Foreign [Music] S welcome back to another video in Today's video we're going to talk about A work from home job opportunity that Not require you to be on the phone and As I go through the job listing you will See that you do not need to have prior Experience now before we get started Make sure you are subscribed to this Channel and that you hit that Notification Bell so that you'll be Notified when new videos are posted of Work from home jobs that are hot okay These jobs can go fast there's no Guarantee that they'll stick around Forever so because the companies have Control over these job listings they can Pull the listing for multiple reasons Either because the position is filled or They received enough applicants and some Companies may keep the job posting Listed on their websites because they Just want to have it available in case You know someone does get hired for the Position and they don't last very long So let's jump into today's video today's Job lead is coming from a company called Rooster Teeth I have never heard of this Company before I just happen to come Across a website and I just browse Through some opportunities to see if They have any remote-beast jobs and I Currently do have a remote base position

It's not directly on their website but They post it on a separate site okay so The company's called Rooster Teeth into A quick Google search or Yahoo search Okay so that's basically what I did and It states that Rooster Teeth is a Production company an American digital Media company and they are located their Headquarters is located in Austin Texas Of course Google is free access you can Also use Yahoo search to find out Information about a company so so Because I've never heard of them before I did my own research and I basically Just type in the company name just so I Can see their reputation if they have They are well established and apparently They are they have a good pretty good Reputation they're well-known brand Apparently Um apple.com have them listed as a Pioneer media and entertainment company That is responsible for some of the Biggest online Series in history watch Game series from Achievement Hunter and Other game series that they have on Their website and they have been Featured in multiple articles in regards To their content media content okay so That's basically who Rooster Teeth is And we're going to jump to their Remote-based position they currently Have available So they are currently looking for a

Support representative and this is a Temp position it is a holiday position So they're looking for someone to start Working and earning money during the Holidays it is fully remote and I Believe that they are available in the US it doesn't have any location Restrictions listed on this job listing So sometimes if a job just states that It's remote and doesn't have any Indication in the job listing that is Just for the US that is just for U.S Residents to apply then it's a Possibility that you may be able to Apply in other countries as well and of Course majority of the jobs will require You to speak English majority of these Types of jobs okay so again I'm not sure If they are hiring outside of the us but They are definitely hiring within the US So they're looking for a temporary Community oriented customer service Representative as a support Representative you provide products and Shipping information to resolve any Emerging problems that their Community Might face with both accuracy and Efficiency again this is a temporary Position to assist during the holidays Responsibilities include manage high Volume of support chats and emails so You will be managing high volume meaning You'll be getting a lot of chats and Responding to emails and writing emails

Update customer account information Provide accurate valid and complete Information about Rooster Teeth Brands Take the extra mile to engage customers Identify and assess customer needs Update customer accounts information Notice that they repeated one of the Responsibilities listed here so it's a Possibility they may have done this on Purpose is you can point it out to the Company and just to press them to let Them know that you've thoroughly read Their job listing Um so sometimes the company will do this So this might be the case for this Company who or to just want to reiterate This because it's important so who knows All right now let's go to the Qualifications for this position so They're looking for someone who is Flexible to work a shift within the Hours of 9 A.M and 9 pm CS time that may Include weekends and overtime as well Must be able to read write English Fluently so this possibly could be Available outside of the US okay but you Have to write English fluently Previous email support experience is a Plus but it's not a requirement so plus Basically mean that if you happen to Have previous email support experience Then that is a plus and is desired Desirable most desirable and previous E-commerce retail experience is also a

Plus So because these two experience of Qualification is a plus if you happen to Have experiences in these areas then That is definitely a desirable trait Which may help you to get attention from The hiring manager if that is on your Resume or your cover letters make sure You highlight that you have email Support experience if you happen to have It or and Retail experience as well okay Notice also it doesn't State how many Years of experience you need or so let's Say you've worked in an email support Job for one month or two months and you Gain some experience then that is Considered experience and if you have Not done email support but you have done Some sort of customer support let's save Via chats or via phone and that's still Support experience okay so it's still Within the guidelines all right so they Have that who we are information at the Bottom of the job listing so make sure To read all this information so you Understand fully who they are what they Do Etc etc all right and then when you're Once you're done reading that Information you can click where it says Apply for this job and it will take you To a basic straightforward application You just upload your resume and if you Have a LinkedIn account you can

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And if you have a LinkedIn account you Can place that in a space that states LinkedIn URL if you have a Twitter GitHub portfolio other websites that you May have and definitely add them okay And if you have any additional Information such as your cover letter or Anything else you want to share make Sure you fill out this box then you Select your gender race veteran status Now this part is optional you don't have To fill this out if you don't feel Comfortable you know doing so okay so It's optional all right and that's it You submit application now in terms of The average pay for this company for This position when I when I did a Google Search Rooster Teeth support Representative salary I pulled up Rooster Teeth pays an average of sixty Thousand eight hundred and thirty Dollars per year or 29 dollars and 25 Cents an hour So that is what I was able to pull up Using Google so we can say the average Might be around that amount now of Course that the pay salary can be now of Course pay style Recon vary based on Location skill level experience you have How many years of experience those will Be factored into your salary once you Are accepted into the position okay so The average that I was able to find Again based on Google information is 29

An hour so that would bring you around Five thousand dollars per month for this Particular position if that is indeed The average for this company and Position okay so again keep in mind that Salary depends on your experience level So if you have previous email support Experience of let's say a year or two You may earn the maximum amount okay so Keep that in mind that's basically it For this video I just want to share this Company in this position with you if You're interested link is in the Description section make sure you click It also other remote-based jobs are Currently posted on Melissa home.com Link is in the description section below This video thanks for watching and I'll See you next time happy work from home Bye

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