The Secret to Making $250 per Day with Ai Art

This is crazy this simple piece of AI Generated art has already generated Nearly seven thousand dollars in Revenue I'm gonna show you how you can generate Insane amounts of money with AI Generated guys I cannot believe it but The future is here and now we can use This AI technology to create unique high Quality and copyright free images that We can make loads of money from you do Not need to pick up a pencil or draw a Single thing all we have to do is type In a few words along with some secret Prompts and you can generate Unbelievable pieces of artwork that Actually generate money in this video I'm going to walk you through all step By step showing you exactly how to do it From start to finish including my top Secret tips on how to get this AI Technology to generate images like you Have never seen before plus I'm going to Show you how we can make money from them All for free all you need to do this is A phone or a laptop and you're in Business if you're excited about this Then please smash the like button and if You find the video useful don't forget To hit subscribe now let's go the first Tool that we're going to use is this one Here called mid Journey did speak about This in one of my recent videos Basically mid journey is an AI image Generator there's a few of them popping

Up at the moment there's another one Called Dali 2 I think it's called this One is my favorite and it is super super Powerful when you know how to use it so I'm going to show you how we can use This now you just come to And if you join it you can join it for Free it's still in beta they're still Testing things out but it's super super Powerful and the way that it works is You actually have to use it via Discord Which is a like an online chat program But you basically can ask it to create Your images about anything and then we Can use these images to make money and I'm going to show you how you can do That in this video so once you've Actually joined the Discord all you need To do is come to one of these newbie Tabs down here and this is where we Actually ask the bot to create as the Images and there's a lot of people Because it's still in beta it's all Operating through through a Discord but We basically just need to put in a Prompt and ask it to create as an image And it will spit us out an image so you Have to use this forward slash imagine Which is the prompt and then we can type In anything you can literally ask it to Create anything and this is how most People use it we're gonna take it up a Level and make some slightly more Advanced images but for example you

Could type in something along the lines Of dog eating a bone and then you could Just click enter and what you'll do Within around 60 seconds or less than 60 Seconds it will spit you out four Variations of the image that you've Asked it to create it will just think of What you're looking for and it'll create You an image from scratch four of them And then you can choose one of them if You want to upscale it and take it a Little bit further let's just see what It comes back with for this very basic Prompt so it's come back and it's give Us four images of dogs which seem to be Eating some kind of bones and because I Put in very vague information it has to Kind of guess what I want I didn't say The type of dog I didn't say the type of Image so you can start to give it a lot More detailed descriptions you might Want a cartoon dog or a Disney style dog Or you might want a really realistic dog Or a Dalmatian and you can give it a lot More information but it's kind of done a Good job which I'm happy with for those Images and this is how most people are Using it they're just typing in prompts Of things that they want and it's Spitting out some very cool images but What actually happens is a lot of the Images that people are requesting look Look very similar because they're typing In very similar prompts what I like to

Do is kind of mash up a few different Styles to create Next Level designs Which will sell like crazy so let me Just show you how I do this so first of All I come in here and I go forward Slash imagine prompt and then I ask it For something quite abstract so I might Type something like abstract neon art Click enter so it's just produced me These four Images here which I think is Quite cool and then what we can do is Actually choose one of these images for It to upscale so I'm gonna go for in This example I'm gonna go for this one Here which is version four so I'm going To go up scale version four u4 and then It will spit us out a larger version of That image now it's created as this Larger image of this abstract piece of Artwork this is not it we're not just Going to be making money from this piece Of artwork yes you could make money from That because it's a fantastic image but We're gonna take it up a level even Further because we can combine this with Something else to make a way better Image which appeals to a specific type Of person so what we would do is we Click on the image that is produced make It large and then we click on open Original and then what we want to do is Copy the link for this image and then What you can do is come back to Discord We click on forward slash imagine and

Then we click on prompt again and we can Paste in this image and we can use this Base image as part of the prompt so it's Going to base all of the images that we Now create on this abstract piece of Artwork but what we can do is we can Combine this with an interest that Someone might have so for example if we Want to create an image that might Appeal to someone that likes cars then We can create an image that is kind of Abstract for people who like cars might Want this piece of artwork so for Example I would paste in this image link Followed by Lamborghini and then click Enter and what we're actually doing We're actually going to be Multi-layering these images so we're not Just going for the standard AI generated Images that everyone else is creating We're going to try and layer different Styles to create unreal pieces of Artwork which we can then make money From and I'm going to show you exactly How we can make money from this is Totally for free and yeah it's genius But just just bear with me while we get This piece of artwork generated wow now It's produced these unreal images of Lamborghinis together with this mashup Of this neon abstract design no one else Has got these images no one's got Anything like these because I've just Created them from scratch I've combined

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Two different things and you can't deny That if someone like a Lamborghini they Would like this image that is fantastic It's futuristic it's modern it's Abstract it's beautiful so what we can Do is we can actually upscale these Images or we can get different Variations of it if we want now the key To making this work is we want to Combine really cool art styles or Designs such as the abstract neon art Design together with niches which appeal To a certain type of person so for Example this would appeal to car lovers Or someone that might have a Ferrari or A Lamborghini and they might or they Might want one and they might want to Hang this on the wall so you've got a Kind of a tiger audience so you kind of Want to think of other Target audiences And what images we could create that Would appeal to them a good little tip For this is to use chat GPT T which I Did a video about recently which is an AI chatbot which gives you ideas and Things like that so we can come to that And say give me a list of niches that Might appeal to men aged 18 to 30. now It's given us a list of niches here so For example Sports and Fitness Technology and gaming cars lots of Things here that we can now start to use For these pieces of artwork and it's all Going to make a lot more sense once we

Start selling them but let's just say For example gaming is a really good one So people who are interested in gaming Might want some cool artwork for gaming So we could use that same process again A forward slash imagine paste in the Link to the original abstract image that We had it create the neon abstract Design then we can type in gamer Controller and then another little tip What we can do is we want to change the Dimensions of the image you can type in Dash dash AR which stands for aspect Ratio and then we can type in space and Then put a two colon free which means Two by three which is the dimensions of It then we can click enter And now we'll see what it's going to Create with that prompt wow so it's Created it's four Images which appeal to People that are into gaming and it's a Controller together with this abstract Design and we can choose one of those That we want to upscale so I'm going to Show you how we can actually make money From this now so let me upscale one of These images so now we have an upscaled Version of this image which is brand new It's never been created before it's Unique it's eye-catching it appeals to a Certain type of person now we can use This to make some money so there's Actually two different strategies that I Use to make money from these images the

First one is isn't the easiest one the Second one I actually prefer so make Sure you stay tuned for the second Strategy but first of all what we can do Is we can actually just sell this image As a digital image on a website like if you don't know Etsy is just A massive marketplace where people sell Physical and digital products like Artwork and things like that and as you Can see here I've just searched gaming Digital print and people are actually Selling and buying digital prints that Appeal to Gamers that they can just get The digits off file for like a PNG which You can upload to Etsy and then they can Buy that and then they can print that Off if they want to hang it on their Wall or have it as a screensaver or Whatever they want to use it for and the Thing is if you look at any of these Images let's be honest I actually think That my image that I just created is a Lot better than all of these images so If you're looking for a gaming digital Print and you're scrolling through Etsy And my listing pops up there there's a Good chance that you're probably going To want to buy it so that's the first Strategy so if you want to do this all You need to do is just create a free Etsy account you can create a store and Then you can upload your images as pngs And you can list them on here and once

Someone is looking for a gaming digital Print they're scrolling through they can See your image now the only problem with This strategy is as you can see here There's 14 000 results coming up for gaming digital Print so I personally wouldn't go for That another little tip that you can do To actually help you make more sales and Quicker is to focus on a more specific Niche keyword that doesn't have as much Comp petition so a great tool that you Can use to help you with this is this Tool here called e-rank which is an Etsy Tool which allows you to see what people Are searching for on Etsy and we can Actually find out where there's not that Much competition but there might be Quite a lot of Search terms so we can Just come here and you can search Something along the lines of digital Print and you can see in the US people Are searching like 5 000 people a month Just in the US are searching for digital Prints but what we want to look for is Things where there's there's a bit of Search volume but there's not that much Competition for example you want to find Something like this here which is Digital Gothic Raven print it's getting Around about 125 searches per month and The competition is very low it does say 964 competition but that's usually not Correct because it's going to bring

Images that don't match what the Person's looking for so let's go and Have a little look on Etsy just to see What the competition is like here so we Can see there's a few images that I've Popped up here but if we scroll a little Bit further down you start to see that This is not a raven it's a dragon this Is different birds here this is an owl Here so there's a good chance funds that If used to create a piece of artwork That was a Gothic digital Raven then Even if you've got a brand new account And you're not running any adverts you Still probably would appear at least Here and if you create a really standout Piece of artwork using AI there's a good Chance you're going to stand out and the Person that's looking for that might Click on it and buy and the more sales You start to generate the how you're Going to rank for more competitive Keywords as well so that's the first Strategy just to use it selling these Digital pieces of artwork on Etsy the Next strategy that we can use to Actually make money from these AI Generated images and this is actually my Favorite strategy because I've Personally use this quite a lot in the Past and I've made thousands and Thousands dollars from this very method So I know it works and it's even better Now we're gonna combine it with this AI

Technology and the strategy is print on Demand and if you don't know print on Demand is a simple business model which Basically allows us to sell products Online such as t-shirts such as wall art And lots of different types of products And what we can do upload our designs Onto these products and then I come Companies such as will Actually print out these products and Send them to our customers on demand Every time someone places an order you Can actually sign up for a free printful Account using my referral Link in the Description down below now the most Difficult part of print on demand is Actually coming up with these really Cool designs and it can be quite Difficult now we've solved that with AI Technology so what we can do is we can Create these AI images such as the Gaming wall print and we can upload it Onto one of these images on printful Like a wall art and then we can actually Sell that wall out and then when someone Buys it printful or print it out and Send it to our customer and we don't Have to spend any money on any stock or Anything up front because it's all Printed on demand and now I'm going to Show you how easy this is to sell and Automate so you can actually generate Passive income from selling Print-on-demand products so you can just

Create a free printful account use my Referral Link in the description down Below and then you can come to product Templates create product template then We can click on home and living wall art And choose any of them like this matte Poster then all we need to do is upload Our design the AI generated image this Is okay on a small canvas now this is The downside to AI technology a lot of These AI generators don't actually Create you very big images if you wanted To sell a much bigger canvas like this 70 times 100 centimeters it actually is Not high enough quality because the Images is not big enough for that it's Okay with smaller images like this one Down here smaller Prints but you go for A bigger one you can actually run into Some issues and the way around this is To actually use some more AI technology And you can use this here called AI Image enlarger and basically it allows You to upload your image you can choose For it to be made bigger then click Start and what this will do this will Enlarge our image without making any Lower quality and it will actually make A much bigger image that we can use on Bigger prints and artwork you can Download that and as you can see it's Created as a much higher quality version Of that image so it will go back to Printful you can delete that you can

Upload the newer version and as you can See it's much higher quality in all of The versions then we can click continue So once you've created your product Template now you can actually sell this Online now there's a few different ways You can do this the great thing about Printful is they've got lots of Integrations so you can connect it to Something like a Shopify store which is What a lot of people do so you could Create something along the lines of this Which is is called iconic the basic cell Wall print targeted towards Entrepreneurs it's like motivational Stuff I actually looked at the stats Before they get around about 100 000 Visits every single month if they're Only getting a one percent conversion Rate they're making around about 100K Every single month in sales and that's Just me guessing that the lower end of The scale now there's so much potential Of doing this so you can actually create Something similar maybe targeted towards Gamers you could do all artwork Target Towards Gamers you could create a full Shopify store you can connect it to your Printful account and have it all Automated then you could potentially Reach out to influencers in the gaming Niche YouTubers and things like that who Could maybe do a shout out for you and You can maybe do some kind of Revenue

Split there's lots of possibilities Obviously creating your own Shopify Store does require a bit of effort and Time but it can work very very well and You also have to focus on driving the Traffic another much easier way to do This and this is the way that I've Actually made money from printing on Demand in the past is to actually sell Things again on Etsy so you can connect It to your Etsy store just by clicking Connect here click on connect then all You need to do is click on add to store Click it to your Etsy account create Some mock-ups fill in the description Then you can choose the pricing and then Click on submit to store and that will Actually send it over to your Etsy Account into drafts here as you can see It's a draft in my Etsy account and all I need to do is just publish that and Now that's available for sale on Etsy And people can find that for free Purchase it and I can be making profit In the process all using AI generated Are another genius way that you can Actually make money from this air is to Add it onto t-shirts and create a T-shirt printing business with the print On demand business model I already did That before and I made a lot of money From it and you can watch how I did it Here and don't forget to subscribe if You're not subscribed and hit the like

Button until next time cheers guys

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