Secret To Making $4K With ChatGPT Articles (A.I Affiliate Commissions Generator)

This is an insane piece of technology That has generated me over four thousand Dollars in one month which can Potentially be the future of art AI Generation and article writing take a Look at this enter one simple term such As explain Quantum Computing in simple Terms click on send and this chat gbt Bot will automatically write an article For you within a couple of seconds type It out for you completely for free There's no free trial no credit card Needed you can use these articles Created by chat gbt to get listed in MarketWatch The Daily Herald 21 News Fox News the Buffalo News Daily News Fox 43 News Nebraska Channel many other news Websites that are getting millions of Visitors every single month that will Now be seeing your article in the news Headlines to generate you hundreds of Dollars of commissions and affiliate Sales every single month but what you Need to know is how to plug in your Affiliate products into these articles That chat gbt is now generating for you And actually convert these viewers into Sales make sure you stick around because This is going to be a great Banger to Start off 2023 on how to make money Online and how to start your own Successful AI generation online business What's going on awesome people of YouTube Jay here your OBS South African

Online entrepreneur coach and fund and Trader from South Africa documenting my Journey on my millionaire mindset YouTube channel for the past three years Every single week I can upload two to Three videos of my best ways that I use To make money online if you want to get A notification from me to your phone Every time I upload my latest way on how I make money online make sure to go down Below to this millionaire minded YouTube Channel And subscribe with the red Notification Bell on so that you don't Miss on anything new that I post but Without further Ado I'm not going to Waste any time and let's dive straight Into today's video I've already got the Exact same product that you are allowed And I'm giving you permission to do this To copy and paste from my strategy you Need to come over to if You've been watching my channel for a While you know that I talk about this Website a lot this is one of the biggest Gold mines on the internet to make money Online if you have not signed up on this Website click on start here on the top Right hand side if you already have Click on login now I'm going to quickly Sign in with my account and meet you on The dashboard and show you the exact Product once you've signed in click on The marketplace option on the menu bar You will see a page that looks like this

With all the various different products And categories that you can go and Promote but I'm going to skip all of That all you need to go and search is Video marketing Blaster click on enter The first product video marketing Blaster Ranks videos on the number one Page of Google and YouTube I've Personally used this tool myself in Promoting my own videos on YouTube and It works really well there's many Keywords that I am now ranking on the First page of Google and YouTube driving A lot of views and traffic to those Videos getting tons of views Revenue Fully Commissions in all sorts of ways That you can monetize your content You're not going to be creating any Content you're not going to be making Any videos on YouTube this is just what The tool is for so don't worry about That all we need to know is how to Promote this tool with the way that I'm Going to show you and generate 19.39 every sale that you make once off Commission and then after that 10.55 Cents every month they after the reason Why I love this product is because it's A great product high quality that Actually works tested and proven and it Brings in that passive cash flow every Single month the number one thing I Always tell people that want to start Affiliate marketing is choose and focus

On a product that provides passive Monthly cash flow instead of a once-off Commission that you have to promote over And over again so what this means is if You refer for example me to this tool Today a year from now you will still be Earning 10.55 every month from my Referral and subscription to this Particular product that is what you call Reoccurring Rebel or a passive cash flow Every single month from your affiliate Product click on promote on this tool Click on create hop link and over here It will create your unique link that you Need to go and use and every time Someone clicks on this link ClickBank Knows this product is now connected to Your account so it knows to send you the Commissions every time you get a sale Through this link click on copy open up Windows or Apple or your phone and just Type in a notepad paste your link leave This over here we're going to minimize This because we're going to come back to This and use this later to get these Quality AI generated articles come over To also known as chat gbt Click on try chat big gbt on the home Screen this tool is a model called chat Gbt which interacts in a conversational Way the dialog format makes it possible For chat gbt users to answer follow-up Questions admit its mistakes challenge Incorrect premises and reject

Inappropriate requests symbolizing a Model to instruct gbt which is trained To follow an instruction in a prompt and Provide detailed response that response Being professionally written articles Generated by this tool click on try chat Gbt on the bottom side of this website And it will take you to the page where You need to log in I just connected my Google account and it will take you to The chat that looks like this so take a Look at this it gives you a couple of Examples for example people got any Creative ideas for a 10 year old's Birthday if you enter this into the chat And you click on send it's automatically Going to type out sure here's a movie Marathon pick your favorite movies and Have a movie marathon in the comfort of Your home host a theme party going on an Adventure such as a trip Park theme Museum having a good day having a game Day doing fun activities and it will Just basically give you ideas for Perhaps your 10 year old's birthday so You can really run ideas on anything you Can open up as many chats as possible You just click on new chat on the top Left hand side and you can get Information and responses on anything That you ask this tool so if I come over To this tool and type write me an Article on video marketing blaster And I click on send take a look at this

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Within a couple of seconds it's already Starting to write for me video marketing Blaster is a powerful tool for Businesses looking to reach Their Audience and promote their products and Services one tool that can help with This is video marketing Blaster a Software that allows users to easily Create and optimize videos for social Media and other platforms one of the key Features of video marketing Blaster is Its ability to analyze and optimize Videos for specific keywords by Identifying the most popular and Relevant keywords businesses can ensure That their videos are more likely to be Discovered by their target audience Etc etc this article is simple enough go And copy this entire article you want to Go and open up Microsoft Word or wordpad I'm just going to use the default Windows wordpad I'm going to paste this Over here and within a couple of these Paragraphs you just want to type the Following text video marketing Blaster Launch Webinar Click on colon and all you want to go And do is open up your notepad copy your Affiliate link come over to Google again And go and search up which is a Website that you can go and shorten your URLs and just make your link look neater On the dashboard of click on

Create new click on create link paste Your destination URL and for your short Link you want to type your video Marketing blaster Let's just remove that equal Dash Webinar for example click on Create and It will create you this entire short Link so if you go and copy the short Link come over to your article in Wordpad paste your link And let's actually go and paste this at The end of this article over here now Our article is complete and I'm going to Show you a total of three different Platforms ranging from a free platform To a basic more basic paid platform to Actually getting listed in some of the Biggest websites and news article Websites in the world so you can start Off small you can either come over to a Website such as You can go and click on right on the top Right hand side click on start writing You can go and copy and paste this Article into which will also Rank your article on Google and search Terms on Google that you pop up in Search rankings all it's going to do is It's going to ask you for a title and Your article for the title you can go And type something like this new video Marketing A i 2 changing the lives Of many content creators this can be a

Perfect title of your article something Eye candy catching that grabs especially Content creators attention come back to Google once you've posted on And you're getting a bit of traction Maybe getting one or two sales a month You can start off small and use the Income from these free article Publishing platforms to come over to just click on Fiverr on Google go and search up article Publish click on search and over here People are charging anywhere between 10 And 160 dollars to get your article Posted in some featured article websites Such as New York weekly Hudson weekly The American News Washington mail Washington mail Ritz Herald all sorts of Article publishing platforms where you Can go and post this article that you've Now generated so this is Step number two It is going to cost a fee of anywhere Between maybe 10 and 200 but it is Definitely a great investment into your Business and into your article writing Brand promoting these various different Affiliate products on ClickBank secondly My number one way that I used to do this To make four figures in a month I come Over to a website called Which is a place where you can get Published on their network of over 200 Influential news websites that receive

Hundreds of millions of visitors every Single month for a massive boost in Exposure and search rankings if you go And click on see websites they post your Article on MarketWatch Bazinga digital Journal azcentral 21 News Fox News the Buffalo News Daily News Daily Herald News Channel Nebraska and many other News articles all you need to go and do Is is click on order now on the sales Page or the home page I I recommend Click on the starter page simply because The plus and the pro page the only Difference is they write the article for You but remember you've already got your Own article ready to be uploaded so you Don't need to go and get the Plus or the Pro package all you need is start a Package click on order now as you can See it's a price of 195 dollars and your Article will then get listed in all of These news article websites that they Offer so for example click on your name You can go and type your name so for Example jeffronerman you can go and type Your email address for example my email At for your website URL or Social media link you want to come and Add that same affiliate link that you've Included in your article come back to paste this as your URL and Over here you can click on next make Sure you select popular news websites Which is over 200 plus new sites

Including digital Journal Fox us today And Google News click on next again Click on next again over here you need To go and upload your own article so all You're going to do is you're going to go And click on file save as Rich Text Documents and you want to go and save This on your PC somewhere I'm just going To save it to my downloads folder click On browse and go and upload that same Document finally click on next again Enter your brand name this would be Video marketing blaster for your contact Information you can just type your own Personal information click on next it's Then going to take you to the checkout And in a couple of days you'll be in Contact with one of their writers and They will list and maybe help you Rewrite your article and publish it on All of these news websites and remember Because your affiliate link has now been Plugged into your article it opens up Millions of people being exposed to your Affiliate link which is potentially Hundreds and thousands of dollars every Single month what I'm going to do is to Help you out even more with particularly Affiliate marketing video marketing Blaster various ways to promote your own Affiliate products with winning High Profitable strategies just like this one I'm going to give you my entire Affiliate marketing course on YouTube

Completely for free this includes over 300 videos of my best affiliate Marketing videos that I've been doing Full time off of YouTube in the past Three years compiled into one simple Playlist for you to watch on YouTube so What I recommend is if you want to get Your hands on this playlist leave a like On this video make sure you subscribe to This YouTube channel with the red Notification Bell on comment down below You ready and I will put that playlist Somewhere over here on the screen so What I recommend you do is click on this Playlist if you can't watch everything Now save it to your watch later and Watch it over when you're ready but Click on this playlist over here and I'll see you over there

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