ad And then you read all of their text on Their funnel page that's copyright Writing so there is an art to Copywriting and it takes years to master It's something that almost every Business needs if you are a business Owner and you're trying to convince People to buy your product hiring a Copywriter is a really great option for You a really good copywriter is gonna Teeter this line of convincing people to Buy something by not seeming salesy and They drive sales and leads through their Copywriting there's definitely an art to Copywriting so if you are a copywriter I Commend you I've never been a great Writer and this is why I use AI Software's to help me out today we're Going to be talking about an AI software That you can use to help you become a Better copywriter and get started Copywriting and as you improve you can Get better and better and slowly stop Using AI but it's definitely great just To get the ball rolling so how much do Copywriters make on average according to they make about fifty five Thousand dollars that's really not bad 55 000 then if you get a job being a

Copywriter or doing this on your own However depending on what company you Work with and how good you get it can be A lot more than that you can see here There are some companies that are paying Well into the eighty thousand dollars if You're in medical copywriting and Beyond Once again I'm going to go over to Fiverr to see what other people are Doing you can create an account on Fiverr you have so many amounts of Skills you can do jobs you can do on Fiverr you can check out my Fiverr video Where I go into details about getting Started on Fiverr and let's just start With this first guy here he says killer Copywriter which that already pulled me In killer copywriter so he's gonna be The best to me that's great let's check Out what he has going on he has a Minimum order the basic package of 35 Dollars and that's 50 words 50 words he Charges 35 so that's really awesome so Let's just put this in our handy dandy Calculator he has five orders in the Queue let's just say they're all basic Which they're probably not he's making 170 five dollars so that's not a bad Side hustle there are some side hustles That only make 175 a month so that's Really awesome let's look at his premium He's charging 350 dollars he has five Orders in the queue that's one thousand Seven hundred and fifty dollars that is

Not a bad side hustle we're gonna go Head over to upwork as well and check Out what's going on over there let's see How much the copywriters are charging Wow look at this Mark is charging 50 an Hour he's already earned ten thousand Dollars plus and he has a hundred Percent job success he's top rated Julie Is charging 45 dollars she's made four Thousand Darren is charging 80 an hour He's made forty thousand dollars on Upwork you can keep going through here And see that people are charging good Money to be someone's copywriter upwork Already has an audience so they already Have people coming and clients so it's Great so you don't have to Market let's Get into the software lucky for you you Don't actually have to know how to do Copywriting we're gonna show you an AI Artificial intelligence software that Will help you do this for you so there's A few different websites I found one of Them is called simplify they have a free Version that's the one I'm using right Now you can pick so many different Templates it reminds me a lot of canva So you can write copy for a Spotify ad Blog post half page ads Instagram posts They have all these different templates You can use to paint on what your client Is looking for to create copy through Their template so you can kind of scroll Through here and play around there's so

Many different options I think this is Really user friendly and it's a really Cool little software you just search Here what you're trying to do you can Type ads add copy and you can see all The different options it reminds me a Lot of canva but they have actual copy In there one that I found that it's a Little more accurate for typing not just Like templates and stuff but just the Copy itself is a software called copy AI They have a free one and right now I'm Using the free version the paid version Isn't very much and if you actually are Getting clients it's definitely worth it It's not very very expensive this is not A sponsored video I just found this if You find some other software that's free Great definitely let us know in the Comments below to help everyone else out Okay so all you're going to do is you're Going to talk about what you're selling So for this hypothetical situation I'm Just gonna talk about a realtor who is Trying to get more clients let's just do Realtor Okay so what you're gonna put in the Description of your product is pretty Much a little bit about it in my Hypothetical situation I'm talking about A realtor that's local and they are Trying to get leads they're talking About how they'll help you negotiate They'll help you find off marker

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Properties they'll find the best price For you they're also local to the Community blah blah I just pulled this Out of my rear end you're going to type It up kind of give an idea of what it's About and then you're gonna click here To choose the tone you can do friendly Luxury relaxed professional I'm going to Click professional and then you're gonna Click create content you can choose any Tone that you want and then it turns it Into some copy for you and it has many Different options here you have a short One here I'm a local real estate agent That specializes in helping you find Your dream home I will help you Negotiate find off-market properties and Get the price for you here's a longer One my name is Michael and I am the best Realtor in Omaha Nebraska a few of my Specialties include finding off Market Listings that are not advertised to the Public and negotiating with sellers who Want to sell their homes quickly helping Buyers find properties that are priced Accurately and that meet their needs and Finally the best what okay that's Starting to not become English I think It's trying to say and finding the best Prices on properties in the community That are available I personally live Here and know how to navigate this Marketplace okay that was pretty Freaking good

Are you kidding me that was pretty Freaking Good Michael okay Michael that Was that was awesome if you are looking To buy or sell or lease a home I would Be honored to assist you my real estate Crew is built on serving my clients with Honesty and integrity okay like I did Not say none of that I did not say none Of that it sounds good you can expect me To listen to your needs and provide Great insight and support along the way Excuse me like this is crazy anyways you Take what your clients needs are and Their product and it kind of gives you An idea so once you have this copy what You can do now is you can obviously copy And paste it and use it as is but as you Saw there was kind of some mistakes that Didn't sound natural to me so you can Add to this you can remove stuff Depending on what you're doing depending On if it's an ad if it's on a Blog Depending on if it's straight on a post Or whatever it is it's going to depend How much text you're putting and how Long so you'll have to decide what it's For but all you're doing is you're Giving your client the copy and then They're doing with it what they want This is awesome I actually have a friend Who's a remote worker she just bounces All over the world remote with her Computer she does copywriting and she Makes over five thousand dollars doing

This with clients a month she's a Freelancer so she picks her clients that She wants to work with and she works With the same people all the time the Same company so once you have your Client base you know you can grow you Can keep them as reoccurring business Depending on their business if there's Somebody like you know a Makeup Company They're always coming out with new Makeup they're always coming out with Sales every single time they have a sale They probably want new copy there's Definitely money in this and it's Definitely longevity in this and yeah This software will definitely help you Out to do it if you're interested what Do you guys think copywriters out there How well do you think this copy AI did I Thought it was pretty good for what I Put which wasn't much I mean look at This little text I put and it's just Like wow I'm so impressed if you found Any value in this video go ahead and Share your thumb with me and tickle that Like button comment a message down below Let me know that you're here and Alive With me subscribe to my channel if you Haven't already hit the notification Bell and I will see you in the next Video bye guys [Music] This Is

Copywriters are Then hiring a copywriter is a really Great Um he's a really great It's a great something Oh gosh There's some sun 1 700.50 And you can and my God words where is it At hello here it is and fine finally And finally Um

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