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Hey everyone I want you to take a look At this website called the Dallas Morning News this website will allow you To put up what's called branded posts Now if you don't know what a branded Post is it is an article that was paid For by an Advertiser and on this video I Want to show you how you can get these Different types of Articles where you Don't even need to write these articles Onto websites like this to make money With affiliate marketing promoting a Range of different products take a look At this article it has over seven Different types of affiliate products That They are promoting and when you Click onto any one of these different Products it's going to take you over to The product and you can see in the URL That this is has been put up by an Affiliate of this product and when you Click on to order now if you decide to Go with this product it's going to bring You over to a checkout page that looks Like this and anybody that purchases This affiliate is going to make money With affiliate marketing now why are Websites like the Dallas Morning News so Crucial when it comes to doing this Strategy well if you come over to a Software or a website called ahrefset That I have and pay for now you don't Need ahrefs but I just want to show you Why websites like this are powerful

Because that website has a ranking of 2649 on ahrefs this is a massive website And it's going to allow you to use their Website to get organic traffic now when You take a look at this they get over 3.4 million visitors to their website Every single month so what this means is I'm going to show you how you can find High competition keywords that get Anything from a hundred thousand to a Million searches every single format and Because you're using a website that has A really good authority it gives you the Opportunity to get a lot of these Searches so that you can make money with Affiliate marketing and by doing this You can make anything from a few hundred To a thousand dollars every single day And on this video I'm going to show you Where you can go to find these products Number one number two how you're going To find these amazing websites and Number three how you can get all this Content done for you and I'm not talking About AI I'm talking about real content And then how you're going to put these Up on these websites this is an Unbelievable strategy that can work for Anyone and if you want to make money With affiliate marketing in 2022 make Sure you watch this entire video because I'm going to show you this amazing Strategy step by step let's get straight Into it so step one with this strategy

What we need to do is find a product That we want an article written on so What you want to do is come over to Platforms like if Clickbank's not available go to Digistore24 and create an account for Yourself once you've created an account For yourself you want to come over to Their Marketplace and then as you can See here on categories what you want to Do is scroll down and come over to Health and fitness as an example now This can work in many different niches With a variety of different products so You don't have to just use this type of Category you can use any category that You want once you're over here on this Category you're going to be able to find What we're looking for and what you're Going to find is a range of different Types of weight loss products and one of Those products is this one over here Called exe pure if I click onto this It's going to bring me over to their Landing page and what you can see is That this is a weight loss supplement Okay A lot of people are promoting these Different types of supplements and you Can make a lot of money with this Because a lot of people want to try These different types of supplements but The best part about these products if You come over to click ClickBank you can See that the gravity score on this

Product alone is like 754 I mean that is a lot of Affiliates That are making sales with this product Another really good thing about this is You can see that this has a re-occurring Billing cycle which means the average Person that buys this spends about 148 Dollars because it is a consumable and They continue to purchase this on a Monthly basis so what's good about this Is when somebody buys it just once You're going to continue to make money So what you want to do is you want to Find these different types of products And you want to scroll down and find Other ones as well if you click onto This one over here you can see that this Is another product that you can Potentially promote you can see powerful Weight loss formula this is another Supplement that you can promote so you Want to find these different types of Supplements that you want to review Once You find the products that you want to Review all you need to do is come over Here click on to promote and then what You want to do is generate this hop link And then this is the URL that you're Going to be using when you go to promote These different types of products so now That we have found different products That we want to either review or we want To talk about on these different Websites now we need to actually find

The websites that we're going to be Putting up these branded content on so What you want to do quite simply is come Over to Google and you want to type in Something like best fat burner best Supplements for weight loss or just even Weight loss itself and as you scroll Down what you want to do is open up all These are different types of websites And what you're looking for is websites That look something like this the Dallas News or muscle and fitness and if you Scroll down you're going to find a range Of these different types of product Websites and you want you want to open Up all these websites so when you open Them up you're going to find exactly This this a branded post and this best Fat burning pill so we know that you Could put up very similar content onto This website site over here a few other Websites that I found were ones like This this one over here is called Us Magazine and as you can see here is Another one best weight loss pills of 2022. if you scroll down you're gonna Have a read of it again they're also Promoting a whole range of different Types of products and when you take a Look at this website if you search for Weight loss you're going to see that They're doing a whole heap of different Types of posts on here another one that I found of you was this one over here

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Called Times Union if you take a look at This as well they're also doing for Example best keto diet pills and they're Doing also weight loss supplements and Diet pills so now that you have a few of These different types of websites that You can go and put these branded posts On what we now need to do is find the Right keywords to Target so that you're Going to maximize the amount of searches That you're going to get so what you Want to do is come over to Google ads And you want to go over to to their Keyword Planner tool so just Google Keyword Planner Google sign up create an Account for yourself you're going to Come over to this page and what you want To do is Click onto discover new Keywords once you do that this is going To allow you to see how many times a Particular keyword is searched on Google So as an example if you come over here And type in for example how to lose Weight and you hit enter all you want to Do is come down here click on to get Results now very important because I'm In Australia it's automatically going to Search for Australia so you want to Click onto this little pen over here and You want to add for example the United States United Kingdom Canada New Zealand Just to see what all these countries are Searching for so for now I'm going to Choose the United States click on to

Save and now what we can see once this Loads is that for example if you look at This how to lose weight is searched Between a hundred thousand and a million Times every single month and you can see That the competition for this is only Medium a website like this one over here That we found which is called the Dallas Morning News when we took a look at Ahrefs over here and we saw that this Has a strong rating on Google or strong Authority on Google shouldn't find it Too difficult to rank this website as You know number one or in the top five If we do really good keyword placement Like in the title and we use the keyword Throughout our article it gives us a Really good opportunity to rank this Article in the top 10 of Google so when People are searching for this keyword That we have found over here gives us a Strong chance for people to click onto That website or to click onto our Article on that website and for them to Go through and take a look at any Affiliate offers that we have this is Why it's important to use these websites Now you can also scroll down and see What other things people are typing and You've got how to get rid of belly fat How to lose belly fat fast and you can See the different amount of searches That people have like how to reduce Belly fat is search between one thousand

And ten thousand times every single Month and it is a medium you can also Find glow competition keywords like this Is searched between one thousand and ten Thousand times and it's how to reduce Weight so your title could be something Like how to reduce weight with these Five powerful supplements and then People obviously click onto that you'll Be ranking number one because people Will be searching for how to reduce Weight and they will click onto your Article so now that you know where to go And to put up these different types of Articles you know what keyword that you Should be using now what we need to know Is how are we going to produce this Article and one of the best ways to do This is to come over to platforms like Upwork and search for something like Website content right I'm going to show You exactly how much it costs me to get These articles written up and what can What it can potentially cost you so what You will do is you would come over here And you would look for these different Types of content writers and you would Invite them or you can message them and Ask them how much they will charge you To write this content if you take a look At my back office I mean I have dozens Of writers that I pay to write content For me for these different types of Strategies and also on my website you

Can see here that on what just one of my Writers this is Milestone 145 so just One writer has written over 145 articles For me and on this one I'm paying them 84 and this is a 3 000 word article now You can get Riders to write articles for A thousand words for as little as ten Dollars or as much as fifty dollars and Even more all you need to do is do a Little bit of research on upwork and Bargain with them tell them that you're Only going to pay them 15 for a thousand Words or Twenty Thousand or twenty Dollars per thousand words so if you get A 2000 word article it's only going to Cost you say forty dollars to get these Articles written up and what you will do Is you'd quite simply send them a Product let them know what the product Is and you can also Google and search For these other reviews and just tell Them to write up a similar article to That one but to obviously change it up And to use their own words this will Ensure that you don't have any issues With copyright and it's your own content These websites will check the content And make sure that it's not copyright if There's any copyright on there then you Stand a good chance that this article Will not be put up so this is obviously How much I'm paying so you can find People on here for ten to twenty dollars Per article and you can see here all you

Need to do is once you hire these Writers is you need to send them a Google doc on exactly what you want and I'll show you what this looks like so Basically what I will do is I would Create a Google doc I will tell them What the keyword is about so on this one For example it's how to lose weight fast So that is the key word that they need To Target in that article and you want To have that keyword you know in that Article at least five to ten times then What you want as you can see is you need To tell them what the article title is Going to be so this one for example Because the keyword is how to lose Weight fast you want the article title To be how to lose weight fast you want Your title your keyword to be at the Start of that title and then you've got How to lose weight fast using these five Healthy supplements then you want to Tell them to review these five products You want to give them those different Types of products then you can also tell Them additional keywords to Target so if You've got any other keywords that you Found on the Google Keyword Planner that You may want to use you can include them There and any particular subheadings That you want to use once you get your Article back it's going to look exactly Like this it's going to be in a Google Doc then you all you need to do is in

Those different types of subheadings or Inside the article you just want to Insert your affiliate links inside the Article that they give back to you so For example let's just say this was the Article that was written up you would Come straight back over to your ClickBank account you would grab that Affiliate link so you would copy that Affiliate link so you'd copy that then You'd come straight back over to your Article and you would insert come over Here and you would insert that so for Example you'd come over here you can Very easily click onto this little chain Link over here and then all you need to Do is just paste that in there and then Click on to apply and then when you copy And paste this inside and when you send This article over to that website they Will know exactly what types of links You are going to be putting in here or They may ask you to give them the links Separately so that's how simple it is For you to insert the links so now that You have these articles written up how Are you going to get these articles put Up on these website well there's two Ways that you can do it the first way That you can do it is you can quite Simply come over to these different Websites so for example if you come over To the Dallas Morning News what you can Do is you can scroll down and it's going

To bring you over to this section now When you come over you can see here that You've got this contact us section so You can click onto this and you can send Them a quick email let them know letting Them know that you want to put up a Branded post and how much is it going to Cost you can also come over and click on To advertise with us you can scroll down And click onto classifieds and go Through and take a look at yourself Every website is different for example If you come over to this website which Is called Us magazine again if you Scroll down all the way down to the Bottom with these different types of Websites you can see that you'll be able To obviously this one over here just Keeps going down and down but when you Get to the bottom of it it's also going To have a contact us page once you get To that you'll be able to contact them And ask them how much it's going to cost Just like this website over here as an Example so all these websites as you can Say when you come down here are going to Have these advertising options this is How you'll do it yourself so you don't Have to pay anyone so you can very Easily contact them and ask them how Much it's going to cost to put up these Branded posts now if you don't want to Do this yourself and you want to pay Someone to do that what you can do is

Quite simply come straight over to Fiverr and you want to type in featured Article and when you type in featured Article what's going to happen is you're Going to find all these people that have These gigs that can get your content up Onto different types of platforms like La weekly you can see here that this is This one over you can get your article Also up on New York Times you just have To be careful and do your research Depending on the product that you're Promoting Sometimes some companies will Not allow you to put up supplements or Weight loss or anything like that a lot Will some won't so you want to scroll Down and you want to find these Different types of gigs that they're Going to put up this content so you can See here that this person is charging as Much as 493 dollars to get this up there Now a lot of these posts once they go up On these platforms are staying there Forever they're not actually leaving They're going to be put up as branded Posts or sponsored posts but they're Actually going to stay up on this Website forever they're not going to get Taken down which means that you can Continue to make money with affiliate Marketing for a very long time to come This is what's really good about this Strategy it's not like you're running an Ad once and it gets removed it's going

To stay on their website why do they Allow you to do that because they get Free content and they make money through The ads that are sitting on their Websites so when you take a look at this Branded post when you scroll down on the Right hand side over here these are all Different types of ads that are put up On these websites like this is an ad Over here as you scroll down sometimes There's ads at the start and sometimes There's ads all the way down the bottom So they get free content okay and they People they make money from these Different types of ads that are on their Websites and you get a branded post it Stays on their website and if you do the Right keyword research like I showed you It's a win-win you're going to make Money you've paid them for this article And they're making money through ads It's an amazing strategy that's going to Help you make a lot of money with Affiliate marketing so all that's left To do now guys is to apply this strategy Get it up and running and start making Money with affiliate marketing if you Enjoyed this video don't forget to smash That like button in appreciation and Make sure you subscribe to the channel For some more awesome content that I've Got coming your way now don't forget I've got another amazing video over here That's going to show you how you can

Literally reuse videos and make tens of Thousands of dollars every single month Again with this strategy it doesn't Require a lot of time and it doesn't Require a lot of work and it's highly Effective I'll see you on a video until Next time you guys take care of Yourselves and goodbye

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