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In this video I'm going to talk about The ClickBank products that you need to Promote right now so if you want to make Money fast you want to stick around and Watch this whole video before we get Started I wanted to tell you about the Black Friday sale that I'm running right Now any of my affiliate marketing Courses are over 50 off for a limited Time you can grab any of my courses at This Black Friday sales special simply By clicking on one of the links in the Description and entering the coupon code BF 2022 the Black Friday sale ends soon And here's why you should jump on this Right now we are coming up to Christmas Time and we are coming up to New Year's Resolution time this is the time that People are going to start thinking about Dieting and start thinking about the Easiest way that they can lose weight And this is the opportunity for you if You get your affiliate marketing Campaign set up right now you're going To be perfectly positioned to take Advantage of the pay people buying Weight loss products diet products Making New Year's resolutions for the Next two or three months so don't wait Grab my courses at the Black Friday Special over 50 percent off click the Links in the description and use coupon Code BF 2022 that said what are these ClickBank products and how can you start

Making money right now let's take a look Alright guys so I'm in the ClickBank Marketplace right now and what I'm gonna Do is go straight to the new offers by Clicking here and we'll get the new Offers ordered by popularity or by rank Okay so the top selling new products Will be at the top the ones not selling As much will be closer to the bottom all Right now we can see here we've got one Of these golden checks I've talked about These before but uh they are back they Are doing strong and this is what I'm Going to talk about in this video right So this has got a gravity of 89 nine Okay and it's a new product all right so That tells us something it's selling and Affiliates are making money with this Affiliates are promoting and making Money with us and look at the average Commission the average commission or the Average conversion is three hundred and Fourteen dollars Three hundred and fourteen dollars What's your average conversion of a bio Fit or an xcpr 100 and something dollars Look at this 314 dollars now I'm gonna Jump in and say here I'm gonna talk About these kind of products in this Video and I'm not taking any kind of Political stance one way or the other This is purely about money revenue and Commissions all right so doesn't matter What side of any debate you're on this

Is not what this video is about right This video is 100 about making money With affiliate marketing nothing else Okay so right at the moment there's a Lot of stuff in the news about this uh This particular Individual and so this is the time that You want to jump on these things and you Want to start promoting them now we'll Have a look here there's one now this Remember these are new products right so There's one Up to 21 gravity 3 26 gravity okay this Is a perfect example of why gravity is Not such a good metric right so this one Is selling more okay there's more copies This is more popular but the gravity is Lower okay so people go oh you just look At gravity and then that'll tell you What you do well not really right this Is a there's a difference here of five In gravity but this one's more popular Right so people that tell you oh Grover Is the only thing that's really Important tell them to you know anyway So we've got one two three That's not that's something else okay Four Five Six seven On the first page of the new products Right and they all have gravity scores Three of which have a gravity score that Is really good for a product that is

Brand new and The conversion amounts to 82 245 314 210 234 291 180. all right you are not going to Be unhappy with the conversions that Come through here now there's a couple Of things that we need to consider right So um we're going to have a little bit Of trouble brand bidding on some of These because using uh the particular Individual's name in question is gonna Mean that we'll probably get our ads Disapproved because it's political right Or because it seems to be political Right however there's one product that You could jump on right now and brand Bid on and I don't see anything on their Website this is don't brand beard that Doesn't use that individual's name but Is still quite related to them so you Could jump on this and you could promote This one all right Um and there's other things that we can Do we can promote on misspellings we Could try and type the name particularly Fast and look at the kind of mistakes That we make on the keyboard when we Type in quickly and those kind of Misspellings we can put in as the Keywords we're actually targeting so Guys that's uh that's what I wanted to Show you in this video today I'm not Going to go into any of these you can do That for yourself I'm purely looking at

This from a money perspective and a Gravity perspective and a rank Perspective and uh what does this mean To uh your wallet all right so Um these are ripe to get started with Now everything's in the news about this The increase in this is going to be very Rapid I imagine these are going to Become even more and more and more Popular over the coming months I would Imagine and so this is something that I Think you should consider jumping on now Before I finish remember guys something That's really important is the Black Friday sale is running right now and This is the perfect time to set up your Campaigns especially if you're going to Set up campaigns like neutral campaigns Or anything to do with money cash cash Flow anything like that because this is New Year's resolution time this is the Time we want to set up our campaigns to Be making money all right so Black Friday sales running right now use Campaign code BF 2022 links are in the Description sign up and I'll see you on The inside and if you want more videos About how to make money with affiliate Marketing and how to make your first Sale today check out the video that's on The screen right now thanks for watching Guys don't forget to click like And Subscribe and I'm looking forward to Seeing you in the next video

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