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This is so easy if you need money just Do this you want to click right here Copy your link and you want to go to This website which is going to be Sending you the free traffic and right Here you want to paste the link and you Want to send it every single time that You're going to do this you can get paid Like 31 dollars four dollars two dollars 31 is most likely not going to happen But all of these 232 2 and 4 204 204 197 All these two dollar payments are going To be happening every single time maybe This is not a lot but so far I was able To make 127 dollars using this and they Are going to send you this instant Payout which is pretty much happening Every single day you can see that last Fast payment has been sent 14 hours to Go and the next one is going to be sent In 11 hours so you are literally getting Paid every 24 hours if you're going to Choose the fast pay option what's going On guys in today's video I'm going to Show you exactly how to get paid 95 Cents every 50 seconds every single time On average Now using this method I was Able to get paid 127 and maybe this Method is the most amount of money you Are going to make in your life online But what is very crazy good about this Method is they have actually a fast Payment system which means if you're Going to choose the fast payment option

You can get paid literally every 24 Hours directly into your PayPal account So if this is something that you would Like to try out and definitely check out This method because I think this is Unlike any other now 95 cents every 50 Seconds maybe it's not even a lot of Money if you're going to think about it But let's go with like 95 cents let's Let's go with every minute okay on Average so 95 cents times 60 because There's 60 minutes in an hour that's 57 Per hour you can actually make with this Method and that's just one single hour If you're going to multiply it by let's Say like four that's over 220 80 you can Make with this method in like four hours And get it paid out in less than 24 Hours directly into your PayPal account Before I show you the method please Don't forget to smash like on this video I would really appreciate it and also be Sure to subscribe and hit notification Bell so I can notify whenever I upload a Brand new money making video and also Comment down below and tell me what is Your favorite way of receiving money Online if it's like a bank transfer PayPal payoneer payer or any other of Those other methods I would like to know That so I know what kind of methods to Create for you guys in the future okay Guys so let's get started now the step Number one this is if you want to be

Using the fast pay option okay this is CPA lead you want to go to if You're going to check out their their Pages like a very old but very reputable CPA Network and you just want to sign up Right here now the cool part about CPL Is you can also sign up just by using Google you can just literally one click Sign up if you're going to click right Here on sign up with Google but what They have very very awesome are these One dollar minimum daily payments you Can literally just make two one or one Dollar to one dollar and get it paid Within 24 hours so they have like the Lowest amount of like minimum threshold To be paid out and also they are going Going to be sending you the daily Payments so this is this is the fast pay Option the CPA lead because they really Have like daily payments and they're Being sent pretty much every 24 hours so Once you're going to create your account With CPA lead directly right here in the Members area you're going to see that The last fast pay payment has been sent Or was sent 14 hours ago and then the Next one is literally sent in 11 hours 4 Minutes and 57 seconds so this is only For these fast paid offers so if you're Going to be promoting any of these that Are fast paid you are going to get paid Within literally less than like 12 hours If you are taking the time right now so

It's like 11 hours so you can make money Right right now and in less than 12 Hours they are actually going to send it To your PayPal account but this is only For this fast pay options guys okay so That's how you can get paid very very Fast using this method you can use CPA Lead or you can use other CPA networks And maybe get paid slightly higher Because even though CP Elite says they Have the highest paying offers in some Cases they don't really have that Everybody say saying that they have very Very awesome fast-paced system but if You want to be getting a little bit Higher payments then recommend other CPA Networks as well as you can also use Like CPA grip with this method now I Know most people watching this video Actually have CPA Group accounts that's Where I'm going to record this tutorial For but if you are going to be using CPA Lead you can literally follow the same Exact steps do you want to go to CPA Grip if you don't have an account Already click on the register at the top Corner right here then you are going to Be taken to this page then just fill out The details just like 100 times I've Been already showing this in my videos Just make sure your publisher type is Going to be website slash instant or GPT And tell them you are coming from the Incognito Money Channel so they are

Going to a preview then once you're Going to have your account ready just Head over to the offer tools and go to The my offers okay go right here and now You want to select a CPA offer now just Like a quick disclaimer CPA Group Doesn't have fast payments so if you're Going to use this one you are not going To get those instant payments like I was Getting when I was testing out this Method so you want to go with the Country and you just want to select United States for each one okay go with United States and I'm going to show you A specific CPA offer to go for but I Highly recommend that you're going to Just slightly sting outside the box Because everybody is going to do this For the CPA offer just just slightly Change it and you're going to make a lot More money than everybody else so what I'm going to go for is going to be PlayStation okay PlayStation but what You want to go for is any of those Electronics CPA offers for example like PlayStation Apple watch iPhone iPhone 12 13 GoPro or anything like that just go With any of those but for the sake of The video I'm going to go with these Ones okay so get a brand new PlayStation So I'm going to use this one which is For iOS it's paying 2.43 and then this Is the CPA offer so this is the step Number one we want to get a CPA offer

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Now what you want to do is then you want To go to Google and search for the Keyword so PlayStation in my case it can Be iPhone GoPro toward every the CPA Offered about I mean like PayPal PayPal Gift card with a gift card Master Card Gift card any kind of CPA offer just put It right here and enter announcement Okay so we are looking for some Announcement article and then you just Want to go through Google and you just Wanted to search for something fresh About the CPA offer so this one is from October 27 2021 that's a little bit old So we are looking for something fresh so What you can do is just go to the tools Right here and select any time and go For the past month okay and you want to Search for something Fresh So any of These articles they are going to work so I'm just going to open a couple of them For you to see another Twitter one just Make sure it's like a website okay so Not a social media one so any of these Are going to work like this one like This one like this one not because That's Twitter but like this one all Those cookies happening and this one is Going to work and also like this one so Any announcement that's on like a Website not on social media is going to Work and the next thing what you want to Do is you want to go to a website that's Called this is the one that I

Use there's a lot of different ones like Snipply or whatever other I don't know a Lot of them but I know there's plenty of Them but like snippily rightly there's Plenty of them but I'm using the rightly For this example and I will show you why It's completely free you don't even have To enter a credit card and even though It's going to say your free trial Expired it's still going to be working So this is the reason why I like to use It for these methods what you want to do Is go right here and click on create a New ad okay then this is a tool that's Going to allow you to create a very Sneaky way of promoting your CPA offer So let's call it PlayStation incg and Domain you go for a lot rightly or right Link it's pretty much the same okay so Just go with those ones they are not Blacklisted so far and this is going to Allow you to create pretty much hijack Any website and use it as your own for The traffic so first of all you want to Go right here add name and you want to Select image right right here and you Are looking for evil pop-up okay go for Evil pop-up then show after 10 seconds And then now for the image right here This is the important part the image Right here you want to go to this Website called search for a Keyword so again iPhone PlayStation MasterCard we said you've got any kind

Of keyword you have selected with your CPA offer and then go right here and Select any of the gifs okay because if I'm going to search for this you're Going to see there's a lot of gifs we Want to get something that's moving okay We don't want to have still image of in This case PS5 we want to get something That's going to be moving now these are Like games you can play on PS5 we want To actually get a gif of the of the PS5 So in this case it are all of these okay So you want to go for something like That I will show you why in my case I Went for this one because it's really High quality and you want to upload it Rightly and the reason for that is Because when you're going to upload a Gif this is going to be the evil pop-up It's actually going to be moving and It's going to Sky Market your conversion Rates instead of just some basic still Image because you're going to go through Ads nowadays when you're checking out Ads 95 of them are still images that get Your attention but if the ad was Actually moving it would get your Attention 100 so I'm sure this is going This is the reason why it's working so Well then what you want to do for the Button text and button link you want to Write here the button text click here to Enter your keyword the month that you Are currently promoting it on so in my

Case PS5 December giveaway 2022 the Battle link is going to be your CPL link So go to your CPA network of choice copy Your link then put it right here then Logo settings again the link is going to Be your CPA link right here and Logo Text is click here and that's it this is How your Evo pop-up is going to look Like right now and this is what's going To be making the money this is what has Been making need money as well and this Is why why it works so well because it's Like literally moving nobody is thinking Outside the box with the gifts everybody Is using like images is still still Things that don't move that don't even Get attention if you want to be using Something like this and then click on Done and now I pretty much want to Hijack any of the announcement websites To get the traffic so you want to just Copy any of the links right here copy The link then you want to place it right Here place your ad on any link on any Links you just place in the right here Click on paste select your advertisement If you have free account you only have One advertisement so you don't really Have to think about it and then click Right here click create link with ad so Mine is ready right here I'm just going To copy the link and I'm going to show You exactly how it looks like so I'm Going to visit the link and this is IGN

And I just hijacked the website now you Can see there are all these Advertisements but nobody really cares About them because they are not moving And people are going to scroll to the Website and Bam click here to enter PS5 December giveaway and you can see this Is the gift this is the reason why it's Getting attention because it should it's Literally the only thing that's moving On the page you can see like all these Sneakers it doesn't even move all these Videos it doesn't even move but this one Actually moves so this is the reason why People are actually going to click here To enter the giveaway and that's how You're going to get paid 2.43 and now This is the final part where you just Want to copy this link you want to copy It and you want to put it into this High Converting script now pretty much this Is how it looks like so it's hey this is Where you enter the name I will show you How to get the name in a second and then You want to put here I have noticed you Are a member of and this is where you Want to put the keyword that we have Selected so in our case PS5 so PS5 fans Group so I thought I'll let you know That and this is where you want to hide Pretty much hype the giveaway that they Are giving away brand new PS5 in their New announcement for this month haha It's crazy here is the full link and

This is where you want to paste your Right link okay and I want to just copy And paste the entire part and now you Want to go to the traffic website and For every single copy and paste you can Get paid like 80 cents two dollars five Dollars in some cases that's extremely Rare so it's not going to be happening All the time but most of the times you Are going to get paid to 2.43 or the Amount that's highlighted on the CPA Network so in this case it's two dollars And 43 cents you want to go to Maybe or me m e b e so me and Then right here search members groups Etc you want to pretty much search for PS5 or PlayStation or just find any of The groups that are related to our Keywords and then select the groups okay So you want to select groups and you're Going to see all these groups that are Pretty much filled out and you're going To find all these groups that are filled With people that are interested in PlayStation now I just put your PS5 so I Think better one is going to be PlayStation so PlayStation and you can See there's like 11 members right here That's not a lot but this one is like 4 000 members 233 members 183 members now Just click on any of them and join this Group and once you're going to join this Is the easiest way ever just go right Here to members and then you're going to

Find all these people who are interested In PS5 and pretty much all you can do is Download of them don't have the option Right like right here she only has like Add contact or black but most people are Going to also have the chat option right Here and pretty much what you want to do Is just click on chat right here and Then you just want to copy and paste the Message right here and change the name So he's Joshua okay so this person so Hey and you just want to send it and That's pretty much exactly how you are Going to be getting traffic now when He's going to click on the link he's Going to come to this page which is About PlayStation Plus or PlayStation 5 He's going to check it out like okay Okay they are giving away PS5 where Actually is going to go through that and Then the pop-up is going to drop like Okay I'm going to check it out and for Every single one of the completions of The CPA offer you are going to get paid 2.43 and that's it guys I hope you Enjoyed this video that's exactly how I Was able to make 127 just by using that Evil pop-up ending combining it with Couple of traffic sources this is the Easiest way to go about it just use the Evil pop-up go to meet you go to the Groups and message the people with the Script and just a couple of messages can Make you like 10 to 20 dollars is

Actually going to do it for an hour you Can easily make over 70 dollars by doing This hope you enjoyed this video and for More videos click right here which is Going to show you the most recommended Method for you to make money online Click here and I will see you there bye For now

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