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Today I'm going to be doing an epic Giveaway I'm going to be giving a free 25 000 trading account to one of you Guys with a company called All you need to do is pass the two-step Evaluation using my exact strategy that I'm going to show you in today's video Which is the same strategy I used to fly Through evaluations and pass them Literally within a week or two you can Use this exact same strategy with the Free account that I'm going to give you At the end of this video so make sure You watch this entire video through so You can learn how to get your free Twenty five thousand dollar valuation I Just turned over a twenty five thousand Dollar trading account to twenty seven Thousand dollars in just 24 hours with a Brand new platform that gives you zero Time limit in the amount of days that You can trade so for example unlike ftmo My Forex funds and a lot of your other Major prop forms where you need to have A minimum of five to ten trading days This problem will allow you to pass in One day 20 days 50 days a year there's No time limits so you be able to take All the time that you want when passing This prop firm I'm going to show you Exactly how I made two thousand dollars In one day on my twenty five thousand Dollar account which passed the profit Target of phase one which is eight

Percent two thousand dollars I'm gonna Show you my exact scalping strategy that I use to pump funded accounts and Exactly how you can do the same and Become a profitable and professional Pro Firm Trader what's going on awesome People of YouTube Jay here you're no BS South African online entrepreneur Full-time prop Trader and affiliate Marketer that documents my journey on my YouTube channel on various ways that I Used to make money online if you've been Watching my channel for quite some time You would know that off of YouTube I've Become a full-time prop firm Trader Where I trade with funded trading Accounts from various companies around The world in today's video I'm going to Show you a brand new problem that I've Come across that actually offers you Instant funding meaning you can buy a Funded account without actually doing a Valuation and Skip straight to a ten Thousand dollar account all the way up To a hundred thousand dollar account They offer a one-phase valuation where You can get between a ten and a hundred Thousand dollar Live account or the Regular two-phase evaluation much like Many other prop firms so one thing Really unique about this prop film is if You don't want to do any evaluation you Can skip straight to a funded account And you're welcome to use the following

Strategy that I'm going to teach you on How I make anywhere between one and Three percent per day on my funded Accounts the first thing you need to do Is come over to a website called This is a platform that has Recently come up where you can become a Prop firm Trader you can get instantly Funded partake in a one step or two-step Evaluation they also offer an epic Indicator paired up with their platform Accounts where you can go and make buys And sells based on the signals that they Give you this can be included with your Profit which is quite a nice extension That you can add on to when ordering a Funded account with them if you scroll Down on their homepage you'll see their Various different account sizes over Here from two-step evaluation to One-step evaluation to instant funding I Signed up for the twenty five thousand Dollar two-step evaluation just to test Them out they are powered by eight cap Which is one of my favorite Brokers Really tight spreads and zero Commissions on your trades remember the Only commissions that the company takes Is eighty percent of your profits Over here you can see 80 20 and up to 90 Payout to you as you scale along in the Months to come so what I did was I Clicked on buy mt4 evaluation for 199. And I got my 25 000 evaluation I then

Passed phase one in about 24 hours with The following strategy that I'm going to Give to you so that you can do the same With this company take a look at my Chart over here on xau USD gold and this Is exactly how the system works it's Very basic it's very easy and it's very Quick you're mainly securing between 10 And 40 Pips at a time per trade which is A very sustainable return on your Account considering now that you have a Live account of 25 000 or even up to 200 000 with So what I do is the first two indicators I enable is my sessions indicator called Sessions D you can come over to Indicators go and search sessions it'll Be this indicator over here by vidas Multi sessions as a London and New York All you need to go and do is click on The settings of this indicator come over To inputs and make sure you've got one That's on New York session and one That's on the London session for this Strategy I mainly use New York session But you can use London session as well And this is exactly how the strategy Works all you do is you can click on Replay to a random point I'm going to Just come back to this random point over Here I've never back tested this day so I have no idea what happens at the start Of each session You'll see the yellow session or the

Yellow rectangular Square block is London session and the red session is US Session all you do is you take two Trades a day and you take the first Signal with the following indicator that I'm going to explain to you now in a bit For a buy or for a sell whatever it Gives you only the First Signal of London session and the First Signal of Us session so these two indicators that I'm using over here is called utbot Alerts make sure to keep watching Because I'm getting to explain these Indicators just in a bit but for now how This works as you can see session has Just started what you would do is you Would enter your trade As that buy pops up on the start of that Candle stop loss below the swing low And you run your TP until the first raid Candle forms So over here on this raid candle as soon As that formed I would have closed at About 24 Pips as you can see we ran About a one to one risk to reward and This is how you scalp gold using the Strategy Let's continue running until we get to The U.S session us session is now Started as you can see as the session Started we have a cell signal so I would Enter on the CL on that candle stop loss Above the swing high and you run the Trade until the first green candle Falls

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So let's keep this running It's over here on this candle Right there I would have closed at 20 Pips What I suggest you also do is if you Really want to play the safe and secure More profits is run a one-to-one risk to Reward so 23 Pips would have been Secured on a one to one that means your Losses are not more than your wins so That is it for day one two wins straight To TP with one to one risk rewards ends Up being a very profitable day if we Continue to the next day by the way the Time frame you're using for this is the Five minute time frame which is an ideal Time frame for quick scalp trades during The day so over here we're coming up to London session Um Right here let me just come back a Little bit There's our first cell so that we would Enter on that candle stop loss above the Swing high and we run A one-to-one risk to reward And this trade also hit TP so there we Go another full win for London session The next day now all we do is we wait For you a session this was 24 Pips Secured so let's just wait for us Session Um Oops came up with quickly

So over here right there The signal was out of the U.S session so I wouldn't take the signal then we just Wait for the First Signal which is over Here so we would take this by on this Candle Stop loss belong below the swing low and We take a one to one this one to one is At 26 Pips And that trade hit TP as you can see Over there so this was another full Window straight to TP this is two days In a row that was two wins so let's Continue to the next day London session Has started still no signal yet so we Just keep going oops a little bit quick Let me just come back to that cell this Would have been your first trade of the Day on the sell signal where you enter On that candle stop loss above that high And we run Of one to one which is 25 Pips which is Thoughts a big move on gold And this trade went straight to TP so to Give you an idea a one on 25 Pips would Have been 250 a 10 would have been 2500 And an 0.1 would have been 25 secured so That is still great profits on these Small scalps on gold So now what we do is we wait for the U.S Session Still no signal yet that signal is not In the U.S session so we just got to Wait

There's our buy I mean two candles too Quickly There's our buy so we enter on that Candle and we'll run a one to one TP as At 46 Pips so a one lot size will be 460 Dollars profits a 10 will be 4 600 and 0.1 will be forty six dollars so let's Continue this trade And this was another win for the day so This was two wins yet again and this is All you do two trades a day what I love About the system it really really brings You to a nice set of rules that you Don't have to over trade you don't have To overthink there's a lot less emotions Involved and that is why I really love The scalping strategy that's all you do First signal of the U.S session and London session every single day and These two indicators as I promised I'm Going to show you the signal indicator That you need for the buy and sells is Called UT bottlers if you come over to Indicators and search utbots it's this Indicator by Quant Nomad click on Settings just make sure your key value Is a 2 and your ATR period is at one and You've got signals from hakanashi Candles checked off click on OK the Second indicator to get these candles is You need to come over to indicators go And search linenreg Um Candles

And it's this indicator over here linear Regression candles by oogervu I think That's how you say it click on settings Of this indicator make sure your signal Smoothing is on 11 and your linear Regression length is on 11 your style Enable the lenray candles for buys and Sales And then you need to come over to Settings on the top right of your Overall chart under the symbols just Make sure you've got body borders and Wicked Wicks checked off so it gives you A whole set of new candles and there we Go now like you know how to set this up I recommend going back test this Yourself before trading it live just to Get the feel of how many wins you can Get throughout the period of a week a Month even a year and back taste a whole Bunch of data to see your win rate with This and as you can see we had Lost Three days one two three four five six Wins six wins in the last three days Zero losses he will definitely get Losses with this at some point but your Win rate is far higher than your losers And remember you're running a one to one So all it takes is when you have a loss Is to make one win and then you've made Your loss back so that is what I really Like about the system it provides a Really good

Risk management strategy to it as well So as I mentioned in the beginning of This video I'm going to give one of you Guys a free 25 000 evaluation with they've actually given me the Opportunity to give you guys a free Evaluation if you pass it you get a 25 000 Live account to trade with and you Can go and use the strategy I've just Showed you on the charts right now and All you do is you search on on your laptop or your PC and you execute these exact same Trades on your mobile phone what you can Also do is to really minimize your risk Is when the trade gets halfway to TP Take your stop loss to break even So that means if it does come back it's Just a break even trade there's no loss And that way we'll also really improve Your win rate with this that's another Great strategy you can go and use what You need to do is in order to win this Twenty five thousand dollar account is Make sure you subscribe to this YouTube Channel follow me on Instagram down Below And comment down below your favorites or Most Inspirational quotes in the comment Section of this video and DM me a Screenshot of your comment that you've Posted on this video on Instagram my Instagram is down below and I will

Choose one lucky winner out of the Comments that I get I will choose my Most favorite or inspirational quote That I like and I will send you the Login details to your free 25 000 Account one more thing I want to mention To you guys I've recently created an Entire Discord Community about two weeks Ago which is absolutely taken off called Millennium mindset funded where I'm on a Mission to create and make as many Funded Traders as possible to this day Today three weeks after I created this Discord I've already created seven Newfounded Traders through my strategies Through my analysis and through my life Signals in the J trade room over here on Discord I'll leave a link down below to This Discord as well in the description Somewhere at the top just above or below My Instagram with all of that being said I'm also going to leave in my entire Trading playlist on the screen over here Which consists of my entire trading Journey from three years back back if You actually watch my first video in This playlist you will see how different My trading strategy was three years ago Compared to how it is now and what I've Learned now so it's actually a very Interesting playlist where you can see My full three years journey of trading With different systems learning getting Knowledge and finally becoming a

Profitable Trader Kind of halfway through the playlist so What I want you to do is to also learn As much as trading as possible you can Apply a lot of the knowledge I teach in This playlist to pass the free account That I'm giving to one of you guys today Click on this playlist over here and I'll see you over there

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