Use ChatGPT For Fiverr Gigs

Big news you can use chat GPT to write Pretty great Fiverr gig descriptions gig Descriptions that can help you make more Money on Fiverr by helping your gigs Rank higher in Fiverr search and also by Doing a better job explaining your Services and convincing people to Purchase those services in this video I'm going to give you step by step Instructions for what you might want to Type in to chat GPT to ensure you're Getting the best possible results with The gig description that it's spitting Out for you so before I get into it make Sure you're liking this video and Subscribing to the channel so you don't Miss future videos just like this one Alright so first things first what is Chat GPT and how can you get access to It in a nutshell chat GPT is an AI chat Bot by a company called open AI where You can pretty much type anything into It and it'll spit out text that's pretty Well written you can ask it to write Blog posts write essays answer questions For you it can even check and write code It's a pretty powerful tool and while I Think that chat gpt's value is still to Be proven in a lot of those areas when It comes to writing things like Fiverr Gig descriptions I think that where it Is right now it's already an amazing Tool that can write gig descriptions That will be really helpful for a lot of

Freelancers so to access it you just go To open ai's website and click try chat GPT you'll need to create an account and Once you do you can log in and you have Access to the chat bot once you log in You'll be at their home page and you'll See a simple interface with a search bar At the bottom that's where the magic Happens here's a Fiverr gig description That I recently had chat GPT right for Me my name is Mike and I'm a Professional video editor with over 10 Years of experience in the field I have A background in Motion Graphics and I've Worked with some of the biggest YouTubers out there I am proficient in a Number of different video editing Software including DaVinci Resolve Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro in Addition to my professional experience I Have also taken college courses in video Editing further honing my skills and Knowledge in the field I'm confident in My abilities as a video editor and Consider myself a truly Professor a true Professional in the industry anyways I'm All tongue tied but you can read the Full description in that screenshot Section of this video pretty great that Was one that I I got it to write Obviously for a video editor it's pretty Powerful and I think that that level of Quality for a gig description will do Just fine for most Fiverr sellers

Especially if you're a Fiverr seller who Has trouble with the English language And if the English language isn't really Something that's related to the services You're providing it can help you bridge That Gap so more people can find your Services that'll find them helpful but The thing is to get it to spit out Results like that I found over my Testing this past week that you have to Be typing in very specific things so I Made this easy to follow checklist that You can use to make sure that every time You're trying to get a gig description Written by chat GPT it's giving you some Pretty solid results I found that Starting with the identifier or the First line with something like write a Freelance service description for a Blank like for that specific type of Service always starting with that Typically helps you want to then include Background on the freelancer their Skills the tools of the trade that they Use how much time they've spent in the Industry if there's examples of past Clients note that there note down any Courses they've taken on the subject and A bit of personal info how they view Themselves and what will be included With this service once it's delivered You can take a screenshot of this list Or just bookmark this video and refer Back to it but I found that every time I

Put in a gig description request Following this checklist I got some Pretty decent results results that I Think would do well on many people's Fiber gigs and just so you can see how This works I'm going to put a screen Share up of me trying going through this Checklist again instead of doing a video Editing gig this time it'll be for our Graphic design gig and you can see just How quickly and just how high quality of A gig description it'll spit out if you Follow this checklist Thank you [Music] Thank you Pretty solid right so what I've gathered Through testing the tool is that it can Get pretty decently specific in the Description you just need to make sure You're putting the right information in So that it gives you the right Information out and the framework that I'm presenting in this video has proven To me at least to be a pretty reliable Method to get pretty consistent results Every time so when it comes to Gig Description should you rely on chat GPT Entirely honestly my honest opinion at This point I really don't know I think That as it stands chat GPT does a great Job getting a gig description 90 of the Way there 90 of the way to being Fantastic that remaining 10 percent

Might be you tweaking it or adding to it To make it more personal or you know More related to you or just to show a Little bit of your experience or Personality so take this as as food for Thought in a world where everyone now Has access to a tool like chat GPT That's going to become the Baseline and If everyone is just using the text that It spits out it's going to be hard to Differentiate that 10 that you adding a Bit of background on yourself your Personality what you enjoy what it's Like working with you you adding to Whatever it spits out and giving it that Little 10 extra love could be what Differentiates you from your competition And helps people make the decision to Purchase from you so just keep this in Mind because I know a lot of you are Probably thinking of all the ways that You can just spit stuff into chat chat GPT and do no work there probably is Going to be an element of Differentiation especially as more People start using it that comes from Personal experience so keep that in mind That'll probably help you take things You know really to the next level so What do you think helpful scary amazing What do you think of chat GPT leave me a Comment down below I would love to chat With you about it so thank you so much For watching till next time cheers

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