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What's going on guys in today's video I'm going to show you an automatic Method that's going to be making you Anywhere from 20 up to 150 dollars per Day you can literally set up in 15 Minutes after you finish watching this Video and the best part about it is you Don't even have to generate any sales Absolutely at all to actually make money With this method now what I recommend With this method is that you're going to Set it up right away after you're going To be finishing watching this video Because this is going to be collecting You some money on a daily basis this can Be anywhere from like five dollars up to Like 20 dollars per day at the beginning I think that you up to like 120 dollars And even more per day but that's to be The later on down the line the way this Method works is you just set it up you Completely forget it and then you just Do it every single day for like five to Ten minutes that's all it really matters Once you're going to set it up you're Going to start seeing money going into Your account and in today's video I'm Going to show you step by step exactly How to do it let's get started but Before that don't forget to please smash Like on this video let's get trying to Get to 1 000 likes also subscribe to the Channel hit notification Bell and Comment down below and tell me what did

You like about this video or what you Did not like about this video so I can Always improve in the future okay guys So step number one what we need to Actually do with this method is we need To have a CPA marketing network account So if you have like a CPA Network Already I highly recommend tap mop IO Then go ahead and sign up with those Okay if you have an account you can just Skip this step but if you don't have an Account I want to show you what you need To do go to CPA grip because register Right here and then you're going to be Coming to this page and pretty much just Fill out all the details they are going To ask you but the most important part That you need to fill out is going to be This publisher type so just select Website slash instant or you can also Select the GPT both of them are going to Work and then right here ready you hear About us just tell them that you are Coming from the Incognito Money Channel And then right here check all those Three boxes and click on the register Now and that's going to pretty much Ensure you are going to get approved Right away because some of the CPA Networks they do require like an Approval process like they need to Review your account but if you're going To do exactly what I showed you for CPA Grip chances are that you are going to

Get approved without any problems Whatsoever then once you're going to Sign up just quickly head over to the Offer tools right here and click on the My offers now this is where you can Either select like a couple of different Affiliate CP offers you are going to be Promoting or you can use a couple of These monetization tools to promote These CPA offers and directly we are Going to be using a direct promotional Service kind of like the style of type Of making money on CPA grip so we are Not going to be using the tools now what You want to do is you want to select the Country and you want to go for United States for this one okay now with CPA Offers the cool part is is that if you Are promoting offers for example from Any country first of all you don't have To be from the country yourself I'm not From United States and I can promote CPA Offers from United States the second Part is is if somebody actually from a Country which is not the country main of The offer so for example this CPA offers Are for United States all of them if Somebody let's say from I don't know UK Is going to click on that they are going To be automatically redirected to a UK Version of the CPA offer if it actually Exists and if it doesn't exist then are Going to be redirected to a UK CPA offer That should be converting very well so

Even though you are going to pick up an Offer and the traffic is not going to Come from that exact country it's still Going to be making money now for this Method just select United States and What you want to do is you want to pick Up couple of these giveaway offers okay So these are pretty much like a Roblox Game card or again uh the the top one Pretty much currently performing the Best is the PlayStation 5. any of these Kind of like a giveaway offers okay or Like this 100 towards 10 000 OverWatch Coins are also very famous one is going To be like PayPal gift card so just pick This one a PayPal gift card or this one And also the one that I love to use is Actually the iPhone offer because even Though it's like not converting the best The reason for that is because most People are just promoting it incorrectly If you're going to promote it just the Way I'm going to show you it's going to Convert very well so for the sake of the Video we are going to be using DCP offer But you want to find like 5 to 10 Different CPA giveaway offers that you Are going to be promoting next step is You want to go to togetherresponse.com And this is going to completely automate This entire method now this is an Autoresponder and also a very simple Landing page builder that we are going To be using and pretty much it's a

Completely free forever plan so actually To get it you can just click on the link In the video description sign up to get The response I might get a little Kickback if you're going to do this but This is the tool that's going to be Massively skyrocketing your earnings Over time I'm going to show you exactly Why so just go with like the free plan Then pretty much once you're going to Login this is my one of my accounts that I currently have just go to contacts Right now click on the contacts and you Want to click on the create a list okay And this is very important because this Is going to be the complete automation You literally just do this in like 15 Minutes one time and it's going to be Working for you all pretty much like Forever just call this list for example I'm going to call it incognito a CPA Method okay and then just go you can Code whatever you want just for your Reference because it's not going to be Shown anywhere then go to the settings Right air and just make sure that when You go to subscription both of these are Turned off okay so when people are going To sign up to your email list they are Going to receive an email pretty much Right away and they don't need to Confirm that they want to be added to Your email list then what you want to do Is just navigate to the tools section

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Right here and you want to click on Autoresponders okay and this is where The money is actually going to going to Be made then select your uh email list That we have created it's called Incognito CPA method and we're going to Create autoresponder and take me to the New email creator okay and this is Pretty much where we can actually create Automated emails that are going to be Sent out to these people now pretty much Most people when they are promoting CPA Offers they are never doing this and That's why they are leaving a lot of Money on the table because the way I'm Going to show you how to do this method Is you can really make like at the first It's going to be small like one to five Dollars per day but every single day It's going to be increasing to like 20 30 40 50 days without you doing any Additional work so we are just going to Add couple of emails so let's go these Like I actually like to call them the Autoresponder emails based on the Headline okay so the exact headline that I'm going to put here I'm going to Pretty much use it so the subject line For this email is going to be the first One is going to be called delivery your Exclusive rewards plus iPhone 14 Giveaway for 2023 I'm going to add it Right here then earlier everything as it Is and then you just want to design a

Message okay now the one that I like to Use is pretty much a blank one so go With the blank template and use the Blank one because that's going pretty Much resonate with people because they Are going to see that you are a normal Person another company trying to sell Them off or something like that and People are pretty much more likely to Open the emails and they also have Better deliverability now just drag the Text file right here and just want to Create a very simple email that's going To look something like this hey here is The exclusive iPhone 14 giveaway you Have signed up for click here to join The iPhone 14 giveaway 2023 this is Where you're going to add your first CPA Link okay so this is going to be your First I don't know CPA link okay so the One from the CPA grip you do that and You make sure you're going to make it Bold as well and then you also add the Other CPA offers you get from CPA grip And pretty much right also here are some Other giveaways that are currently Running people gift card Roblox Apple Gift card and pretty much if you have Three of them you add three but I Recommend going for five to ten because Then people are more likely to complete All of them and that's how you're going To make more money okay and then you Also write and this is very important

Part you need to write here try them all To see which one is going to be a Winning for you today okay so you're Going to do this to entice people to try Them all because you are going to be Rewarded for every single CPA give a CPA Offer that the person is going to Complete so instead of just getting paid Two dollars per person you can get paid Twenty dollars if they are going to Complete all the 10 of them and this is Going to be the email and make sure you Add all the links to all these pretty Much uh gift cards and offers that we Have created okay make sure to do that Then you want to click on next right Here and just want to save it save and Publish okay and this is the first email This is only the this is the only one That's going to be different then you Just want to click on the email click on Duplicate click on duplicate and it's Going to open this up now the headline Is going to be let's change it from Delivery let's change it to here are Your exclusive deals for today try them All then select the day one and then Change the email edit the message and Pretty much change it to here are your Exclusive giveaway offers for today try Them all to see which one is going to be Working for you then you add one link And then pretty much you add also the Other links okay so once you added them

In the first email you just do it like This and again click on next and then Just save it okay so this is going to be Your second email on the day two okay so Save and publish and Bam and now this is The email that you can literally Literally just click on duplicate click On duplicate and then just change the Day to day number two which is Technically day number three and If You're Gonna Save and publish so the Same exact email now can be sent out Every single day to the people who are Interested in these CPA offers any Duties for like 30 times so instead of Just doing it like two times you do it For 30 days and then pretty much a Person that's looking for a CPA offer Can sign up today and pretty much for The next 30 days can be making you money From these CPA offers because it's going To take him just a few minutes to Complete the CPA offers and because they Can do it every 24 hours you are going To get paid every screen for hours and That's why you only need to send one Email per day you know twice just one Email per day and that's how you can Make from 20 up to 120 dollars per day And for that you really just need six People on your email list to be Completing these offers okay everybody How am I supposed to actually get these People all you got to do is just go to

The tools and click on the landing pages Right here and you just simply want to Create a landing page I have gone Through this multiple times something Like this sign up for a chance to win a Thousand dollars towards the new iPhone 14 plus pretty much an image directly From the CPR first you just want to zoom It and pretty much take a screenshot of This one one put it right there and add A sign up form if you want to like a Detailed tutorial how to create this Landing landing page please comment down Below because I have gone over this Multiple times and the important part With this method is to actually set up The email sequence okay but very simple Landing page just like this is going to Work wonders and then pretty much all You got to do is just just submit this Landing page to any kind of traffic Source which is going to be sending you This 3B type of people who are looking For free offers or free giveaways now This is just one of the traffic sources And you can see when I go to like home Business section there are these Business opportunities mail orders but They are also freebies so this website Is actually going to be sending them to You now once they're actually going to Pretty much visit your landing page Which looks something like this they are Going to be entering their name and

Email right here you are going to Capture them and now you can just email These people without actually driving Any traffic anymore so this is just one Category home business and freebies Right here and also the make money now Has pretty much a freebies category as Well health doesn't really business Opportunities does not really help them Then free stuff right here so free stuff And newsletters this is the one where You want to also add your pretty much Landing page to collect the people and Then also like traffic tools and free Stuff pretty much any kind of also like Info free stuff any kind of like freebie Section from this website is going to Work because all these pretty much Angles are free and to join just enter Your details and you're going to pretty Much receive some free offers so this is What you want to do because these people Are the ones that are going to be Completing it you want to do it like in For example like affiliate marketing Because these people are looking to like Sell products and that's not going to Work because they just want to sell Products or buy products they already Have the time to complete some free Offers okay if you want to just enter it Right here then pretty much click right Here on post ad then you just want to Add a title and pretty much right here

The headline from your landing page put It right here and then add it also to Add content right here sign up for a Chance to win thousand dollars towards The new iPhone 14 plus and then just Copy the URL of your landing page and Put it right here and then also make Sure to select the freebies categories And freebies right here and also both of These so you can select two categories And one directory listing under each Category for you pick okay so like two For two and then click right here on Post add now the name of the website is Actually worldprofit.com and this is Where you can get completely free Traffic it's not really high quality for Sales you can definitely get some sales From here but I recommend it for CPA so Just go ahead and sign up then click Right here on fleek free classified ads Place ads for free and then just pretty Much submit it just the way I showed you Right here and then when people are Going to come to your landing page that Looks something like this they are going To be added into your email sequence Which is going to be sending them these Emails okay so I'm going to just show You these emails very quickly and pretty Much right away they are going to Receive this email hey here is the Exclusive iPhone 14 giveaway you have Signed up for and then more offers all

Of these should be hyperlinks and then Also this is going to be the daily email That you should set up on like 30 days To make it completely automatic so these People are going to be checking these CPA offers for you and also completing Them if they are interested in them but Because they are coming from a freebie Section category most of them are going To be interested in those and that's it For this video hope you enjoyed this one Now if you like to see exactly how I'm Making over 1 400 per day that I highly Recommend your grain that you got my Inca into profit system link is in the Video description or check out this Video right here where I'm going to show You more in-depth step-by-step tutorial How I'm making this amount of money and Also how you can get started working With me you can see that today I made 1.4 thousand dollars so far very very Good day yesterday ended at 674 and last Seven days is almost over seven thousand Dollars so very nice thousand dollars Per day the math is very simple we Almost don't even have to like yeah it's Like seven it's like a thousand and Pretty much three cents per day so Thanks for watching click here and I'll See you there bye for now

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