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How B2B Portals Are Useful in Promoting Your Business?

B2B portals are most useful for developing new business communities and maintain improved relations with current business correspondents. It also helps in reducing the time cycle involved in making products and services easily available to the customers.

Tips For Effectively Marketing Your Martial Arts School

Once you become the owner of a martial arts school, teaching won’t be your only or primary job. This will be especially true if you plan on keeping overheads low by hiring only a few employees to help you out. One of the important additional tasks you will have to handle is marketing your martial arts school. After all, if no one knows about your school and offered courses, you won’t have any students. You won’t get any revenue as well. And to get people or kids to enroll at your school, you need to market or promote your institution. If it’s your first time to carry out a marketing campaign for your martial arts school, below are some useful tips that can help you.

Using Props in Marketing

Props play an important role in making something realistic and creative. This attribute of props helps marketers to use props in their marketing tactics.

5 Promotional Items for Financial Services Companies

Each and every industry and company can benefit from promotional merchandising, and this includes companies in the sector ranging from travel agencies and hospitality right through to healthcare and construction. Financial services companies too can benefit from promotional merchandising, whether for their customers or their business associates.

Time to Humanise Your Marketing

Over the years consumers have become irritated with brands coming to them with a buying plea. They are after them everywhere, at home, in their office and at parties. Many marketers have made errors of not considering the human nature of their audience and thus have lost a lot of customers over the years. If you want to build a better connection between your brand and its consumers, humanize all your marketing efforts.

The Death of Rolodex Marketing

The Internet has profoundly changed the way professional services are purchased. But too many companies continue to rely on traditional networking, rather than building online visibility for their brand. To succeed in an online marketplace, companies must learn to sell themselves, well before their phone rings.

The 2 Most Deadly Sins of B2B Marketing

Many small and medium-sized businesses are unsuccessful at marketing because they have unrealistic expectations or are inconsistent in their efforts. This article identifies the basic blocking and tackling that’s required for marketing to yield tangible business results.

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