5 Ways To Grow Your eCommerce Business In 2021 🚀

Site Replication Allows Distributors to Grow Their Customer Base and Expand Their Business

Since the entire purpose of MLM marketing is to sell products and build a network of distributors who are all working toward a common goal, finding tools that are consistent and improve productivity is very important. Site replication is one way in which MLM distributors can easily expand their businesses and lure in new customers.

Marketing – Then And Now

Business can no longer rely on a great reputation and a standout listing in the Yellow Pages when it comes to attracting customers. No doubt many business people look back and think that ‘those were the days’. The fact is the world has changed and social media is driving what we do as marketers and business owners. There is no escaping it. The question is, how did we get to here? Let’s take a brief look at the last 40 years.

Attract Clients and Stay in Touch With a High Content, High Value Ezine

Your ezine, or email newsletter, provides a way to stay in touch with people in your database and is usually part of your free irresistible offer (IFO) to attract clients. The point of your newsletter is to share really high content and high value information that readers can take action on. An ezine also keeps you top-of-mind with people in your database who are potential clients. And it helps you promote new products and programs, again working to convert those readers into clients and customers.

How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Plan

A good content marketing plan will bring in new customers, and will encourage loyalty customers to buy more, while you are continuously adding new content each day of the week. As your goal is to sell products and services, a structured approach helps to satisfy your customers needs and wants.

10 Things to Consider When Making a Promo Video

Making a promotional video is a great way to get your company name and image out there. Of course, you aren’t the only one making a promo video, so you have to make sure yours stands out in a crowd. You want a video that is great and that really highlights the best of what you are about. Here are ten tips to help you achieve that.

Building Your Sales Pipeline

Your sales pipeline consists of all of your customers and potential customers. Someone enters the pipeline as a lead and the goal is to move them all the way to the last stop of the pipeline: a loyal customer. So how do you build the pipeline for generating revenue?

Part 2: Building a Relationship With Someone You’ll Never Meet

Last week, I wrote about the age-old process of establishing relationships to build business opportunities. Your ability to create the know-like-trust equation (otherwise called a ‘relationship’) ultimately depends on your ability to always meet or exceed the expectations of your audience; and those expectations are riding on your consistency of value delivery.

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