Weirdest Fiverr Project Ever?

So over the last year I've got a lot of Strange project requests on Fiverr I've Had people asking me to write sales copy For their adult fetish websites Sometimes it's a really wacky MLM Selling like ten thousand dollar water Purification alkaline machines and Sometimes it's just a random request That catches you off guard but the thing Is regardless of what our individual Beliefs or Comforts are as a freelancer We're opening ourselves up by being a Freelancer to getting requests like These and we need to learn how to Respond appropriately do we take the Projects do we politely decline do we Refer them to somebody else what do we Do in these situations honestly it can Be confusing at times and in this video I'm going to talk about a recent Situation I found myself in it was a Little awkward I'm gonna talk about how I dealt with it and how you might want To deal with a similar situation PS Before I get into it just to let you Know I recently became a full-time Content creator YouTube and copywriting Are now my main source of income so just Want to let you know that likes and Subscriptions really mean a lot to me Now more than ever before so if you Found this video helpful please consider Giving it a like and if you're not Already subscribed consider subscribing

So you don't miss a video okay so a Couple weeks ago I got a message from Someone that I've never worked with in The past they were inquiring about my Services and whether or not I'd be able To rewrite some existing copy that they Had on one of their websites the website Was about black magic basically a site Where they people would pay for them to Remove spells curses stuff like that now I'll start by saying I have nothing Against people believing what they Believe in or starting businesses that They want to start not at all and at Times I've I have worked or found myself In situations where I've had to do a Project for a company I wasn't 100 Aligned with it does happen but in this Particular situation I just felt it Wouldn't be right for me to take on this Project because I just totally thought This was all Hocus Pocus smoking mirrors I really I thought it was absurd and That would be unfair to this client Because I'd be taking a project not Giving it my all and they'd be paying me What anyone else would be paying paying Me for this type of work because just It's not a fair situation for me to find Myself in or put them in because Honestly if I were to think about myself My family my personal life in the lens Of this business I would be really Concerned if I found out anyone close to

Me was spending money to have spells Removed I just think it's it's all Fantasy nothing against the client it Just doesn't align with my beliefs I I If I can't at all get on board with what The person's doing it's going to be Really hard for me to write something Solid so what did I do well I told them That really politely I said hey I'm not An expert in Blackmagic and if I'm being Honest I don't think I'm the best fit For this project you don't got to be Meaning these situations but you do need To be honest so you're not setting the Wrong expectations and getting someone To hire you and then not delivering what They expect this is a person on the Other end remember that so respond Politely and see what they say and also I didn't want to just not respond Because then that would affect my Response rate metrics on Fiverr and then That would hurt my business so a Response is definitely warranted so I Sent them that polite response client Was very polite said hey I appreciate Your honesty and we went our separate Ways what do you think about this Situation have you gotten situations Similar to this one in the past would You have responded was I wrong in Responding how do you feel about taking Projects in a situation like this where It's just so out of left field for you

That you feel like you wouldn't be able To deliver you know a real genuine Hundred percent effort what would you do Let me know in the comments interested In learning more about what you think Anyways that's it for this video thank You so much for watching until next time Cheers

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