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Custom Uniforms Make for a Memorable First Impression

A company that does not utilize uniforms can lose customers by giving them a confusing shopping experience. Whether a customer is shopping or looking for assistance, the process needs to be easy and employees need to be easily visible. A uniform makes employees not only visible, but it gives customers a way to remember what the employees of your brand wear.

Can Product Managers Be Too Clever When It Comes To Pricing?

How much does your product cost? I’m willing to bet that you have a price sheet / guide somewhere that took a big effort to create. You probably had to study the market, study your customers, and study what the other guys were charging in order to come up with your prices as a part of your product development definition. Once you had done this, you then had to get a bunch of people to approve your prices. Whew – finally you were done, the prices were set in stone, and you moved on to other things. However, is this really the best way to price your product?

Sales Funnels Advanced: Get Traffic Like a Boss

Traffic generation doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, you can generate traffic quickly & easily using any of these 27 powerful strategies.

Evoking Trust and Curiosity With Your Story

Regardless of how you decide to connect with your new clients, the most important connection tool you have comes down to telling good stories. Whether it’s your clients or yours, you can connect with new clients by sharing stories that evoke trust and curiosity.

How to Align Your Mindset With Attraction to Close More Sales

Have you noticed you are attracting interest in your business, but somehow you’re not getting more clients? When this happens to people, there is usually something we call a “chaotic vibration” going on.

What You Want!

I don’t need any help! How many of you, as entrepreneurs, are still carrying this core belief? If you are, it’s going to kill you and your business. Seriously.

Customized Coffee Mug: Powerful Marketing Tool For Your Business

Promotional coffee mug are a great way to advertise your business, offerings or team. It is most widely used, inexpensive article. A lot of people enjoy coffee/tea in their own mug. Coffee mug also offers great exposure to any brand due to its high usability. The business world is very competitive today, marketers must use effective tools to protect their existing customer base and lure prospective consumers.

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