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If You Don’t Know This – All Your Marketing Is A Shot In The Dark

Over and over again I see it.. Recalcitrant business owners unwilling to spend a dime on marketing themselves.

Seven Ways To Get Seven Fitness Clients In Seven Days

Are you a personal training wanting to grow your business? You may be starting out at a new facility, new city or growing a business. The need to gain clients will be steady and constant. You always want a model of growing your base and have a plan for training at a frequency of at least once a week with all clients with the possibility of bumping up certain clients when a hole comes open.

Introduction to Marketing – Part Eight: Distribution Strategy

Introduction to Marketing – Part Eight: Distribution Strategy. Marketing is a versatile, crucial and ever changing organisational function. It is a practice that everyone should have a basic understanding of, which is why I am writing a series of articles focused on covering the basics for people that want to know more about this amazing science.

Introducing the Three-Step Marketing System

Your job as a marketer is to attract customers and give them what they want. But it all begins with not only attracting the right people, but repelling the wrong ones.

Dear John: Your CRM Just Isn’t My Type

As one of my friends said, “the riches are in the niches.” This is a key element many software as a service (Saas) vendors forget. It’s so much easier to make a specific group happy than every group happy. For instance, CRM for service professionals such as coaches would be monumentally successful. Our needs are different from those of my contacts with physical locations looking for foot traffic.

How to Build a Successful Content Marketing Team

Increasingly, both small businesses and B2B companies are using content marketing to help get the word out about their products and services. But great content doesn’t come out of a vacuum. It’s created and distributed by a small group of individuals-the content marketing team-who determine the most effective types of content and the best ways to distribute that content to the widest possible audience.

Tips To Develop Your Incentive Program

Many executives focus their incentive programs only on clients and customers without paying attention to the employees of the company. But the employees are the backbone of any successful business without whom any business empire would come falling down.

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