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In today's video I'm going to reveal my One thousand dollars per day affiliate Marketing system and how you can copy it In less than 20 minutes and get started Completely for free as you can see that Today I was able to make 581 dollars Then yesterday 454 dollars last seven days I was able To make close to four thousand dollars And this is by the way all like Affiliate commissions these are not like Gross sales or whatever these are all Affiliate commissions that I get to keep And last month I was able to make 17 000 But I know this is still not one Thousand dollars per day here's the one Thousand dollars per day if I go to this Month you can see I was already able to Make over eighteen thousand dollars in Affiliate sales and if you're going to Divide that currently it's 15th of the Month so guys if I'm going to divide This that's like 18 yeah 0.4 divided by 15 and that's like 1.2 000 per day I make using the system on Average now this is my Incognito profit System which I pretty much using on Daily basis to generate affiliate sales Online without ever showing my face and I actually have a coaching program where I'm going to be teaching these two People guaranteed currently the coaching Program is closed but it's going to be Opening up very soon so if you'd like to

Get a spot for this coaching program be Sure to subscribe and hit notification Bell because this is the spot where I'm Going to be announcing that but in Today's video I want to show you Actually how to do this as a beginner And I want to explain you the system so You by the end of the video you will Know exactly how I'm making 1.2 thousand Dollars every single day on average okay Like I'm not making that amount of money Every single day you can see these are My daily results but on average I'm Making one point two thousand dollars Using this every single day okay so the Step number one you want to like the Video okay and now step number two you Want to go to the and This is where you want to sign up this Is the affiliate Network we are going to I use with this system and I will tell You exactly why so first click on the Free sign up right on the top corner and Then just enter your details you can see It's as simple as entering your username Your password email address click you Are not the robot and then click on Create your account then you want to Navigate to the affiliate section and go To the offers okay and this is where you Can pick up all the affiliate offers That are on Warrior plus that you can Actually start selling now the good Thing about Warrior plus and this is the

Reason why I'm using it this is one of The reasons is that you can actually see The stats of every single offer right Here so the sales the conversion rate The visitor value average sale all that Good stuff that you need to see before You start promoting enough of that offer Second thing that I love about Warrior Plus is that there's a lot of new Affiliate offers added here daily and Then the third part and this is the most Important part is that when you're going To be promoting an affiliate offer this Is the one that I do recommend that You're going to go for so go to the Phoenix reloaded if you cannot see it Then just search for it so you will just Put right here you put there Phoenix Phoenix and it's going to show it to you Right here it's by breakout Industries Okay and currently has over 5 000 sales And converts at 14 the visitor value is Close to three dollars the average sale Is 28 and the refund rate is five Percent so this is the affiliate offer But the good thing is when you go to the Products right here you can actually see The the products in the funnel so Exactly how much money you are going to Be making but also as you can see right Here you can see I'm getting paid eighty Percent of the commissions on everything And this is a great part about Warrior Plus is you can contact to vendor then

Purchase this package it's called License rights some of these offers have It and when you're going to purchase it They are going to bump up the commission Rate you are going to get paid from the Products because usually this would be At 50 just like this product right here But it's currently 80 okay so I'm making More money without doing any additional Work and this is something you cannot Request on digistore you cannot request On any CPA Network you cannot do on ClickBank you can literally just doing a Warrior plus and this is the reason why I'm using Warrior pass with the Incognito profit system so first you Need an affiliate offer and this is Going to be your affiliate link now the Next step you want to go to get and you want to just sign Up for an account now with get response Because it's an autoresponder there's 100 free forever account but I don't Recommend it because if you're going to Just go with a free one you are not Going to commit to the method so if You've been watching my channel for a Long time I'd like to give you free Things in this case it's free as well But if you want to commit I highly Recommend you're going to go for like The 13 plan because less than 13 is not Going to break your monthly budget but It's going to make you commit okay so if

You're going to commit to this method That's the only way you can actually Make it work then once you're going to Have your account just go to the members Area go to the contacts and you want to Create a list Okay click on create a List and let's call it like Incognito 1K day or one yeah 1K Day preview okay Just like this click on Create and this Is where you're going to be actually Capturing your subscribers your traffic And I will tell you why this is very Important then go to the settings and You can just follow along by the way you Don't really have to think about much at This point just go to the settings then Go to confirmation message and you want To make sure not here go to subscription Actually and you want to make sure all Of these are going to be turned off okay Some accounts have them turned on some Accounts have them turned on so you want To make sure it's going to be turned off Okay and that's it click on Save Subscription settings and Bam now you Have your first email list where we are Going to be capturing traffic and using It forever completely for free other Than the one time fee you are going to Be paying monthly for get the response Now the next thing go to the tools right Here guys and then just go right here to The landing pages and if you're going to Set this up you're going to have a base

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For a thousand dollar per day affiliate Marketing system yourself just continue With the setup so go to the landing Pages click on create a landing page and I'm going to show you the mastery behind Creating a landing page because all These templates they're okay okay they Are they are pretty good but I'm going To be honest nobody that's making this Amount of money on Warrior plus is Actually using these templates okay Nobody I will show you what kind of Templates I'm using and what kind of Templates are the best so click on Playing template you want the most basic Template and let's go like Incognito Template and go on the next step and now This is how it's going to look like now This is not something we want to be Using we want to make sure we are going To check out the sales page of the Phoenix so click on it and you're going To see what is going to be in the Headline and you want to incorporate the Headline of the affiliate offer into the Opt-in page because opt-in page is Something that people are going to see First and then they see their affiliate Offer so if you're going to put the same Exact headline on the opt-in page as It's going to be on the sales page we Have a much higher chance of actually Getting the sale so let's just delete All of these templates that are not here

And let's add the headline right here And let's call it So 1000 day passive income System enter Your best email below to get instant Access your name email and then yes get Instant access now this landing page Pretty much doesn't really disqualify Anybody and it's pretty much appealing To a mess make money online audience so It's going to tell you like 1000 day Passive income system and you cannot Really say no to Dad if you want to make Money online and then the instruction on Okay how to get it and for your best Email below to get instant access then People are going to enter their name and Email right here if you only just get Instant access and because it's Promising one thousand dollars per day Passive income system they expect it on The other side and on the other side is It's making us one thousand dollars Daily passively okay okay and here's how We can replicate within 30 minutes so They can actually get exact thing they Signed up for right on the page and all They really need to do is just pay like Uh twelve dollars for after that offer And you are going to get paid from this Now just click on next step right here And this is the most important setup of This page so please pay very close Attention so first of all you want to Scroll down and then choose the list you

Want to put there the one that we have Just created so it's called Incognito 1K Per day preview then make sure the Confirmed opt-in is off and make sure This one is checked and then scroll down And the thank you page you want to Change it to custom thank you page and The custom thank you page is going to be Your affiliate link so once people are Going to sign up they are redirected to Your affiliate offer and you can start Making money and click on publish right Here and now bam this is going to be Your opt-in page so when I click there And I'm going to go there so this is how It's going to look like 1000 day passive Income system and your best email below To get instant access we are going to do That so I'm just going to enter like a Dummy email right here and click on yes Get instant access and Bam this email is Going to be added into my autoresponder Now I have the person's email address And I can send them related offers from Warrior pass and now they can also Pretty much purchase the affiliate offer Right here so this is how it works now Because we are actually capturing the Traffic using our autoresponder here's What you need to do you want to go to The tools right here move to the Autoresponders right here and you want To set up an email follow-up sequence so When people are going to sign up they

Are automatically going to receive Emails with different affiliate offers And this is like one email that I just Set up as a preview and what this is Going to do is once they are going to go To our landing page they are going to Enter the name email they are added into Our autoresponder and now these messages Are going to be right here are going to Be set out automatically this is all I Do to actually generate these sales I Have automatic emails that go out to the People who are interested in making Money online and I also mail these People daily once they finish the Sequence and this is how I'm able to Actually get this amount of traffic Every single day you can see thousands Of clicks from people who are interested In making money online and making this Amount of money on daily basis and Pretty much making over one thousand Dollars per day on average and now Really the final part you need with this System is to just send some traffic Right here and I'm going to show you Exactly how I do that now one of the Fastest ways of actually doing this is Just go to you can buy AI Targeted make money online traffic Pretty much right away without setting Up any AD campaigns having any like Compliant landing pages or whatever like That you can literally buy traffic from

People that already have an email list And just get the traffic and steal it Yourself just go to then click On find sellers right here and then you Want to pretty much make sure you're Going to be sorting these sellers by Sales and this is going to show you Which seller is getting the most amount Of sales and this is who you want to buy Traffic from so it's going to show you Like all these people right here now Make sure you're going to scroll past The promoted because we want to make Sure that the filter is actually going To be working so once you go past the Promoted you can see that this guy right Here is currently getting like 88 of his Orders are getting sales okay so 88 of People have actually reported they have Received sales from here from his last 100 orders so this guy is pretty good For getting traffic that's going to Convert in sales now me personally I use Traffic that's less than 45 cents per Click in rare cases I go about that but It really depends on the seller but most Of the times I go with less than 45 Cents sometimes less than 50 cents and Those are the guys that pretty much buy Traffic from so you can see this guy is Selling like for 40 cents per click and 86 of his traffic of his orders have Received sales so this would be like a Really good guy so pretty much buy like

I don't know you scroll down you can buy Like how many clicks you want to buy Let's say like 1 000 clicks for 400 then You're going to send them to this Landing page and you want to make sure Your landing page is going to convert at More than 50 so you're going to convert At least 50 of these clicks into your Subscribers and then once they're going To come to this page you pay like 400 But then they are going to land on the Affiliate offer which should make you Money back and then you made the rest of The money pack using your email Follow-up sequence from your get Response because you are not going to Make all the money back from the Affiliate offer in some case you do but In most cases you don't but you make the Money back from the emails and then Anything you make after you make your Money back is going to be complete Profit another way to actually don't Risk any money is to just go with but this is going to send You free traffic it can make you money But it's not as scalable as the paid Traffic this is not going to be making You thousand dollars per day if you Really want to be making like consistent Sales just like I'm making like right Here 500 days then like 600 days 625 Days and eighteen thousand dollars so Far you need to be using paid traffic if

You are interested in learning exactly Then how to do this then definitely make Sure you're going to subscribe and hit Notification Bell and watch out what I'm Going to announce open spots for my Coaching program where I will literally Take you by the hand explain you this System in complete detail and give you Everything all the offers all the pages All the traffic campaigns that I'm using To make this amount of money on monthly Basis I've been to that thank you for Watching and if you like to see how to Make over 350 dollars per day then check Out this video right here which is going To show you another method to make 350 Bucks per day click here I'm going to See you there bye for now

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