YouTube JUST CHANGED Forever 🤯

Just a few days ago YouTube changed Forever you see on the first of Feb YouTube rolled out its shorts ad Revenue Sharing what this means is if you are a Current YouTube Creator and you are Posting YouTube shorts and you're Wearing a YouTube Partner program you Are going to start making money from Your YouTube shorts this is an absolute Game Changer if you're already monetized And you're looking to leverage from more Ad Revenue because we know that other Short platform contents like Tick Tock Pay barely anything the only problem at The moment is getting monetized with YouTube shorts the criteria is not easy You need 1 000 subscribers and 10 Million public short views within 90 Days but it's okay because there's other Ways to monetize your YouTube shorts Like I'm doing let me show you how all You need to do is go over to link in the description From there you want to watch this video And learn how we monetize all our YouTube shorts learn how I've made over Two thousand three hundred dollars just Today with this exact same strategy so Even before you're monetized with a YouTube shorts program you can make a Ton of money just click on that link in My description and I'll see you there

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