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This method is going to be a money Making machine because I have already Owned around four thousand dollars in The past one month this in my PayPal you Can see my name over here this is my Current PayPal balance and in the past 30 days I have earned around four Thousand dollars along with that there Is another 600 dollars that I need to be Paid that is in my balance I can just Refresh this as well And as you can see over here that it Still needs to be paid to me so it will Be paid within a few days and this is my Money that I have earned with this Particular method so I've been making Few thousand dollars each and every Month consistently and it is Exponentially growing you can do the Same just follow what I'm going to do Just understand the concept so that you Can implement this and start making Money on your own and start your online Journey with this free traffic method so Just watch the full video jumping Straight onto the method the main money Making website that we will be using is Called fiverr.com I'm sure you must have Heard about this fiverr.com is basically A freelance Marketplace world's biggest Freelance marketplace where you can find A lot of different people in different Different areas selling their services And the best part is that Fiverr has a

Superb affiliate program we just have to Get people on their platform and we can Make a ton of money the best part about This is that people can trust this Website if I just go to any of the Sellers over here you can see that People will be able to see their ratings People will be able to see their Previous work and all of this increases The trust so there is no selling that we Need to do from our side we just have to Get interested people over here and that Is it so that is what we are going to do In order to join the affiliate program You can just scroll down below you can See Affiliates over here click over here You can just scroll down below in order To see the commissions and you can see That they have two kinds of plans two Programs that you can opt for the first One will be where you will be making the Money up front for the first sale that You are able to get and here is a Bifurcation of how much money you will Make for the different different Categories in which you are selling the Services for example if you sell a Fiverr Pro service you will make 150 Dollars straight up for the first uh Deal it doesn't matter if the service is Being sold by the seller for ten dollars Or a thousand dollars this is your fixed Rate that you will make for selling Services that come under the Fiverr Pro

Category the services that come under Mobile apps data science you will make Straight flat 50 now why Fiverr does This is because they think that people Will again and again buy so that is why They provide a flat rate for the first Time irrespective the selling amount the Price of the service doesn't matter if It is a five dollar thing or if it is a 500 thing you will make this flat amount Depending on the category listed over Here this is the first way of making Money that is The Upfront money making Method the second way is the hybrid plan Where you will make ten dollars for the First sale and then 10 percent of all The Future purchases for the next one year Or 12 months so you can go ahead with Any of them you can also try and test Both of them to see what is working Better to get started you just have to Register for the affiliate program and It is a very simple process come over Here click over here on start earning Now and you will have to fill up this Firm super simple basic details first Name last name email address then Account type will be a private account What is your mean do you have a main Traffic Source you can say yes Here in the URL of your traffic Source Like I have told in the previous videos As well wherever some website asks you

For any kind of URL you can just go to Google search for literally anything Then scroll down below go over here on The 10th 12th and then take up any Website from over here take up any Website name from over here take any URL From over here and paste it over here This is one thing that you can do if Your account gets rejected for some Reason then you can use other Alternatives as well for example your Google sites landing page Link Link tree Link social media handle links like your Facebook account Twitter Youtube Instagram whatever you have they just Need a website you can paste that over Here Skype it is not compulsory you Don't have to select that you can click On next then they will ask you for a few Other details like what are your traffic Sources how experienced you are over There just write big big things about Yourself just tick the boxes that are Coming up like from where you will get The traffic email marketing social media Ads all of that you can just tick tick Tick all of those things and you can Submit your application then once you Create your account come over here on Marketing tools come over here on Default and deep links now we need to Create our Fiverr affiliate link that we Can send to our audience let's say we Want to promote any of these top editing

Uh Fiverr sellers that are coming up Let's say this one over here so all you Need to do is Over here in the URL you can see that There is a question mark over here so Whatever link is coming before the Question mark this part over here just Copy this come back click over here on LP URL paste the link over here and just Click over here on the tick box then you Can just copy the link from over here This will be your one-time payment link If you just open this in a new tab you Will be able to see that we are directly On that person's account on that Person's page that we want to promote so This way we can promote individual People that we want to uh promote According to our promotion method Now Understand this is the main trick this Is the main part this is the main Promotional strategy that we are going To use in order to get sales that is Over here on Fiverr you will see that There are tons and tons of different Different opportunities options in which You can start promoting Music Entertainment writing digital marketing Graphic designing the main strategy for This particular method is that we are Going to select services that have Visual representation means we can Visually show the people what is going To be done so we are going to show them

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Visually that these are the different Things that can be done click over here If you want to get this professionally Made for example weed editing for Example logo designing for example Business card making Card designs so there are tons and tons Of things that we can visually show that Here are the different options here are Here is one business card design here is Another business card design here is a Third business card design and then at The end we are going to say that if you Want to get these cards professionally Made you can click on the link in order To get a professional to make these Business cards and then we can just come Over here on business cards and we can Promote a person who is selling this Service then along with that app design Website design if I just give you a few Examples as you can see I've just come On YouTube and searched over here for What things can be visually shown what Things are over there best business card Designs you can see here is a video Showing the different different card Designs then best editing templates we Can combine different editing videos and Then tell the people if they want this Quality of professional edits they can Click on the link and purchase the Service best business logo design ideas Best landing page design ideas best

Email marketing template ideas all the Different things all the ideas you will Get over here anything that you can Visually represent that you can give Examples of here is an example of a Business card then a second example Third example fourth example and then we Can tell them that if they want these Professionally made they can click on The link so all we need to do is combine Different videos and there will be no Issues at all if you follow what I'm Going to do here is Best business card design so take two Design ideas from this video take two Design ideas from this video then if you Scroll down below take two design ideas From this video and this way if you Combine different different videos Together put on some background music There will be no copyright issues and This way we will have our high quality Videos that we can show to our audience In order to get that traffic and in Order to get sales so all we need to do Is let's say we click over here on this Video copy the URL y2mate is a website That will allow you to download these Videos just paste the link over here and You can download this video now in order To do some very simple edits of Combining different videos together Putting some simple background music we Can use a free tool called open shot we

Can do the same thing on canva as well We can use DaVinci Resolve as well or Any other there are plenty of free Simple editing tools that we can use you Can just go over here on open shot if You click over here you can download Open shot for any any system you have it Is very simple then if you just come on Canva over here you can just search over Here for shorts You will get a template that you can use Select blank blank template from over Here after that go over here on the Uploads and just upload the videos that You have downloaded different different Videos here we have the videos you can Just stretch it like this in order to Fill out the whole screen and we can Just show different different parts from Different different videos in order to Promote this particular video click over Here on this trim tool then just drag Whichever design whichever part you want To show Once you have done that as you Can see a plus button is coming over Here click on this here you can add Another video and then trim out the part That you want to show this way we can Combine two to three different videos Together I hope you are getting the idea We are showing the audience different Examples of what their business logo Their business card can look like once We have done that in the end we can just

Click on the plus icon again and in the End Let's say we put out any background Image or background color over here Click over here on the text add a text Box and we can say to get these Professionally made for the cheapest Price click on the link in the comment Box click on the link in the description Box to get professional help click on The link in the description box so this Way we can add a call to action At the end once you have presented all These five six different ideas once you Have done that click over here on share And you can download these videos then You can come back on YouTube and Instagram to upload these videos these Are the two platforms where I've been Uploading these videos in order to get The traffic for the title and all you Can just see what the other people have Written and you can use the same titles Top 10 business card designs get the Best business card designs over here Something like that depending on what You are promoting and to find the tags That you can use for your videos just Come on rapid tags click over here on YouTube tag generator click over here on Business cards search for this and you Will find all these different business Card tags that you can use while Uploading the videos so what I have done

Is all the design kind of things I have Clubbed into one channel business card Designs editing logo design and I've Been focusing on making two YouTube Shots each and every day and around Three to four long making a 2-3 minute Long horizontal video on the same topic Using the same method so I've combined All the logo design and design kind of Things in one channel along with that I Have combined all the digital marketing Things landing page email marketing in One channel and doing the same thing two YouTube shots per day and three to four Long full videos on YouTube per week Along with that as I said that you will Get all your ideas from over here Another superb idea that I've been Working on that has been working very Well for me is that if you just come on Lifestyle go over here on Fitness Lessons so you will see a lot of people Selling Training Services Fitness Coaching Fitness training kind of Services so any kind of weight loss Account you have or you can create for This method as well you can sell these Weight loss coaching Services as well so What I have been doing is weight loss Transformation video videos you can see Over here copy paste from two three Different places there will be no issues Put on some background music put on some Headings put on some text put on a call

To action at the end no issues so Similarly weight loss transformation Videos so this way there are plenty of Ideas for doing this kind of work you Just have to choose and I have given Plenty of examples just to be consistent And try to bring out your ideas your Creativity into the methods I have shown Along with this if you like my money Making methods and want to learn even More tips and tricks from me if you want Me to personally help you become Successful in this field like I have Done I provide personal training as well So you can check out my website from the First link in the description box below My students are absolutely crushing it Some are making money in the first week As well some in the first month as well With hundred percent free traffic you Can do the same so I'm here to fully Help you if you want to get personally Trained by me do check out my website From the first link in the description Box below and if you want to learn Another superb way of making thousands Of dollars for free you just have to be Consistent on that method every detail Every step is explained in this video Over here you just have to start working On them put out your creativity and Ideas and start making money right now

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