Don’t Be a Low Value Video Editor!

High value video editing is a big one so Most video editors Target YouTubers pick Talkers people who make videos for Instagram but a lot of them probably Still don't get many clients despite all Of that why is that well it's because if You're just focused on selling your Skills as a video editor you're bunching Yourself up with pretty much every other Video editor out there so because of That all those content creators that You're probably targeting see little Value in your service above all the Others and that's because they'll still Need to spend a lot of time working with You to get you to edit their videos they Need to spend time explaining to you Their Channel their goals with the Channel the mission of the channel who The target audience is the types of Videos they're they're trying to produce How they edit why they do what they do There's a lot of work that's going to be Required from the Creator's end to Actually work with you as a video editor

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