My Best Bank Cards for International Online Payments in Nigeria (No Restrictions, No Limit)

So recently Nigerian bikes they support All dollar transaction on the naira card Now what this means is that if you have A narrow debit card just like the GT Bank card that I have right here you Cannot use this card to be for your Hosting Services Netflix Um you know stuff that are in US Dollars People buy it apps on Google Play Store You cannot do that right so Automatically we started looking for Solution and in today's video I'm going To be showing you guys my best card for International online payments right here In Nigeria now these cards don't have Any limits and do not they don't have Any restrictions whatsoever right I'm Gonna be introducing all of this to you Guys in today's video and these are Cards that originally used on a daily Basis to pay for my um my video IQ Subscriptions my Netflix my Prime video To buy stuff on Amazon all my likes and All my studio equipments were bought on Amazon and I shipped up to Nigeria and I Paid with one of these cards I'm going To be introducing to you guys in today's Video right so it's important that you Stay with me from beginning to the very End of this video as I'm gonna be moving New Stone on tone I'm going to be Guiding you guys exactly what you should Do if you're having issues with making Payments on the internet particularly

Those of you right here in Nigeria and I'm also going to showing you guys how To get dollars into these cards right so Again Stay With Me from beginning to the Very end of this video so make sure you Hit the like button on this video so This video gets shown to a lot more Persons who are looking for cards to Make dollar payments on the internet Guys the first card I'm going to be Introducing to you guys is this black Card in my hand right now now I was in London recently and this card literally Saved me right because I had it inside Of my wallet if I didn't have this kind Of would have been stranded at Heathrow Airport before I proceed on telling you Guys I can actually apply and get this Card right now I want to encourage you Guys to smash the like button on this Video like I've said before subscribe to My channel if you are new and most Importantly turn on the Bell Notification button go ahead and hit the Share button to share this video on Facebook on WhatsApp whatever I'm sure Somebody in your contact list who is Looking for cards to make payments Online right here in Nigeria is going to Appreciate that gesture now that's it Guys this is the GT Bank dollar card This card Works online for dollar Transaction because actually it's a US Dollar debit card right so what I do is

I actually put dollars inside of it that I can use this thing to pay for my Hosting but I usually prepare for to buy Stuff on Amazon I use it to pay for my Netflix my friends video everything Online actually use this card this is One of the cards that I actually use Right but it's not the best I'm actually Saving the best for last so it's Important that you stay with me and to Get this card all you need to do is to Walk into any GT bank branch around you Right walk into the branch I said that You want to get the GT Bank dollar card That's all you need so we are going to Give you a form to fill and of course You're going to be needing two References now my Approach is that I Have a dollar account right and I do not Want a scenario where somebody uh maybe Gets my dollar card and wipes my account With it right so what I do is that I Create an additional account for my Dollar card so now that account this Dollar card is linked to that account so At every point in time if I want to Spend two thousand dollars I transfer to Seven dollars from my dollar account Into this card account and this card can Access it that way I am safe even if I Actually lose this card to the story of The girl that we had recently who lost About 4 million naira in Zenith bank Would not happen to me and I want to

Encourage you to do the exact same so The GT Bank dollar card is my is the Number four card that actually used for Dollar transactions on the internet you Can in this card has nothing means it Has no restrictions and you can use it On any website to pay for your goods and Dollar the only caveat is that you Actually need two references to open This I could just like opening the Current normal current accounts in the Past but if you already have a college Account with duty but you will be Needing a reference right just go to GT Back and they will give you a additional Account opening form so just fill that Form and give it to them and that's what You need to do and they're going to be Getting you're gonna they're gonna be Giving you a black card like just like This one and this is the GT Bank dollar Card that's number four and the second Card we're going to be looking at is This this card right here right this is The providos bank card now the Interesting about this card is that if You walk into any providers bank branch Right now and get this card instantly I Got this card instantly the same day I Walked in I got it immediately and Another interesting thing about this Card is that you can use this card to Pay for anything on the internet you Know you can use it to pay for Netflix

You can use to pay for your domain and Hosting thanks for anything at all Another interesting thing is that you Can find this card with naira right That's that that's that's something I Love about this app so you can take your Naira right and put it inside this card And use this card actually make payments You only problem is that they are going To be charging you with the black market Trick which is fine right which is fine Because most most of these Runner cards What they do is that you have to Actually go and buy dollar and now come And deposit dollar before you can Actually access it with those cards Right the profit dos bank card does not Work like that so you just need to take Your direct put your narrow inside this Card and you can use this card online to Make all your payments as opportunity to Do now this is the number three card I'm Gonna be introducing to you guys there Are two more right and like I said Before I actually saved the best for Last now the third card is the is the Uba prepaid card an interesting thing is That you don't even have to have an Account in uba just like the profitos Bank to have to to get this card just Walk into any uba Branch around you and Tell them that you want to open the uba Prepaid if you want to get the uba Prepaid card and what they're going to

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Do is that you're going to give you a Form to share the form without the Normal rituals and your card is going to Be given to you but just like I said you Need to actually buy dollar right and Put dollar inside this account before You can actually use it online which is Completely fine because the good thing Is that this way you know exactly how Much you want to spend you buy the Dollar from Apple key or whatever or Whatever right and put it and go to the Bank and deposit this dollar this cash Into this account and guess what guys You can use the card to make payments Online easily so I'm gonna get to the Last card and this is a car that I've Used since 2016 right that's how how Many years now let me know how many Years it is from 2016 to now at the end If you actually have any of this card You actually tried any of this card out Let me know in the comment section and Let us also know your experience so can Encourage others to either use or not Get these cards right before we get into The number one card that I've been using Since 2016. I want to encourage you Again to smash the like button on this Video if you've not done that watching My channel if you've not done that and Most importantly turn on the Verification button so that when I drop More amazing videos just like what

You're watching right now YouTube is Going to send you a notification Instantly the next card I'm going to be Introducing to you guys is my Pioneer Card right I'll be using this Premiere Since 2016 and he has been an amazing Experience he has been an amazing Experience and I think I'm gonna be Actually I'm going to be making uh Videos I'm going to be making videos on How to actually create a Pioneer account In 3023 and actually applied for this Billionaire card in 2023. if that's the Video you want to see let me know in the Comment section and I'm gonna prioritize Making that video and if you want more Detailed videos on how to actually get These cards write any question at all Let me know in the comment section and I'm going to be there to answer all of Your questions and of course if you need References right of course I can't get References maybe you should let me know In the comment section somebody might Actually help you somebody might Actually be willing to help you as a Reference to send the reference from you To get uh maybe like um the GT Bank Dollar card or any other bank that you Want to get right and they need to Reference some of them actually help you In the comment section so in the case That actually needs reference in the Comment section and somebody is going to

Help you out maybe I might even decide That will help you out because I have Accounts in those Banks and of course I'm qualified to do that right so the Flashback is that I'm talking about the Payoneer card now coming back to the Payoneer cards right to get the premier Card all you need to do is to go to and set up an account and After you set up an account uh there are Certain restrictions will be near right Where you have to get about two thousand Dollars in the last six months before You can actually get it before you're Qualified to apply for a card and you Have to end like fifty dollars or soon If I can actually get your account Number and all of that if that is a Challenge that you have let me know in The comment section and I'm going to be Making that video for you guys but the Interesting thing is that the union card Is actually the best card that I have Used you know yeah for dollar Transactions it works anywhere in the World I've used this card in India I've Used this card in Morocco I've used this Card in uh what else in South Africa I've used this card in Kenya I've used This card in the UK and other other Parts of Europe actually right so and it Has never failed me not even one of Course it's a US card all right so what Do you expect if you have used any of

These cards and you have had either good Or bad experience with any of these Cards that I've mentioned please let us Know in the comment section to guide us And to also guide others about our Experience to either use or not use this Card or there are other cards that You're using at this particular point in Time and you want us you want me to Actually make a video or review it let Me know in the comment section and I Will not hesitate to actually do that For you guys these are my Best Buy cards For international transactions in Nigeria and these cards has no limit and They have no Administration and I've Actually used them and they're actually Working right and you guys know that What I do on this side is actually show You what works so I try things Body Works the recovery I'll show you exactly What I've done and the whole idea is That you can do the exact same thing and Of course get the exact same result now Another thing is that after you have Actually opened this account you've Gotten this card they are going to Question app the question I get asked a Lot is how do I actually fund this in This card how do I fund this account and Um for me how I found this particular Card right now and even billionaire is Because I make money online right so This video show you now priority right

Now but it's going to show you exactly How to make money online so you can Actually fund your card and spend the Money online or even withdraw into your Local bank account if you can do that as Well so that's it guys until I see my Next video keep winning and don't forget That share out those love you guys bye From here guys

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