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4 Things to Know Before You Start Looking for A Marketing Agency

As a business owner, you are often required to wear a multitude of hats: from book keeper, to manager, to procurement specialist, to salesman, to manufacturer. However, the best entrepreneurs are those that are able to focus on what they do best, and outsource the rest to qualified specialists. If you have decided it is time to grow your business by partnering with an experienced marketing agency, here are five things you should know before you begin your search!

The Role of Office Team in Patient Treatment Plan Acceptance

As a doctor operating a dental practice, ensure you have enough trained staff who will handle the interview process. This is the most important fact that you have to consider because time is precious. You cannot spend the whole day interviewing one patient instead you’ve to spend the whole day treating patients. Therefore the success of your dental office to increase treatment plan will largely rely in your dental staff, how they will carry the interview and the data they will collect.

The Anatomy of a Successful Call-To-Action

You may or may not be aware of how necessary your call-to-action (CTA) is in your content. Your CTA is the bridge that connects you with your online connections (target audience). At the same time, it is the bridge that allows your online connections to reach out and connect with you.

Overwhelmed By Data Reporting? Try These 5 Tips

With the advancements of Internet technology, the vast amounts of data we can collect from the digital interactions we have with our customers is nothing short of staggering. However, for many business owners, trying to make sense of all of those numbers can be confusing and overwhelming. What experienced markers know that rookies do not can be boiled down to just a few tips, largely dealing with how to find the data that is most relevant and useful to you. Here are five tips for organizing your marketing data reporting.

5 Ways A Marketing Reporting Solution Saves Time and Money

Automating your marketing reporting, when used correctly, can be an amazing tool. It can allow a business with only a few staff members to run complex campaigns successfully, all while managing other aspects of the business. A marketing reporting solution is what makes this possible. If you are currently drowning in a multitude of different data points, analytics tools, and softwares, finding a single, unified reporting solution has many benefits.

Testing in Marketing

Years ago, I cut my teeth in marketing in the direct marketing arena. That’s a figurative expression of course. When I started in marketing, I already had teeth.

Improve Your Small Business Marketing to Increase Your Profits

Most small business owners do have a large operating budget when they are first starting out. Unfortunately, one of the things necessary for early success, marketing, is often left out of the budget. Read more…

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