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Okay today we're going to be setting up A different kind of affiliate marketing Campaign we're going to be making money In two ways with one campaign today so If that sounds good to you make sure you Stick around for this whole video we're Going to be getting our traffic today From propeller ads but we're not going To be using regular push outs we're Going to be using something different We're going to be sending that propeller Ads traffic to our offer and we are Going to be making money from Conversions to that offer but Additionally we're going to use so that we can make some Additional money by people signing up For push subscriptions on our landing Page so you've got to stick around to See how all this works let's get into it Let's first choose an offer to promote Now um we're going to do this really Quickly because we've got a lot of setup To do so what we're going to do is we're Just going to go into our click dealer Account and in our click dealer account We're going to choose an offer that we Can promote and what we're going to do Is we're just going to grab this 711 Gift card offer here which is valid for Thailand all right so we're going to Grab that And we can generate an affiliate link From here all right so we're going to

Choose a creative I'm going to choose a Media type now for the sake of argument Right here we're just going to choose Push traffic because we are sending from Propeller ads but we're not actually Going to be doing push okay so then what We're going to do is we're going to go And set up this offer in our volume or Our other tracking software we're in Volume now so uh we'll go create Alpha And then we're going to give this a name So we're just going to call this zzzz Because it's a test and we're going to Put our offer URL in here now let's just Remove this click ID and let's put the Actual click ID in there like that all Right and that's all we need to do so we Click save And that's our offer set up so we can Copy this URL and we can open a new Window and assuming it's not Geo-restricted because it's just Thailand we're going to get to our 7-Eleven page Okay 711 page just like that all right Very nice all right so what we want to Do now is we want to set up a landing Page we want to set up a landing page Um for a few reasons firstly we want to Be sending out traffic through to a Landing page to warm them up before they Get to the offer the second thing we Want to be doing is one of a landing Page so we can collect the push

Notifications from okay we Can add a pro smart tag and Automatically be collecting uh push Notifications or subscribers to push Notifications for them and we can make Some extra money all right so let's go Let's just call it 7-Eleven okay and We'll publish that publish that Okay very nice now let's launch Thrive Architect All right and we're going to select Pre-built landing page All right so we've got Legacy landing Pages let's just choose something really Really simple let's go down here And where are we Okay we're gonna go for this nice little Number here that's nice and simple and We're just going to go with uh let's go With this one all right and we apply Template all right so again we're just Going to keep this really simple we're Not going to edit this like crazy Because we want to get this done as Quickly as possible so we're just going To put congratulations You have one uh seven eleven whoops you Have one W seven Eleven Gift card okay maybe put that as one And capitalize that okay you have won a 7-Eleven gift card all right so what We're going to do again we're just Keeping this as simple as we can so

We're just gonna go get rid of that get Rid of that get rid of that okay and Let's just increase the spacing around This we'll go 20 All right and that's probably Doesn't need to be so big okay nice Congratulations you've won a 7-Eleven Gift card and we just got claim now All right very very simple like that Okay and this is what it looks like it's Really simple but most of the time People are gonna be looking at this on Mobile most likely so um what we're Gonna do uh we haven't got any uh click Information in the button yet we're Going to edit this page again but what We're going to do is we're going to set Up this Lander in our tracker first okay So we go to Landers And we're going to go create Lander And we're going to go uh name we'll just Call it again we'll call it zzz to make It simple we go Lander URL paste in that Lander URL there and we've only got one Click through Um so that's all we need now here's what We need we need a tracking script and we Need a click URL all right so we're Going to copy that we're going to go Back to our landing page which is here We're going to edit And in a button we are going to put That click URL just paste that in there Like that and maybe open in a new tab

Okay then the other thing we need to do Is go back to volume and we need to copy The Lander tracking script all right so Go back and we will go to the Cog icon In the corner here we will go to Advanced settings custom scripts and Then we're going to paste in our Tracking script okay and then we can Save that page like so And then go back to volume And then what we're going to say to Volume is verify the landing page oh Good nice all right so let's save And that says done all right so we've Now got our landing page we've got our Um offer what we want to do is let's go And set up our campaign in volume all Right so we go to the campaigns tab here And we're going to go create Campaign advanced Now again name wise we're going to call This zzz just keep it nice and simple We'll go traffic source And go propeller rights okay so that's All we need to do there and then we go Next And what we're going to say is uh our Lander Is zzzz okay and our offer was also zzzz If you remember Very nice all right that's all we need To do we click save All right and that gives us all the Information right there let's copy our

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Campaign URL and let's just make sure we Get to the landing page so we'll paste That URL in there okay nice so here's Our landing page now if we go on the Button and claim now that should take us Through to our 7-Eleven page Which it does have 7-Eleven offer and of Course Chrome is asking to uh translate It all right so we're good to go right Now what we need to do before we turn a Campaign on is we need to set up our Um monetization via so once Someone comes to our landing page they Will probably click claim now but what They might do is they might go ahead and Subscribe to push notifications right so We're going to set that up right now With all right so Pro push Stop means really easy to set up all you Need to do is go to the Link's in the description and you click On the registration button here okay Once you're logged in what we need to do Is we need to go to sites and we need to Add our site here so we're going to add A source and we're going to go landing Page add a landing page all right and so We're pasting our landing page URL here All right and we got add URL okay and so What it wants us to do now is to verify The domain so we can either upload a File to the root of the site or place The following tag at the front page of Your site's landing pages domain in the

Header all right Um so I'm just going to download the File and load it up all right so that's The simplest all right so it just gives Me a little HTML file that I can put Into the root of the site all right so I'm going to load that up right now okay Okay so that file has been uploaded so I'm just going to click verify Okay and landing page has been Successfully verified you can't see that Message there all right so landing page Was sent to moderation okay nice okay so They got verified really quickly Um and that was literally five minutes Okay so let's go and click on our site And we're going to create a smart tag And this is Rev serial cosplay ending With us is simple start with putting the Smart tag on your website or landing Page send traffic and we will monetize It with the best offers for all GEOS Click on the button below to get your Tag alright so we can get Revenue share Or we can get cost per sale I'm just Going to go with Revenue share right now We'll call it wonderful tag it's fine so We'll go create All right and it tells us what to do Upload SW check permissions uh 34b blah Blah blah to your site upload this in The root directory of your site to start Collecting subscribers okay download the File

All right and I'll just upload that now Okay that's done so let's verify Okay verified nice okay customize code By switching toggles on set up post back To track subscription set up traffic Back to get extra monetization we're not Going to worry about those for the Moment we're just going to keep this as Simple as possible all right and we're Going to copy this and what we want to Do is we want to paste this code inside The body of the um of our page not in The header all right so we're going to Go and edit this All right so we're going to go to our Cog icon again we're going to go to Advanced settings we're going to custom Scripts and we're going to paste that Into the body of our page we're going to Go save in preview And we'll go back here and that's all Set up and nice and good to go so we can Go back All right and so when we load our site Now we get asked do we allow this Website to send us notifications so We're going to go allow all right and That's going to put us on the Notification list with so We're going to get offers coming through And if we take up any of those offers Then Um us as the affiliate will get the Revenue share of that okay so obviously

We're not going to be buying those Offers but the visitors to our site will Be now the important thing to note here Is when I accepted I'm not redirected Anywhere right so I still have the Option of winning the 7-Eleven gift card Right so potentially someone's going to Sign up for a subscription and get Notifications where we can potentially Get Revenue but they're also going to Still be able to go through to our main Office so that we can make Revenue too All right so now we need to do is let's Go over to propeller ads and let's set Up the traffic and start getting the Traffic through to this offer all right So we're in propeller ads now we're Going to go create campaign All right and we're going to give this Campaign a name what was it Global Dash Zzz okay and uh we are going to run an Interstitial campaign all right Interstitial campaign now if you've Never seen interstitulate so if you've Never heard of interstitial ads Basically what it is is an ad that pops Up when you're going between Pages all Right so it's like an overlay on the Page so you know uh the kind of Um the kind of pop-up that might appear When you try and leave a website and it Says hey you can get a discount or hey Sign up for our email list or something Like that kind of operates in the same

Way it overlays the page as you're going Between pages okay so uh we're gonna go For CBA goal and we need to put our Target URL in here which is uh from Volume or our tracking software all Right now the target countries of course In this case are Thailand Okay okay and then we're going to leave The CPA goal as default there and we're Going to go down daily campaign budget Let's set let's set this 100 total Campaign budget a thousand dollars Targeting platform we are going to set This up to run a mobile Um I recommend you do both mobile and Desktop and perhaps uh set those up as Separate campaigns Um I haven't actually checked the offer Fully whether this is available for Mobile or desktop or both but just as an Example we're going to run this for Mobile And then operating system will go with Android We can also choose iOS when it's Interstitial all right if we want to Filter down to operating system we can Do that too but to start off we're not Going to do that we'll have a look at Our stats uh once we start getting Conversions coming through and we can go To set a campaign schedule but again We'll we'll leave the schedule alone for The moment until we start getting

Conversions and we see some patterns all Right now it's time to set up our ad Okay so what we're going to do is this Is a gift card right so surprise so We're going to choose the banner Template prize okay now we'll see look At that there we go so we want a Creative Um so claim your Gift cards let's just say this is not Very good necessarily but we're just Going to uh we're just going to put that In there all right description Um you have five minutes to claim your This is probably not going to get Approved but you know just this is just An example you have five minutes to Claim your 7-Eleven Gift card let's just have it like that All right and then we want an image all Right now what um is probably a good Image to create here is a gift box so We're gonna get a gift image okay So let's just go gift 900 by 600 and Then we go to images and we'll see what We get okay not much all right well Let's just download any old thing Um let's uh let's take this one and Let's uh save that image All right now we're going to all right Here that looks nice we're gonna crop That Clear all this crop the image all right Nice all right so you can see you've got

Falling uh gift box images there it Doesn't look so great actually Um I'd probably choose a clearer image Than this Um but For the sake of this demonstration That's what we can do right and of Course you can set up more creatives for Testing all right so uh that's we're Gonna that's it that's all we need to do Now remember this interstitial ad is Going to be overlaid when uh someone Maybe goes between one page and another Or tries to leave a site or something Like that And all we need to do now is go start Campaign Oh and my CPA goal was a little bit too Low you could see the minimum CPA goal Is 10 cents so we're going to put that To 10 cents All right And then we'll go start campaign Okay and that one's in moderation now Should be beautiful okay so that one's Uh getting uh started now here's a few More things that I wanted to tell you Are propush DOT me works Really well with Arbitrage on CPA offers And you don't need to be an affiliate if You're a website or landing page owner You can incorporate Pro into Your website and monetize your traffic The important thing to remember is all

You need to do is include that smart tag On your page and if you want to see more Case studies about this in action all You need to do is go to propush dot me Slash blog and also has a Referral program which pays five percent That's it for me today guys thanks for Watching all the relevant links are in The description please don't forget to Click like And subscribe and I'm looking Forward to seeing you in the next video

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