What is the Best Skill in Freelancing?

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Strategy Vs Tactics to Market Your Accounting Practice

Like most aspects of running your accounting practice, your marketing will be most successful if you have a plan. And as you develop or review your accounting marketing plan, maintain focus on both long-term strategies and short-term tactics. To better illustrate the difference, here is Merriam-Webster’s definitions of strategy and tactics…

Want To Make Money From Home – Build A Business Blog

A home based business blog is the key to absolute freedom and limitless income. You read that right: limitless income in slippers. The key to a successful home based business blog is connections and content.

Make Money Blogging – Is It Really Possible?

“How do you make money blogging?” I get that question all the time. The answer is simple: Empower Network.

Sharing Is Word of Mouth

Pinterest might be a site dedicated to pictures and photos, but pictures say far more than you can in a single sentence. You need to share the right material with your audience and promote your brand as approachable and something they can relate to. When you do that, your audience will want to share more than just your Pinterest pins.

Turning Your Content Into a Word of Mouth Marketing Tool

Generating content that will become your word of mouth marketing tool comes down to how it affects the audience. Does it reach them? Does it interest them? Does it influence them? Always remember to create content that speaks with the audience and generates not only shares but an ongoing conversation that is captivating.

Feelings Are the Fuel for Word of Mouth

Brands are unique to each owner, possessing characteristics that can’t be reproduced by any other. So what is it that actually defines a brand? There are numerous characteristics that you might think are defining your brand but they don’t. For example, your perseverance to share your content with the audience and the number of individuals you reach are merely responsible for improving your brand’s visibility not defining it.

She Who Implements, Wins!

Have you ever returned from an event or a workshop feeling totally overwhelmed with all the information? When that happens then, typically, nothing happens. We are in a state of paralysis!

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