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What's going on guys in today's video I'm going to show you a completely brand New method that you can use with chat GPT and make 100 over and over again Depending on how many times you're going To do this this is not going to be one Of those methods where you generate an Article and then you try to sell it Somewhere pretty much for like one or Two dollars because the competition is So high or try to say AI art or Something like that it's a completely Unseen way we are going to be using to Generate articles with chat GPT and Actually make money from them without Generating any sales at all because if You know I don't know if you know this If you're going to generate an article Through chat GPT and then you're going To run it through like an AI article Tester it every time comes positive like It's been generated by AI but in today's Video I'm going to show you how to even Use article that has been completely Generated by AI use it to make money and Use it to make over 100 easily without Generating any sales completely for free And if you like that don't forget to Please smash the like for this video Let's try and get to 1000 likes and also Don't forget to smash the Subscribe Button and hit notification Bell so I Can notify whenever I put a brand new Hot money making video for you it's

Gonna be the first one to use it and First one to make the most amount of Money okay right now let's get started The method to the step number one what We need to do is you need to have a Stripe account okay this is the website That's going to be paying us out where We are going to be receiving money so Just search for stripe stripe and then Click on the first search result Stripe.com and this is something you are Going to be using to withdraw the money You will you will receive the money to Stripe and then you can use your bank Account to withdraw the money okay so This is very reputable website it's like A PayPal but much much better and you Can pretty much use it to withdraw the Money using the website that we are Going to be using in just a few seconds Okay then the next thing what you want To do is just go to chat GPT okay open AI chat GPT just put it in Google Because pretty much the link is not Really there for chat GPT it's on this Website that's called open AI chatgpt Again just Google that and go the first Search result and you're going to you Can to chat GPT if you have an account If you don't have an account just sign Up through email it's the fastest way to Do this now one more thing that we need To do and this is just to make some Extra money on top of those 100 you want

To go to CPA grip okay because this is Going to be something that's going to Take you to just two minutes but can Make you like an extra 100 so overall You're going to be making like 200 from This method so just go to the offer Tools on the left hand section and go to My offers and then go to the United States okay and pretty much you want to Pick up a CP offer that's going to be Something like legit okay so I I don't Really like to use these OverWatch coins And Roblox game cards I like to go for The giveaway ones for example like gift Cards that are for like Amazon or PayPal Or something that a lot of people are Going to be using because these Roblox Game cards that's mostly for kids okay But for example this one 375 dollars Into 750 after these questions or Something like that that's pretty much a Lot more appealing to wider audience Okay or like getting Apple watch now or Enter for 750 dollars to any fashion Store or Amazon gift card or whatever is There like an iPhone gift card so I'm Going to just search for iPhone okay Because I don't see it there so I think It's going to be buried somewhere and Yeah I just want an iPhone offer right Here so get a thousand dollars towards An iPhone 14 plus you are going to get Paid 2.43 so literally just 50 people Submit their email address and that's

Over like 120 dollars so just click on That and then just want to get your link Right here and also if you're going to Notice this link is for Android mobile Devices only but you can see right here This one is for desktop and this one is Only for desktop but if you're somebody From Android is going to click there They'll be redirect to Android and vice Versa if somebody from desktop is going On this one they are going to be Redirected to a mobile to a desktop Version so that's the beauty of the CPA Offers if you send some wrong traffic There they are going to make sure Somehow it's taken care of either by Using the same exact CPA offer or the Right format or just using another very Similar CPA offer so this is something That we are going to be using now what You want to actually do with chat GPT is You just want to go to chatgpt and you Want to write a prompt there that's Going to write as an article now the way To do that you are just going to pretty Much put there like hey please can you Write me a and then you enter an x Amount of words so for example like Seven 600 word article about saving Money and some tips on earning money Online through giveaways okay so give a Ways and hit enter and now it's just Going to do that for you okay so this is Just going to do that and yeah now this

Is all you got to do yourself so now you Have the CPA off already now you just Wait for Chad GPD to finish writing the Article and once it's ready we are going To continue Okay so now it's ready it's ready to Rock and roll and pretty much you can Actually use it right now but here's the Thing if you're going to just copy and Paste it just like this so I'm just Going to copy and paste it and if you're Going to put it right here so just go to Like Google and search for like AI Article tester you can use any AI Article text tester I'm just going to Put it right there so I will just add The text right here okay so this one is Just for 1500 characters so I'm just Going to delete this part and delete Like this part okay and now I click on Analyze text you can see that after I Put it in this one that's pretty much The first search result that I got from Google you're going to see that this is Actually like 15 human generated content Okay that means like only 15 of it could Be generated by humans so like uh 85 is Generated by AI That's a very bad news That for that reason most of the times You can't really sell these articles Because you are not going to make money From them but I got you covered because If I'm just going to select like the First part which is right here this is

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Like uh the first part of the text you Can see that's only five percent human Generated content so it's even more AI But here is a quick hack you just copy And paste this part copy and paste it And then you go to a website like Quillbot.com this is completely free go To quilbar.com and then you just put it There select standard and you want to Make sure you're going to only use like 150 words per whatever translation okay Because it's the free version only like 150 words per the refrigeration and then You put it on the left hand side the AI Generated you put on the right side the One that's going to actually come from Quill bot and if you're going to put That one in this is actually the thing That I used this one is from Ai and then The next one is going to be from quill Bot and check this out this is all have Been done just by AI the quill bot is 84 Human generated you can see it right Here so again if I'm just going to go Back to the article writer pretty much This part right here I will add it right Here to this one so it's going to be a Little bit longer article just like this And I will click on analyze text you can See that it's like 16 human generated But now if I put it into quill bot once Again hopefully I can do it that's like 91 words actually on a paraphrase that Part it's going to take some time just

Like this now just copy that and I put It right here into the human one so it's The same exact part I just had to split It because of quill Bots limitations and I click on analyze text you're going to See now this one is 88 human okay so I Just run the same exact text through Quill bot to make it a human-like and This is what you want to do as well and Now you just want to do it for the Entire article okay it's going to take Some time but now once you have this Human generated article ready this is Very important this human generated Article ready this is the article that You are going to be using okay because You can see this one is like 16 this one Is like 15 we want to make sure it's Going to be like 88 or more all you got To do is just again running multiple Times through quill bot all the little Paragraphs make sure it's going to make Sense and then you just add it right Here into the whatever kind of like Article AI tester and it's going to show You how well it's pretty much performing And now that you have this article ready We are just going to be using this new Website to actually make money from People reading this article now the Website is right here it's called vocal That media it looks something like this And you're going to see when you create Your account and you go to the wallet

Right here you want to first of all Connect your stripe account okay this is A brand new account and you just want to Put a click right here connect your Stripe account and it's going to connect Your stripe account to this one and That's how you're going to make money From this website because you can see They use stripe for sending and Receiving the money from people who are Going to be reading your articles so That's all you got to do to receive Money just from this website alone so Click on create a star story and then Pretty much just go to the paraphraser Oh not there okay hopefully I didn't Lost the article I will just analyze it Once again so you can see this one human One wait for it to analyze okay and okay 88 okay so I'm just going to copy this Part go back to right here to the vocal Media again copy and paste the rest of The article and add it right here into The right here at the bottom right here Now we have the headline and now we have The second part it should be the entire Article from chat GPT that you're going To run through quill bot and also we Want to get our affiliate link for the CPA offer because this is about saving Money and about deal waste and you can See this part right here is about Giveaways so you just want to again run It through quill but you want to write

Click here to enter for a thousand Dollars to learn towards an iPhone 14 Plus you just copy the link and then You're going to highlight this part okay Just like this this is the link part add The link click on yes and Bam now there Is a link right here now this entire Article is going to be human-like Article because I mean we have generated It through chat GPT so just copy this Entire thing then run it through Wheelbot and then you're going to see That this is like a human generated Article then just put it on vocal media And then people who are going to be Reading this you are going to be making Money just from people who are reading This article so all you got to do just Save it but also to make some extra Money add a related CPA offer to this Article to make some of your money even More money but the thing is you actually Find the related CPA offer I recommend First finding the offer on CPA grip and Then creating article based on the CPA Offer so it's going to be making sense Every single time because you can make Money just from creating these articles It's pretty much already good enough but If you're going to add a CPA aspect to It you're going to be making even more Money by combining these two together And that's it I hope you enjoyed this Method let me know what you think about

In the comment section Below guys by Converting this chat gbt articles into Human-like articles gel buzzing free Tools let me know if you like it or not And also if you like to see how I'm Making over 30k per month with actually My face online or without using my YouTube channel click right here and I Will show you exactly how to do that

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