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Public Affairs

Find out information on Public Affairs firms. This article provides an overview of information on the difference between Public Affairs and Public Relations.

How’s Your Healthcare ">Marketing Platform? Stronger Is Better

As healthcare business trends continue to move in the direction of greater individual accountability for health and well-being, an increasing number of new and improved services are hitting the market. Health plans, wellness vendors, technology start-ups, gaming and social media apps and other players are all seeking their piece of this growing market.

Promotional Products – The 10 Most Effective Items for Your Business

Using promotional gifts to market your business can be a very effective tactic. It is a great branding tool, and also helps to build customer relationships and trust.

Don’t Overlook the Value of Email Newsletters

With all the buzz social media has been receiving lately, it might seem like email ">marketing has gone the way of fax machines and snail mail. Social media tools like Twitter and Facebook may generate most of the headlines these days, but experienced marketers know that email ">marketing continues to offer a very cost-effective platform for connecting with prospects and customers.

Set Your Advertising in Motion With Vehicle Magnets and Make It Stick!

Vehicle magnets are an excellent ">marketing tool that can be used for numerous industries or personal. You may also know them as being called car magnets or door magnets, because of their popular placement of the magnet. They are designed to stick to vehicles with metal body panels which makes them a perfect ">marketing tool for its versatility.

How to Sell Without Being Pushy or Salesy

Many times when I talk to people who seem to be struggling with growing or developing their business, they express concerns about their sales ability. I am often told that “selling is just hard for me” or “I just don’t like being pushy and asking for the sale”. While these are truly valid concerns, a large part of being a Heart- Centered Entrepreneur or running your own business, is selling.

Making a Big Lifestyle Shift? Make the Shift With the Help of Friends and Custom Made Wristbands!

The choice to change your lifestyle can be a tough one; actually making the transition can be even tougher. There are different kinds of lifestyle changes: stop smoking, losing weight, changing your diet, being more physically fit. All of these lifestyle changes have limitless benefits that affect the quality of your social life, your self-esteem, your health, and even your career.

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