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And this is 4587.33 in a single day all profit from The method and this is the screenshot That he has sent what's going on guys in Today's video I'm super excited because What I want to show you is going to be The exact method the 105 students used For my YouTube channel and he was able To make over four thousand dollars in a Single day all in the profit profit Profit not a single Cent spent on Anything and today I want to show you Exactly how he was able to do it I want To show you the exact opportunity the Exact thing that he did but more Importantly I want to show you how you Can do the same and use a thousand Dollar opportunity yourself in the next Upcoming day so please make sure to Watch this video from beginning to the End because I'm going to show you how he Done it how to do this yourself Completely for free and also the Opportunity on how to make thousands of Dollars per day with this but before This don't forget to please smash the Like let's try and get to 1000 likes on This video also subscribe and hit Notification Bell so you will never miss Out on any of my future videos you can Be the first one to watch them first Time to make the most amount of money And also comment down below and tell me Which part of this video you did like

And which part of this video you didn't Like so I can always improve for the Future okay guys check this out so this Is the screenshot that the person has Sent me here you can see that today's Revenue is 4 587.33 now this has been made in a Single day by my student who was Watching my videos and he pretty much Took action on a simple method and then Pretty much just made four thousand to Five hundred dollars now today I want to Show you exactly how he was able to do This I wanted you step by step process On how to lose yourself right after Watching this video so you can actually Do this yourself and then I want to give You an opportunity that if you're going To use this read in the next coming days You can to make over four thousand Dollars maybe not this amount maybe even More but orbs also even less but this Opportunity can make you this amount of Money completely for free now first of All what you want to do you want to go To and you just want to sign Up for an account just click on register And then fill out all the details they Are going to ask from you I always Always repeat this but pretty much the Only thing that you need to do is check All these three things tell them that You are coming from Inca into money Channel and then on the publisher type

Select website slash intent uh incent or GPT and then click right here or Register now then once you're going to Log in this is how your members area is Going to look like this is my account That I don't use for anything on videos Because I don't want to be showing you Methods that I use right now if I don't Want to be using them but you can see That people are making hundreds of Thousands of dollars using CPA grip like 137 000 here 173 000 here pretty much All these huge numbers so CPA Group is Legit okay all these green text in the Chat box you cannot fake that okay so That's made from system so you can also Shout out your earnings okay now on this Account I'm going to shout out my Earnings so all time and on this account I was pretty much able to make when I Just write all time it's going to Hopefully so let me just all time okay So you can see on this account I was Able to make four thousand two hundred Dollars so this is just one of the Accounts that I use and this is like an And that and deniable proof that I was Able to make this amount of money Because you cannot really just fake this But what you want to do to actually make That amount of money in a day is just go To monetization tools and you want to go Right here to URL slash file lockers not Content lockers not a URL file lockers

Okay click on create a new URL Locker Click on you agree with the terms click On continue and this is going to give You a tool that you can actually use to Generate these uh this this amount of Money because on CPA networks you can Actually promote CPA offers directly or You can create like a locker that's Going to unlock content and somebody Actually completes one of these CPA Offers so this is the way to do that It's like a tool to pretty much promote These CPA offers to people that are Pretty much interesting like interesting Like a different content so they are Essentially paying for the content by Completing these CPA offers now the the Tool the template that we want to use is Going to be this human verification one Okay completed below the complete the Capture below to continue so this is Going to be the 10 template okay so this Is the one that we are looking for now Don't don't just finish this right now What we want to do next step is you want To click on the link in the video Description it's going to take you to System i o this is going to be a free Landing page builder with a done-for-you Template that I already created for you And also this is the exact template that My viewer actually used to generate this Amount of money 4.4 thousand dollars Okay the exact template that I'm going

To give you for free he was able to make 4.5 000 with this one okay so just sign Up for a free system AIO account or you Can also pay for it because that way I'm Going to get an affiliate commission but Then you're going to receive this CPA Funnel right here it's called CPA funnel And it only has like one page page to Watch okay then you want to click right Here on edit the page and I'm going to Show you exactly what to do right here So this is pretty much a movie page Where people can watch a movie Completely for free and all they really Need to do is just complete your captcha Locker now this exact one was for Thor Loud and thunder and if you're going to Go to the like top lifetime grosses like What are the what movie movies are the Most popular and we're going to search For Lao and thunder you're going to see That this movie was 113 in the entire World I expect it to be a little bit Better but they for some reason didn't Make the movie as good so if you are a Marvel fan I guess you can relate the Movie wasn't really good at all it was Trash and pretty much it made like 760 Million dollars now this is pretty much How popular was the movie actually now You can see these are all the popular Movies from which you can actually use This funnel for and make a lot of money Now my student actually what he did and

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This is something you actually might Know about he was using Avatar 2 for the Promotion because you can see now this Is like Avatar the the first part has Pretty much been launched in 2009 and Made close to 3 billion dollars now Avatar 2 I I can already see it right Here okay it's right here it's the way Of the water it's in 2022 and it already Made close to two billion dollars so Pretty much he used the hype for alatar The way of the water which is the second Part and pretty much made four point Five thousand dollars now what you can Do simply is just edit this entire page Just click on like you don't need to Change this one just change the the Title of the video so let's do a third Love and thunder you put it here like Avatar Avatar the wave of The water okay then you would just enter The trailer right here so you just go to YouTube search for a trailer put it Right here then you would just change This little screenshot I will show you Where to get it from where to actually Watch the movie completely for free so You just get a screenshot right here and Then you're going to put your capture Locker right here this is the important Part this is where you put your capture Locker now for which URL you will Actually put it what you want to do is You want to put it for the real movie

That way you are actually going to make The most amount of money because once People are going to see that this page Works they are going to share with other People as well if it doesn't work nobody Really cares you might might make like 200 but from the same exact work instead Of making 200 you can make two thousand Dollars so what you want to do right now You want to go to website that's called and on this page if you're Going to go to like home section there's Plenty of ads guys okay so just don't Click on any of the ads you're going to See there are all these movies okay so This is where you actually get the real Movie from okay and then you just copy The link address and then just go back To CPA grip and you put it right here as A locked URL okay so this is going to be Your capture locker and then complete Complete the capture below to continue You are going to put here completely Capturable to continue to watch and You're going to add the movie name okay So in this case it could be either the Black Panther wakanda forever or we Would go what did I use right here I'll Attire way of the water okay so just Like this just like this make sure it's Congruent okay and then you click on Save and this is it okay and then you Just click right here get links and then This is the link that you need to copy

And paste right now which is going to be Making money you just copy this link and This is exactly where you're going to Put it okay first of all you're going to Add it right here so make sure to Highlight this entire part and add the Link right there and then in the top go To the pop-ups click on this little I Icon you can see there's already pop-up Created click on the little eye icon and You're going to see this is going to be A pop-up so when people are going to Click on the link the pop-up is going to Show up and then they need to click on The button then click on the button and This is where you're going to add your Link right here for the URL okay URL and Add it right here so https link okay the link that you Copied and that's it that's it and then Click on Save changes okay and this is Exactly how it's going to look like so I'm going to review the page so people Come here and they're like okay our Terrible water then there will be the Trailer everything the also the Screenshot is taken from the C movies Page so just take a screenshot but You're going to see when I try to exit This final that popup is going to show Up which goes to the CPA Group link or Also where I'm going to click on the Link I'm taking to the cap chat Locker In this case it's for throw third love

And thunder because that's the original One okay so this is the funnel now Pretty much I want to show you how to Get the most amount of traffic to this One complete for free and also give you The opportunity that's going to be like A couple thousand dollars per day Because the movie that I'm going to tell You about is definitely going to be in The like top section okay top section For sure because this is like the All-time movies but pretty much from the Last year it's going to like top 10 for Sure okay so first of all the movie that I'm talking about now the movie is Called Ant-Man and the WASP coin and to Mania okay so it's another Marvel movie It's going to be very popular you're Going to see that tens of millions of Views for the trailers and it's actually Going live in February so you have Plenty of time to set this up but I Highly highly recommend you create a Funnel as soon as possible and then you Start to promoting it now how to promote It is super simple what you want to do Is you want to go to tick tock and then You just want to search for a free movie And just search for the best Tic Tacs And just see exactly what they are doing Pretty much what they are doing is they Are creating these super simple tick Tocks that are going to tell them like Best free movie to watch videos uh so

The best free movies site to watch Movies and they're just going to enter The URL and this is the same exact thing You want to do for your funnel but Instead of like the best free movies You're going to what you're going to Tell them like this is the place where You can watch Ant-Man and wasp went to Mania completely for free Link in my bio Or something along the lines and that's Exactly what you need to do and then Just upload couple of videos like this And you're going to see that videos like This actually get like 88 000 views 111 000 views pretty much one has like 1.7 Million but I don't really think this is Something like this is something you can Create yourself if you want to show your Face but pretty much this one has a 1.1 Million and you can see website that you Can watch it all movies completely for Free let me just record it with your Smartphone and instead of like this Website you're going to add your website That is right here okay so this is all You need to do and just upload couple of The tick tocks couple days after the Release and also on day of the release And that's when you get the most amount Of Target traffic and you can actually Make like 4.5 000 just like this person he done it on Avatar The Way of the water on the day Of the release and also couple days

After the release but once your tick Docks are going to go viral this amount Of money is definitely not something That is unreachable okay you can make Even more amount of money this is for Example just like 4.5 000 people click on the cap chain Complete the CPA offer if you're going To get more than that you can make like Five thousand dollars in a single day And that's it the link is in the video Description I hope you enjoyed this one And also if you'd like to see how I make Over 27 000 per month without showing my Face online then click on this video Right here which is going to show you The exact three-step method that I'm Actually doing on a daily basis to make Twenty seven thousand dollars per month Or make over one thousand dollars per Day click here and I'll see you there Bye for now

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