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And you can see it made me overall 984 dollars and you literally just give Away stuff for free and you get paid for Doing that oh and by the way this is With zero sales what's going on guys in Today's video I'm super excited because The method that I'm about to show you in The next few minutes is going to Literally blow your mind but also it's Going to make you plenty of money I'm Gonna show you how you can literally Give away stuff completely for free get Paid for doing that and also as a side Effect of this method also generate Affiliate marketing sales and make even More money without actually working for Them at all this is a super simple Method that I was using back when I was Like 16 year old and it still works very Well but in today's video guys consider Yourself lucky because I'm going to Reveal this masterpiece to you show you How easy it is to set it up and how you Can make thousands of dollars by doing It but using just the method itself you Can get paid like two dollars and fifty Cents over and over and over and over Again on complete autopilot you can see That I was able to make 9 984 dollars by Doing this on this account and this is Exactly what I'm going to show you in Today's video but before that don't Forget to please smash likes on this Video I would really appreciate it let's

Try and get to 1 000 likes on this one I Would really really be happy but yeah It's all up to you if you actually like The video if you don't like it then Dislike it so I know I shouldn't be Creating videos like this and also Subscribe to the channel and hit Notification Bell so I can notify Whenever I upload a brandy money making Video so you can be the first one to Watch it first one to never miss it and First one to make the most amount of Money and also comment down below and Tell me if two dollars and fifty cents Over and over again is enough of money Or you would like something even more Because I know some people just want to Make a little bit of money to see if it Actually works and then they want to Scale up but some people they want to Make the huge money right away and then Pretty much they are okay okay so let's Get started now first of all what we Actually need for this method is the Step number one the first ingredient for This method is going to be a CPA Group Account or any kind of content lacking CPA account okay just go to CPA grip and You want to smash the register button Right at the top section and then just Login for an account so register for an Account pretty much what you got to do Fill in all the details and then just Select that you are pretty much a

Website slash instant website slash Instant type or GPT either one of those Is going to work and then just tell them You are coming from Incognito my YouTube Channel then take one two three all These boxes and click on the register Now then pretty much once you're going To log into your account this is how It's going to look like now also these Are people real people that are Currently right now making money using The CPA grip and you can see they are Making tens of thousands of dollars some Of them hundreds of thousands of dollars Literally I have seen like a guy that Made over half a million in one CPA Group account which is crazy but if You're going to go to them you can see Like yeah they're still making money and I will show you a method that a lot of These guys are actually currently using To make money because back in the day When I was just pretty much making money With this method myself I was also Chatting with these people and a lot of Them tell me that they've been using That so I will share their secret in This video as well so you want to go First of all to the monetization tools And what we are you looking for is URL Slash file lockers okay let's go there Click on create a new URL Locker click On I agree because what we are going to Be doing is going to pretty much tick

All these things so that's why I don't Even tell you to read them because what I show you in my videos is all according To the terms of service you can actually Use CP agree without any problems now First of all you want to go to the Templates right here and you want to use The human verification template okay so Any of the human verification templates There are currently two of them just Make sure you're going to use them okay So either the first one right here human Verification or the captcha one okay so I'll go with the capture one because Again it's the same stuff and pretty Much this is what you want to keep open Right now now the next step what you Want to do is you want to go to Google And search for a website that's called Plr dot me okay just go to this website And pretty much what we are looking for Currently something valuable that we can Give away for free and get paid for Doing that I'm going to show you some Fire technique to actually Skyrocket Your conversion rates I know I'm using All these hypey words but once you're Going to see it you're going to be like Okay this is actually bored so pretty Much the way to get something valuable Just go to plr dot me then go to the Products right here and then just select Any of these categories so for example Dating and relationships you can go

Right there and then scroll through These products and you want to check out That they are popular okay make sure They have this popular little ribbon on The top of them and those are the ones That you want to pick okay so something Like this now this is one way to do that From plr that means this is like a very High quality plr website but there's Also other ways now the way I want to Show you actually is going to be a way That's going to be making you even more Money than if you are just doing it this Way okay because you can get away with Just using plr as I told you at the Beginning you can actually make money in Affiliate marketing sales with doing This method without any extra work all You got to do is instead of just Choosing a plr product you just go to ClickBank for an example and then you're Going to like a product in the affiliate Page has a plr or a PDF document with Your affiliate link I'll show you an Example just go to for example ClickBank And then search for a product that's Called X Factor okay not X Factor like The singing competition but X Factor Okay something that's not about singing And then pretty much this is the product Right here the X Factor guide the number One X back product on ClickBank and if You're going to check out the affiliate Page you're going to find that this

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Product right here has a viral PDF right Here so some of the products have the PDF some of them don't but right now I Just want to show you one that actually Has it and then all you got to do is Just request a branded copy with your Affiliate link and they are going to Send it to you but we don't have that Much time in this video so I'm just Going to use the sample copy right here This is how it looks like it's a high Quality ebook and with your affiliate Link it's going to be making you money Okay so I'm just going to download it And now that you have something valuable All you got to do go to Google and Search for this software this software Is actually going to be the money make Talking thing that's going to be Generating money and it's called WinRAR Okay it's a dial it's pretty much free Completely free software it's a zip file WinRAR service that's going to help you Pack pack files together if you have Like a Windows laptop or Mac most of the Times you actually have it but if you Don't have it you just want to download It because I'll show the entire tutorial In this one so just download WinRAR the Newest version just download it for free Always free and you can just use it Without any problems whatsoever and now Pretty much once you have the PDF Document on your desktop this is all you

Got to do just right click on it and I Will go very slowly right here because It gets slightly technical but it's Super simple once you do it one time Right click on it click on add to Archive and then first of all you want To click on a zip that's very important And then click right here on a set Password click on set password and now Just write any type of password so I'm Going to use one two three four five as A password and then click on okay also Remember the password okay that's very Important click on OK and click on OK Once again and what this is going to Create is going to be this ZIP file Which is going to look something like This and you can see that this PDF has This little asterisk next to it that Means it's password protected you can See nobody can access it so now that we Have a file like this here is the next Step what you want to do is you want to Go to website again I'm just going to Google it called paste bin it's called number one pay stool since 2020 since 2002 and you just want to Write here new paste and just right here Password is oh pass word is and then Just what run two three four five I Believe that was the password and then Pretty much just yeah you don't even Have to fill out anything and then click On create a new paste and it's going to

Create this simple little link with a Link to this paste code or whatever why Is it taking so long and it's going to Create a link to this pretty much text Document that's going to be online okay So this is what we want to do now you Copy link to the space bin copy that now Go back to CPA grip and this is what we Are going to actually lock first of all So you want to click here you want to Click here on the header text and write Their completed capture below to Continue you want to put your completed Capture below to unlock the password Okay just like this and then locked URL Just put it right here the paste bin you Can see so the header text is completely Capture below to unlock the password and The locked URL is going to be the actual Password right here just like this and After completion right here you want to Put there after completion your password Will be unlocked okay you want to style It around the password that's very Important so the entire thing is Password password and click on Save Right here and then now you're going to Click on it get links and you want to Copy this link okay okay so copy this Link and now comes the final step what You want to do this is the zip file Right here you want to create a text File just like this that's going to say Pretty much the file is protected by

Password to prevent spam access the Password Here by filling in the captcha And now just paste the CPA Group link Right there and save it just like this And then just please just drag it to the Zip to the rare file just drag it there Okay and what this is going to do you Can see now the PDF is locked and now The text file is not locked so when Somebody is going to get a hold of this PD this ZIP file they are going to click On it they cannot read the PDF but they Can only read the password and the Password actually goes to our captcha Locker where we are going to get paid And when they are going to unlock it They will get a password that is right Here then they can actually enter to Read this document so one two three four Or five and click on OK and I can pretty Much use that file and now they can read It they can access to it this can be any Document that's valuable but also this Document is selling the product so you Can also make money on ClickBank by Doing this and that pretty much all you Got to do is just share this ZIP file With other people who are going to Download it and you can make money by Doing this but also there's like one Step further you can take this where you Can make money just for people who are Going to be downloading this ZIP file And all you got to do is just upload it

To a website that's called app forever App forever and it's pretty much a file Sharing free cloud storage where you can Upload files but also get paid when People are going to be downloading them Okay if you're going to check out right Here you can see that you can actually Get paid like seven dollars for pretty Much downloads for 1 000 download if one Thousand people are going to download Them you'll make like extra seven bucks Then they are going to complete the Captcha you'll make even more money and When they make the purchase of the quick Bin product you're going to make pretty Much money on ClickBank with affiliate Marketing and the reason why this is so Genius is because people actually get a Hold of the thing first like with Content locking some people are locking Files that don't even exist like they Promise you something and they don't Even have that so they just lack some Something just something that's made up But right here people actually get the File first and then they need to just Unlock the password so this is going to Completely Skyrocket as I said many Times in this video Skyrocket your Conversion rate of the content Locker That you use and yeah if you're going to Just use this and get like people to Download this that's super simple and Very satisfying way of making money

Because the conversion rate once you're Going to see them in your CPA grip Account you are going to be blown away And that's it I hope you enjoyed this Method guys please let me know what you Think about it in the comment section Below if it's genius or if it's crap I I Think it's genius because it made me a Lot of money back in the day so yeah I Think you're going to love it as well And also if you'd like to see how I'm Making over thirty thousand dollars per Month using my internet profit system Then click right here to check out the Video see three-step method that I use To generate thirty thousand dollars in Affiliate commissions without using my YouTube channel and without ever showing My beautiful face online click here and I will see you there bye for now

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