Unlocking the Power of Insane AI to Generate Money on ClickBank: Learn How to Copy the Strategy

Are you tired of spending countless hours trying to generate income through ClickBank? Have you been struggling to find a winning strategy that can help you earn big bucks? Look no further! In this post, we’ll unveil the secret of unlocking the power of insane AI to generate money on ClickBank. You’ll learn how to copy the winning strategy and take advantage of the latest technology to increase your earnings effortlessly. Get ready to discover the game-changing method that will take your ClickBank income to the next level!


Have you ever wondered how some marketers seem to effortlessly make money on Clickbank and other affiliate marketing platforms? You may have heard about using AI robots to find profitable products and target the right audience, but how does it really work? In this article, we will dive into the strategy outlined in a popular YouTube video that has promising results. Along the way, we’ll provide tips and insights, as well as our thoughts about the video’s strategy effectiveness.

Find Profitable Products

According to the video, the first step to success with affiliate marketing is to find a profitable product. The video recommends using AI tools such as Anstrex to find the top-performing ads and products on ClickBank. Once you have identified a product, you can start creating your campaign around it.

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One important thing to note from the video is that you should avoid choosing a highly saturated product. Your chances of making money decrease significantly if the competition is too high. Instead, look for products that have high gravity scores and good conversion rates.

Finding the Right Audience

Once you have found the right product, it’s time to find the right audience. The video emphasizes the importance of targeting people who are interested in the product you are promoting.

One way to do this is through brand bidding, which involves running ads that target people who have already heard of the product. Alternatively, you can run ads that cater to a specific need. For example, if you are promoting a weight loss product, target people who have recently searched for weight loss tips.

AI Tools vs Good Old Fashion Work

While AI tools can help you find profitable products and potential buyers, they are not a replacement for hard work. The video warns against relying too much on AI tools and instead highlights the importance of putting in the effort. Running ads campaigns or doing SEO work to attract potential buyers is still necessary to generate traffic and conversions.

The video also emphasizes that AI tools cannot find the audience for you, and it’s essential to know your audience demographics and preferences.

The Anstrex Deal Offered

In the video, the creator offers a deal where all five affiliate marketing courses are bundled for a price of $77 (originally priced at $197 each), including a case study for each course. This deal offers excellent value and covers different aspects of affiliate marketing, including social media marketing, email marketing, and PPC advertising.

Moreover, The offer is closing soon, and viewers are encouraged to use coupon code Xx77 and click the first link in the description to take advantage of it.


In conclusion, the strategy outlined in the video is worth considering if you’re looking to generate money on ClickBank or other affiliate marketing platforms. The video provides useful insights on finding profitable products, targeting the right audience, and leveraging AI tools to your advantage.

However, as we noted earlier, hard work is still essential. The right combination of AI tools and diligent effort can help you unlock the power of affiliate marketing and earn a lucrative income. Don’t overlook the value of taking courses and investing in yourself to improve your affiliate marketing game.


  1. Does the video recommend using AI tools to replace hard work in affiliate marketing?
    No, the video warns against relying solely on AI tools and highlights the importance of putting in the work.

  2. What are some recommended ways to find the right audience for the product being promoted?
    The video recommends brand bidding, running ads that cater to a specific need, or knowing your audience demographics and preferences.

  3. What is the Anstrex deal offered in the video?
    The Anstrex deal is a bundle of five affiliate marketing courses for $77, including a case study for each course.

  4. Should I choose a highly saturated product for affiliate marketing?
    No, the video recommends avoiding such products as the competition will be too high.

  5. How can I take advantage of the Anstrex deal offered in the video?
    Viewers should use coupon code Xx77 and click the first link in the video’s description to access the offer.

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