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Here is how this channel makes over Thirty six thousand dollars a month and They do this by publishing faceless YouTube videos like this one getting Millions of views and you can start Doing the exact same thing using chat GPT so step one come over to and sign up for a free Account so let's say you wanted to make A video like this what happens if you Plank every day for one minute all you Need to do is come over to chat GPT and Tell it exactly to do that and then Click onto this little icon Chad GPT Will now go ahead and write you an Entire video script the best part is all Of this is 100 free step three you want To go to and create a YouTube Video just click onto mobile video which Is 1080 by 1920. you can come over to Audio and upload your voiceover over Here and then use all these videos and Images to create your video and if you Want to get my full training on how I Make twenty thousand dollars a month With videos like this clicking the link In the description or the bio

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