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Google’s Hummingbird Update Takes Content ">Marketing to a New Level

Google loves its animals and now it has launched one of its newest changes to its Search Engine algorithms – The Hummingbird Update. I like the way Dan Sullivan of SearchEngineLand used the analogy of Google being like a car and Hummingbird being like a whole new engine, even though some of the other parts necessary to run your car have remained the same (which means Penguin still matters to some extent as well). According to Amit Singhal, Senior Vice President at Google and head of their core ranking team, Google Hummingbird will affect about 90 percent of…

Spiritual Business ">Marketing – 3 Major Mistakes You Must Avoid

Too many Spiritual Business Owners simply try to get overnight success when using the Law of Attraction. They usually want what they want, like yesterday!

Reach Out and Touch Someone – The Lost Art of Communicating With Handwritten Notecards

In sales, you want to stand out – especially if you are selling in a hyper-competitive market. Technological advances have allowed us to touch people via email, Text Message, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. The problem with communicating digitally is the sheer volume of digital communication most of us receives.

How Is ">Marketing Different Than Advertising, and Why Do I Care?

This article is a broad explanation of ">marketing for small business owners. Subsequent articles will become more specific about actual methods and techniques to effectively market a small business.

">MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS: Profiling, Segmenting, Mixing, Portfolio and Branding

">Marketing is an essential factor in managing a business. You cannot operate without ">marketing. When you open a business, you – of ">course – will need customers. You don’t just buy ingredients, bake cupcakes and expect someone or somebody to buy them unless you market your product. Telling your sister you’re selling cupcakes is a form of ">marketing itself, and so is telling your neighbor – the most basic form of ">marketing, word of mouth.

Why Is Sales Pipeline Important?

Sales Pipeline process is a very important process for making any establishment successful and also to strengthen its revenue growth. An efficient sales pipeline management affects the health of sales quota. This time tested method has proven its efficiency for the small enterprises as well. The big players have used this system in their daily mechanism and responsible for its wide popularity. It is believed that in the coming years, this process will attain greater heights. In fact, many say sales pipelines is an excellent tool for the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as most of them are engaged in lead generation process.

If You Want to Catch A Whale, Don’t Use Minnows For Bait

You can’t get huge results from minor ">marketing efforts. To catch the biggest clients, you have to think big all around — from the bait of the offer to the “tackle” of the development and fulfillment processes.

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