TOP 5 High Income Skills For 2023 To Make Money Online

Why are you not making an extra hundred Dollars one thousand dollars or more Every month there are so many hot side Hustles available right now that anyone Can take advantage of if they put their Mind to it stay focused practice and Hustle so in today's video I'm gonna Give you five high income skills that You can learn this year that will help You make that extra hundred dollars a Thousand dollars or however much extra Money every month the biggest factor in Your success is you so let's get into it The first High income skill on this list Is writing and it's one that many people Including myself have been taking Advantage of for quite a while now Writing specifically copywriting Copywriting is where you write something With the goal of helping to Market or Sell a product or service product Descriptions blog posts sales emails Landing pages website headlines website Content these are just a few exam of Some of the many forms that copywriting Comes in it's a skill set that literally Every company that sells a product or Service needs and if you're able to get Really really good at copywriting the Sky is really the limit for how much you Can make every month it's very possible For some freelance copywriters to earn All the way up to the high six figures With copywriting and it's in demand like

Never before with more companies than Ever trying to sell stuff online you can Learn copywriting for free I link to my Free practical copywriting course in the Description of this video check it out If you're new to copywriting I also have An entire copywriting tips playlist on This channel that you can use throughout Your Learning Journey number two is high Value video editing high value video Editing is a big one so I'm going to Take a minute to explain what I mean by High value video editing so most video Editors Target YouTubers tick talkers People who make videos for Instagram for Their video editing Services most can Probably edit like a pro but a lot of Them probably still don't get many Clients despite all of that why is that Well it's because if you're just focused On selling your skills as a video editor You're bunching yourself up with pretty Much every other video editor out there So because of that all those content Creators that you're probably targeting See little value in your service above All the others and that's because They'll still need to spend a lot of Time working with you to get you to edit Their videos they need to spend time Explaining to you their Channel their Goals with the channel the mission of The channel who the target audience is The types of videos they're they're

Trying to produce how they edit why they Do what they do there's a lot of work That's going to be required from the Creator's end to actually work with you As a video editor editing is a very Important skill but it's just one part Of how creators produce content so if You want to be a high value video editor You really need to be spending some time Studying the creators you're targeting And trying to figure out how you can Bring more to the table than just video Editing how you can make their lives Easier with a lot of the stuff that's Related and necessary for being able to Edit and create great videos for their Channels if you can package yourself in A way where you're as TurnKey as Possible and the creator gives you a Chance they're gonna have a really hard Time letting you go after that because Of how essential you'll be to their Business number three is YouTube which Is probably the hardest High income Skill on this list to master but once You master it probably has the highest Potential for passive income over the Long term than any of the other skills On this list it might take you many many Months before you start earning any Income with YouTube but once you get There you'll have started to crack the Code of what could potentially be a Really important part of Financial

Freedom for you take me as an example I've been on YouTube for about three and A half years I got monetized after Pumping out seven months worth of Content in three and a half years later This February 2023 I was able to go full Time as a creative entrepreneur YouTube Can change your life in many ways and Being great on YouTube tube can actually Be broken down into a bunch of high Value skills writing scripts editing Videos public speaking research you know Figuring out what videos you want to Make studying your audience networking There's a whole bunch of skills that Come and and surface themselves as you Develop as a great YouTuber it'll be Tough but if you stick with it and Figure out how to be great at YouTube You'll have leveled up your ability to Make money online in a big way number Four is teaching and coaching if you Already have a skill that you're really Good at you could make money teaching or Coaching other people on that skill set And you can do this in many different Ways which is pretty cool about this one You could do one-on-one coaching you Could package your coaching into a Course and sell that course or you could Coach passively by putting out helpful Videos on a YouTube channel to be a Great teacher you really need to work on Being a great communicator and also work

On thinking about the types of things Your target Learners would benefit most From learning and focusing on those Things everyone learns differently so if You can spend some time focusing on the Best ways to teach your learners you Could be really successful teaching and Coaching people online number five is Sales so sales is probably one of the Most fundamental High income skills on This list that can probably have the Biggest broadest impact on so many Different areas of your life successful People tend to be selling everywhere not Just in their jobs they're selling in Their businesses they're selling in Their personal lives you know convincing Their Partners to do stuff with them They're selling in their dating lives Convincing people to be their Partners They're negotiating with friends Families whoever sales is everywhere and Sales skills reaching to so many Different areas of your life sales Skills are so transferable and if Mastered can make you a ton of money I Know sales people who almost dropped out Of school who are now making seven Figures and they're making that money Because they stuck with it developed Their skills and became tenacious Hard-working salespeople but like a lot Of things on this list before you find Yourself closing massive deals and

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Making tens of thousands of dollars in Commission you need to start somewhere Some of the best lowest barrier to entry Ways of developing sales skills fast in My opinion are door-to-door sales door Knocking and cold calling these types of Sales jobs are easy to get will give you A fast education on what it's like Getting rejected in sales and will help You develop crucial skills like being Being able to get out an effective quick Elevator pitch sales is a great High Income skill I highly encourage anyone Watching this video regardless which of These five most appeal to you think About adding sales skills into your Repertoire they're invaluable and will Help you for the rest of your life so There they are five high income sales Skills that all really have the Potential of making you a lot of money Every month if you can Master any of Them focus on getting great at these Skills and regardless how you decide to Use them always try to provide value to Your clients and I think you'll be okay Hope you enjoyed this video if you did Consider subscribing and until next time Cheers Foreign

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