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Guys this video is going to be a little Bit different to usual now it's not Directly about affiliate marketing but In fact it is in this video I'm going to Talk about how you are in the luckiest Position you could ever be if you want To make massive money online and while What I'm saying is a little unclear Right now it's going to become clear as We go through this video now remember This video is going to be really quick So I would really appreciate it if you Watch the whole video right the way Through and while you're here if you Could smash that like button I would Really appreciate it and the reason you Want to keep watching right until the End is because there's some important Information in here you need to pay Attention to because inside you right Now is something that can make you a lot Of money and probably you just don't Realize it just before we get into it if You want to direct help with your Affiliate marketing from me all you need To do is become a channel supporter Click the join button under this video Or the first link in the description Sign up to become a mega affiliate You'll get direct access to me through Weekly live Zoom sessions and a private Facebook group where you can interact With me we can talk about affiliate Marketing and we can get you started

Making money right now and the bonus is You'll get access to the archive of Zim Sessions that we've already had so you Can re-watch all of those Zoom sessions Whenever you like all you need to do Click the join button under this video The first link in the description and Sign up to become a mega affiliate we're Looking forward to seeing you on the Inside that said how can we make massive Money online so as a little bit of Context let's have a look at the screen Right now so you can see this is one of My YouTube accounts and this is a Relatively new YouTube account now the Account itself has been been around for A couple of years but I only started Putting videos on this account at the Beginning of October this year so this Account has been effectively live for One month today is November 2nd in Japan All right so what you'll see is I put a Video live last night and since last Night that video has received sixteen Thousand eight hundred and Thirty One Views that video that Five Minutes video Has received in uh 13 hours and 20 Minutes now has received 881.1 watch time hours and I have added 541 subscribers from this one video in Less than 24 hours in 13 hours and 20 Minutes how awesome is that and you can See here this traffic is not coming from Any particular thing where I'm uh

Submitting this link anywhere anything Like that you can see down here browse Features which is YouTube uh either Recommending this content putting it on Channel pages that kind of thing 90 of The traffic other YouTube features That's where YouTube can determine what Part of YouTubers come from it's 5.8 Percent and YouTube search 1.3 percent Right director unknown and external that Could be like Facebook links stuff like That accounts for less than one percent In total all right so you can see this Is just from YouTube now how does this Matter right you're an affiliate Marketer you're not interested in Creating a YouTube channel so why am I Talking about this well this is what's Really important for you to understand You have been doing digital marketing You've been learning about affiliate Marketing you've been learning about Setting up websites you've been learning About blogging you've been learning About plugins you've been learning about Copywriting PPC native advertising push Advertising all of these things within Digital marketing and because you've Been learning about that whatever it's For for one month six months one year Six years 10 years 15 years whatever it Is you've been focused on these things Very focused on these things because you Know there is money to be made

But what you really need to understand Is all of these things that you're Learning in order to make money with Affiliate marketing are amazing skills That you can use and transfer to Anything you do whether it's doing Affiliate marketing whether it's Creating a Blog whether it's creating a YouTube channel whether it's creating a Course that you're going to sell Whatever it is whatever you do all of The skills that you are learning through This process are super valuable there is No one that can take these skills away From you and you can use these skills And transfer these skills anywhere even If it's cost you a lot of money to date To learn these skills these skills are So valuable all you need to do is focus On them right so you can see in 13 hours And 20 minutes I've managed to add 500 141 subscribers nearly getting close to A thousand hours of watch time and 17 000 views on just one video because I Know from my experience as a marketer How to write copy that gets people to Click how to create thumbnails that gets People to click how to keep people Engaged throughout a video so that my Watch time is such that YouTube thinks That it can be recommending my videos All of these things how to put subscribe Links into descriptions or into mentions In videos things like that so that I can

Succeed with this stuff and you can do This kind of thing too again whether It's YouTube blogging affiliate Marketing course creation whatever it Happens to be all you need to remember Is every single day whether you have Success or whether you fail whether you Stumble whatever it is you do you are Learning invaluable skills that you can Use in any area of your life from now And into the future I mentioned this was Going to be a really short video I was Awake till one o'clock this morning Watching my total Channel subscribers For this new channel tick over to 1000 So Um I'm very tired it's going to be a Very short video so thanks so much for Watching just remember if you want help With your affiliate marketing direct From me all you need to do is become a Channel supporter click the join button Under this video or the first link in The description sign up to become a mega Affiliate and me and the mega Affiliates Are waiting to welcome you on the inside And if you want more videos about Affiliate marketing and how to make your First sell today check out the video That's on the screen right now thanks For watching guys don't forget to click Like And subscribe and I'm looking Forward to seeing you in the next video

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