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Five Steps to Upgrade Existing Clients Into Your New Program

There comes a time in almost any entrepreneur’s practice when you revamp your programs.Talking to new prospects about the revised program is easy since they don’t know about your previous options. But how do you get existing clients to upgrade?

5 Tips on Using Social Media for Small Business ">Marketing

In 2013, there is no better ">marketing opportunity than social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and others are providing great online ">marketing opportunities for small businesses. If you have decided to explore the ">marketing opportunities for your small business, here are 5 tips on how to use social media.

Facebook Advertisement Tactics

Small and large scale companies have begun to place ads on Facebook as a primary tool for promoting their businesses. Facebook Ads are getting to be a very useful way of business promotion at a lower cost.

Promotional Stick Pens And Their Reach

Promotional pens are the most ubiquitous yet low key stationery item that you could possibly find. Every office has an abundant supply of them, and they come with a little note pad at almost every conference that you go to.

Reverse the Sales Process So Your Prospects Choose You

In past years, the formula to convert prospects to clients involved a lot of networking, countless meetings, and endless phone calls. Years passed between your first meeting and enrolling them as a client into your programs.

Mistakes Women Business Owners Make!

Ladies, stop comparing the inside of you to the outside of someone else!Seriously! This was one of the best pieces of advice I ever received from my mentor and coach, Lou Tice, many years ago. Stop it!

Fill Your Child Care Program With Kids Through Community Connections

An often overlooked strategy to fill your program with children quickly is what I call “good old-fashioned, ‘pound the pavement’ style community ">marketing.” This is truly one of your most powerful tools for success – are you using it effectively and often? Getting out, shaking hands, spreading your flyers all over town-these are the ways to connect with your community business potential and make valuable connections. If you, as the owner or director of the business, are not doing this kind of ">marketing, you are missing out. Think you are too busy? Afraid to step out of the comfort zone of your office?

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