Time Worksheets Generator Review Plus Custom Bonuses

Hey this is my time worksheets generator Review and demo plus custom bonus video I might pause I've been selling digital Products online for over a decade now And in this video I'm going to talk About time sheets generator how it works How you can easily create in-demand Products in demand printables and Basically create passive income assets That will live online indefinitely So let's begin also if you want to get My custom bonuses along with time Worksheets generator make sure you check Out the link below and scroll down to Read about the timeworks generator what It does how it works and you can check Out my custom bonuses right here I'll be Offering my earn with Sudoku books Training plus software earn with maze Books training plus software iron with Mandala books training plus software and Done for you covers for your Amazon KDP Books again I have lots of case studies And experience doing so with these free Tools that you can get along with time Worksheets generator make sure you chin You check the link down below let's Begin with the app review and the demo Okay so let me show you how to use this Tool first thing you want to do when you Come in here is a short little demo you Want to scroll to settings okay now the Depending on the type of book you'll be Creating or printable set bundle you

Might be creating you're going to want To edit this Um Dimension size so if you're creating A your standard activity book or Worksheet for the Amazon KDP Network Platform you want to keep it at 8.5 by 11 that's the default okay if you want To number it you have the option of no Numbering or number it in different Formats I'm going to keep it at just a Numerical value and I can start it off At any point I'm going to start off at One okay I can align Center which I'm Going to keep you're going to click Click update and it's going to create The blank page and if I if I magnify This you'll you'll see that there's a One right there and if I add a different Page I can go to this icon selection here and Add a page it's going to automatically Create a two okay that's a really cool Thing I can also add text if I want Put in text here Um if I want I can like I said add a Different page I can delete a page I can Clone a page or I can do a bulk clone Bulk clones is an Oto or an up an Upgrade okay we'll talk more about Upgrades later okay So let me go to the icon here okay this Time worksheets icon let's let me add Any any type of time worksheets problem Onto a page so I'm going to keep it

Simple and I'm going to let's say go and Target Um kids books time worksheet kids books And I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna just Click on this basic looking Um fill in the blank time time Worksheets problem as you can see I have Four rows and three columns Automatically I can edit this if I want So I might want to Click it three three on three I can Change the column the radius all kinds Of things I can change I can update the Worksheet And it's going to change it to three by Three okay very good Very simple to use as you can see and I Can also if I want to add a themed Element to it so I can go to this image Icon here click on that and there are a Number of different theme elements that I can add this is also an upgrade that You can get I'm going to go with a Train Theme and you can see it just overlays Like that okay and of course I can add A Time A time uh a time a series of time Problems within the theme so I'm going To click on this And I'm going to edit it to two on two Click update And I'm going to put that in the middle Here like that Okay so your standard activity book the

Minimum number of pages is 24 pages for Amazon okay uh Amazon KDP I recommend 40 To 50 depending on the type of workbook You don't want to overwhelm your end User okay you don't want to send them a Bible via Amazon okay you want to send Them something that is a 40 page Worksheet or activity book to help them With their needs this is just my own Opinion on inter interjecting my own uh Experience okay so you can also Um You can also once you download it so Once you hit the download here you have The option to download it as a PNG so You can edit more of it within canva if You if you so please a JPEG a PDF let's Say you're just selling it as a Printable right off the bat you can just Download it as a printable or as PowerPoint and do editing there if You're comfortable with PowerPoint okay Again if uh if you want to create a math Uh not math excuse me but a time works Time worksheets activity book this tool Really really makes it easy for anyone To do so before the barrier to entry to Create these types of books was really Steep you'd have to design it yourself Or hire someone to do that now you can Create it quite easily And if you click the filter button here You have all types of different types of Problems you can add or you can filter

Out so let's say I want to do elapsed Time So I have this for uh for older kids Elapsed time let me open a different Page okay let me add this one here Now you see elapsed time they have to They have to fill in the blank and of The elapsed time of course you can you Can also add your uh you can add your Answer sheets at the very end this tool Will do it automatically which is really Cool okay that's how time worksheets Generator works very easy to use and an Amazing piece of software if you want to Create passive income assets that live Online indefinitely now I want to talk About the otos real quick because I use A lot of different tools the software I Have is fully loaded and I recommend you Get the fully loaded as well okay Oto1 and oto2 are both 67 Separately okay of course you can create Basic Timesheets problems workbooks and Activity books with just the the basic Platform but if you add these on you can Create a rich type of uh experience for Your end user Oto1 has an unlimited download per month Elapsed time problems later time Problems time addition problems time Subtraction problems time in 12 hour Clock time in 12 hour clocks sorry 24 Hour clock 24 to 12. you can download as

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A as a PowerPoint okay unlimited color Palettes for the for the blocks Unlimited color palettes for the Elements you can upload your own images Well that's one feature I failed to Mention if you click the upload button Here you can add your own images and add Them to uh the actual workbook for more Theming okay Um you can bulk clone which is very Useful please forgive the Bell right now I'm at a Japanese driver's license boot Camp it's a long story and anyways I'll Be here for two weeks anyways you gotta You can also bulk delete features for Easy removal of the content you can use Analog to analog elapse time problems Again basically Oto one unleashes all of The different types of uh worksheets Time worksheets you can create with the Tool that's all it does I highly Recommend oto1 Oto2 well not so much Oto2 is definitely Um a bargain but I I don't recommend it As much as I do LTE when Oto 2 basically Is these types of background images that You can add as overlays okay now of Course if you want to theme your Worksheet that's always a plus that is Going to help you convert okay that's What I do with all of my different books Um on Amazon KDP and my printables That's one thing they all have in common

They're all themed I attacked those Keywords to get that free traffic off of These different platforms by attacking Those themed Niche keywords I can't Stress that enough but doesn't mean you Can't create your own you don't have to Get oto2 it's recommended but oto1 is Highly recommended so that's my honest Review for time worksheets generator That's my review I hope you liked if you Have any questions whatsoever let me Know let me know down below and if you Want to pick up my bonuses just scroll Down to this link and you'll see that my Bonuses are here Um click on any link and purchase that Way let me know what you think again I'm Going to be using this I got my hands on This recently and I'm in love with it be Good take care this is like pause Signing off bye [Music] Thank you [Music]

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