The Scary Truth behind over Population, BILL GATES & the World Reaching 8 Billion People

As a human race we're about to pass a Huge threshold and by the time you watch This video we may already cross the mark For 8 billion people on Earth but trust Me when I say this not everyone is happy About this news that's headed up to About 9 billion now if we do a really Great job on new vaccines Health Care Reproductive Health Services we could Lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent Did you hear what he just said well Trust me it gets scarier than that the Population growing at this rate is only Going to reinforce a problem that we are Already having but where there is huge Problem there is great opportunity and In this video we're going to be talking About all the opportunity that you can Benefit from the world growing at a fast Rate let's get into it Foreign [Music] Channel this is where I create thought Provoking content that talks about Anything related to business and Investing and in today's video we're Going to be talking about businesses all Around the world and how they're Contributing to one of the world's Biggest problems and how you can benefit From this a long time ago the human said Hey they expected to reach the 8 billion Mark on November 15 and we're actually About to cross this smart right here you

Can go on the current world population Counter and see where we are right now And I'm sure by the time you're watching This we already crossed the 8 billion People you see I came across this Projection and I thought it was Fascinating there is so many things we Can break down from this information Let's get into it first of all you guys Can see the world population is expected To grow year over year and by the time We reach towards 2030 2040 we can expect To see like 10 billions and more right However guys there is something Interesting that I see that I find very Scary looking at this graph right here If you look at it you can see the world Population is expected this is the Projections right so after that purple Line is the projection it's either that It's growing on a good case scenario That it keeps growing at the linear rate Or we can actually have a huge decline Now when you look at the different Continent you see that decline it mostly Comes from Asia right now Asia is one of The continent that has the most people Because there is India there is also China but it's probably already 2.5 Billion of the world population right There but he now you seeing that curve On Asia right and that curve I believe That curve comes from the single child Policy that China adopt for full

Generation about 30 years they adopt This policy there is overpopulation of Men in this country and not in a female And because of that there won't be Enough kids to have to continue that That growth it's still going to lead to A high growth of humans in the world but It's interesting to see the Decline and He just sad to see this because hey many People will be lonely and childless However if you're looking at Africa Africa keeps growing growing and that Curve is not necessarily on the downside So the potential for growth for Africa Is quite interesting and is projected to Go more but have you seen it yet the Scariest thing that I see in this graph Is below the graph right here guys look At North America look at European Continents like this is crazy guys the Level of girl that they project around This continent is scary because it's Almost not seeing much growth right and Now if you're not growing you're dying All right so this is scary to say the Least but as investors when you're Trying to see this for the long term Where do you think it's better for to Have a better chance of growth for your Business for your Investments is it Where the population is going to stay Flat the scene or is it where there is Going to be more need more people that's Going to need your service right this is

Why I'm saying this is one of the Scariest chart you can see however it Also shows you great opportunity this is A study from Morgan Stanley and they Were talking about the rise of the XI Economy so definitely you can take a Read I'll leave a link below based on The census blur historical data and Morgan Stanley forecast 45 of prime Working age women basically from the age Of 25 to 44 very important to keep that Age in mind guys all right the United States we have the danger zone so 45 of Prime working women will be single by 20 30. their largest share in history all Right up from 41 in 2018. so I find this Chart scary is an exact reason why this Line will stay so flat ask yourself a Question guys and I love creating Thought-provoking content but I want you Guys to ask yourself a question if women That are 25 years old all the way to 45 Years old are staying single right are They going to have kids No if they're single that means they Have no man with them and if there is no Man unless there is a technology that Can insemit it at a very good price kids Into someone well most women will be Single and childish in the US and this Is a trend that is not only replicating In the US but is the same in Canada and It's also insane in European countries Like Italy for example or Greece or even

France they're starting to see something Similar so we might see it in England in A lot of Western countries this trend is Going to happen so as we explore Location for potential Investments based On population growth alone these Countries are not ideal for what's going To happen however if you would invest Somewhere in Asia but mostly Africa is Looking at a very appealing location why It's a good idea to invest going back to What Bill Gates was saying at the Beginning of this video now I love Million people still a lot it was Actually referring to this equation Right here you're saying that the more We have people people and the more these People will need services and consume Energy the more CO2 we're going to Provide and one thing we can all admit On is there is something going on Because I live in Canada right now and It's November and last week it was like 20 degrees Celsius I don't know how is That in Fahrenheit probably 71 72 Fahrenheit this is unheard of I've been In this country nearly 20 years and I've Never seen this type of temperature in This time around the year it's usually Zero degrees it's usually snow outside It just keeps going we're starting to See pattern like this over and over Again we don't know if CO2 is the only Reason why but there is one thing for

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Sure is there is definitely the climate Change and and Canada is one of the Countries that are being affected here Is an interesting pattern we'll get Noticed the moral country has wealth and Better access to health the lower the Child mortality becomes we found out is That as health improves families choose To have less children when this happens The natural behavior for human beings Regardless of their religion or location Is to have less kids that the faster we Improve health the faster family size Goes down and Bill Gates does not want Any overpopulation so because of that You're going to see a lot of people Pushing for the development of Africa And especially it is in the interest of China so there is going to be a lot of Developments in Africa and why I should Be chopping your leaves right now Looking at Africa because there is a lot Of opportunities opening its door to the Western world and it could be yours at a Very good price buy it at undervalue Price and wait for the population to Catch up and provide a lot of value in The future again make sure you hit the Like button let me know in the comment Section what you thought about this Video and with that said we'll see on The next one hey It's all about wealth engineering it Might be something that you're not used

To it's okay cause I'm here to introduce You to Concepts time to grow and make Big moves all about crypto come see Stocks in business yes indeed got the Info that you need hosted by my homie Jason

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