2023 Inflation! Will BIDEN make life WORSE for the middle class?

This Woman's name is Leanne she's young She's beautiful and she's the mom of a Pretty little girl who's only two years Old with a beautiful daughter like this She should be feeling full of life but Last month she was feeling the mounting Pressure of her leaving expenses Rising Falling behind on her heating Electricity and even a rent she was Feeling so much pressure that she Decided to hold her beautiful daughter In her hand and jump in front of a train A sad end to these two beautiful souls And we can only hope that they didn't Suffer as they passed away what a Terrible way to live this life although This is an isolated case as it happened In England it highlights a terrible Train that we saw all throughout 2022 Around the world leaving expenses rising And the cost of minimum goods and Services that are higher the Us and Other 37 countries have been printing a Lot of money the last two years and more And more people around the world are Feeling the pressure of high inflation Now let me ask you this how many people Heading towards 2023 will feel just like Lihan how many people will feel the Pressure of too much living expenses When they have limited income what can You do to protect yourself and your Family from feeling this much pressure We're going to be talking about all that

In this video let's get into it foreign What's up guys this is JC and welcome to The wealth engineering Channel this is Where I create thought provoking content That talks about anything related to Business and investing and in today's Video we're gonna be talking about the Terrible trend of businesses around the World that have to raise the price for Their goods and services due to Inflation and also what you can do about It to protect yourself if you like this Content make sure you hit the like Button and write a comment I want to Hear your thoughts on this but we gotta Talk about this in England it's getting Downright scary according to the office For National statistic 91 of adults in Great Britain report an increase in Their cost of living in October to November so just in a month they notice A higher increase in their cost this is Exactly what lihan was going to as she Was walking in front of this train she Was one of those 91 of a dog feeling the Cost of living expenses Rising Leanne Specifically was paying 334 Euros for Electric bills 638 dollars for gas which is needed for Heating and also about 1500 Euros for Our rent how many people right now are Feeling the effect of rent Rising look At this chart guys in 2022 alone key Finding on rent increases you can see

This chart I'll have it the link in the Description below from 2021 to 2022 we Can see percentage of increase in rent Florida is the most with 22 percent rent Increase but look at these guys New York 18 New Jersey 17 even Alaska soars 16 Raise in rent it's not just the US even In Canada where I'm at right now we're Seeing a similar pattern according to Rental.ca the average rent in Canada is Nearly 2 thousand dollars per month more Canadians are getting angry about the Rising costs of everything and they're Getting their voice heard the Canadian Prime Minister had to cancel two speech This year as the police warned him that It could escalate quickly and be very Unsafe for it Biden was worried about Everything that is happening around the World he also made inflation his top Priority domestically but is he having Any luck absolutely not he's doing his Best to calm the public but they're Feeling the pain every month England is Going to high inflation as well and They're doing whatever they can to Reduce and control those inflation by Raising interest rate however they're Not having any luck as within a year They had to go to two prime ministers And they're currently on the third one Right now and not seeing any progression As a country is in downfall will this Trend get worse in 2023 well let's take

A look check out this table guys annual Inflation rate by month and year and you Can see every month the inflation rate They can goes all the way to 2000 now to 2000 the average inflation was 3.4 but In 2021 the average inflation was 4.7 The but look at this the last month of 2021 it was starting to increase in from Five to six and it was basically Averaging 7 at the very least into 2022 But we also had 9.1 at some point Throughout the year and now we're seeing A trend where it's slowly going down but Basically it's still at the all-time High for 40 years in my opinion you Should buckle up and prepare for the Worst and hope for the best but it's not All lost there are things that you can Do in today's time right now to put Yourself in a position where you when You can actually benefit from the high Inflation actually the good news is the Market is going down and everything is In sale that means right now you can buy Assets that have real values associated With them at the Pennies on the dollar Throughout 2023 we might see a similar Trend where the market is going to go Stagnant either it's going down or it's Going to go sideway but it's not going To go up yet that means it's giving you The time to load up on some assets Whether it's cryptocurrencies whether It's real estate whether it's stock

Market on the tech sector like apple Tesla or any other companies like this If you're interested in them now is the Time you scoop them up and sell and wait For the market to correct eventually Whether we're talking about 2024 or 2025 The market will turn around some people Are expecting even a depression at some Point but regardless of how bad it is it Always will turn around and what you're Waiting for is to scoop up assets at a Lower price and wait for them to Skyrock Whenever in the market is going to go Turn around so remember guys the best Investment you can make is to invest in Your financial education but also invest In yourselves whether it's your Education increasing your skills but do Whatever you can to do right now so that You can increase your skill increase Your salary and get ready for the high Income living expenses that are getting Ready find ways to maybe you want to Live with someone else to reduce your Expenses but invest any savings you have Left buy assets and educate yourself About value assets make sure also you Check out my course I have a course Where I detailed macroeconomic aspects That you can look for so that you can Better invest and see what's coming Ahead but check make sure you check it Out I'm also going to have a sale on it As well so why not invest in yourself as

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Well but with that said guys make sure You get ready for the next Bull Run Because there is always a bull run after Bad blood in the market like this so Right now don't worry about the high Cost don't worry about the uh Market Going down just worry about getting Assets in a discount that should be your Main priority and to do that you might Need to get a side job you might need to Increase your skills look for a new job With that pays you better or do a Combinations of all that but whatever You do get ready for the next Bull Run With that said we'll talk on the next Video hey It's all about wealth engineering it Might be something that you're not used To it's okay cause I'm here to introduce You into Concepts time to grow I make Big moves all about crypto come see Stocks in business yes indeed got the Info that you need hosted by my homie JC Hey

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