From Failing to Making $100,000 Copywriting

I've made over a hundred thousand Dollars as a copywriter on the internet Part-time just a couple hours per week Sounds pretty awesome right it is Awesome but I'll be real with you that Didn't just happen overnight before I Started getting paid really good money To write I had a bunch of failed or Abandoned writing projects already under My belt so in this video I'm going to Talk about some of my failures coming up As a copywriter because I think that's Super important good things take time Practice failures and learning from Those failures in order to get to that Point where you can succeed and make a Lot of money doing something so in this Video I'm going to cover the learning From failures bit of what I just Mentioned and cover some of the things That I learned from failing my way up to A hundred thousand dollars as a Copywriter so that hopefully you can Speed up your own journey to making a Hundred thousand dollars as a copywriter For yourself alright so my first failed Attempt at doing something writing Related takes us way back about 12 years To when I was in university I you know Had read up a lot about how easy it was To make money blogging so I decided I Would start a blog about cars I think it Was called or something Like that it was a car blog I was

Passionate about cars and the Big Challenge I faced with this first blog Was that at the time it was really Really hard for me to pump out blog Posts I was just so new to the whole Creative process I think I went to one Car show in Toronto took a bunch of Pictures of all the cars there and over Time wrote blog posts on all of the ones That I was interested in this site if it Was even called Dirty rides whatever it Was called it died after like six months Why did it die well at that time I think The main reason it died was I had Started this blog exclusively under the Goal of making money from writing I and I had neglected one of the most Important things that is important to New writers and that's focusing on the Writing because the blog wouldn't be Successful unless people are reading it And people won't read it unless what You're writing is good I missed that Part so due to that my car blog Short-lived maybe was at it for like six Months it died but after that I actually Did something that I stuck with for Quite a while and taught me a lot about What it meant to be a writer I started a Tech blog it was called the and I did that for about a Year and a half first just critiquing The name a little bit the proxy news is Probably the worst name I could have

Picked for that website because it kept Getting flagged by people viewing the Site's filter security filters the word Proxy was getting flagged all over the Place but that was a lesson learned in SEO and but a keyword research that I Didn't do so running that site was great And that was probably my first real Experience doing something that helped Me as a writer I was posting once or Twice per week I was learning about paid Advertising getting traffic to these Posts SEO I I think at its peak the Proxy news got like 30 000 views in one Month which was a lot and I made like a Hundred dollars on AdSense throughout The whole year of me running the site so Definitely not profitable but was a Great learning experience but ultimately I gave up on this one as well the Reality was that Tech the world of tech Moves so fast and to stay relevant and Putting out content that people want to Read I'd have to be doing at least one Post per day and I just didn't love Tech Enough to be doing that the amount of Research writing editing it was just too Much so after about a year and a half I Gave up on the proxy news gave it a Little break a couple years later I Think I started another passion Project Blog like I haven't learned already that I wasn't good at these but it was about Soccer I love soccer it was called the

Big Lewandowski which is kind of a play Off of the name of a player Robert Lewandowski and the movie The Big Lebowski basically it was just a Blog Where I was writing about trade rumors Match analysis things like that and just Like the sites that I started before This one I gave up I think this one only Lasted a couple months because there's Just so many soccer games on you got to Watch so much soccer and it started Making me hate my biggest passion in Life which is watching soccer so I gave Up on it I threw in the towel I said I'm Done with it so after that soccer site I Really started to gain an understanding Of what was going wrong I was creating All these different websites with the Motivation of making money but I was Neglecting a core part of these types of Businesses blogs require readers and you Only get readers to blogs if what you're Writing is actually good and to write Something that's good you can't be Focused solely on the money you got to Be focused on the writing or what you're Writing about and that's something I Missed so I kind of gave up on blogging And axed it all together the whole Formula of what it would take to be good At blogging you know you need to write Without getting paid and be okay doing It for free at the time in my life I Needed money and the formula just wasn't

Adding up for me when it came to Blogging so it was a while but at some Point I smartened up and I just started Getting interested in creative writing Writing stories and I picked it up I Started writing some fiction I dabbled With hundreds and hundreds of different Plot ideas I was studying how to write I Was practicing how to write Um I took some paid courses I read books I was in it it was something I was doing I wasn't really doing it for money and It really really grabbed me for a while So much so that I eventually got to the Point where I wrote like nine chapters Of a book I was trying to write called Camp crypto it's basically a story about Cryptocurrency uh this big like kind of Market crisis it was causing honestly The premise I had was very similar to What's currently going on with FTX and That guy Sam bankman freed I obviously Didn't finish the story but I wrote nine Chapters it's available for free Actually on Wattpad if you want to check It out but it was something that I was Passionate about and doing that really Kind of tweaked me from my old ways of Doing blogs just to make money to Writing because I enjoyed writing but Ultimately I never finished this book I Did like nine chapters and it's not Because I didn't enjoy it or I picked The wrong thing again it's because I

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Discovered Fiverr and copywriting on Fiverr and that totally grabbed me and I Started to obsess over writing on fiber So I think the reason I got so hooked With Fiverr as a writer was it filled a Lot of the gaps that my past writing Ventures didn't it allowed me a place to Find clients which would allow me to Practice my writing and do writing for Them while getting paid at the same time Which kind of was that perfect storm for Me I needed to make money I'm motivated By money but I also was interested in Writing and the Money Motivated me to Write it was just perfect for me and I've been going at it for like four or Five years steady fiber has been amazing I've made like a hundred thousand Dollars through Fiverr in freelancing in General since starting four or five Years ago so yeah what is the moral of The story in this video well number one For any of you who've actually made it This far in the video is that good Things take time especially when you're Getting into something new like Freelancing or copywriting I only really Found my footing and found success with Copywriting after years of trying and Failing at being a writer I couldn't Figure out early enough How bad I was at blogging I tried Writing a book and eventually I Literally just stumbled across

Copywriting and Fiverr Um and I wouldn't have gotten there if I Just gave up or if my expectations were I was going to figure something out Quickly and then get discouraged because That's just not possible so if you're Watching this because you're new to the World of writing or copywriting burn This into your brain especially if Writing is a new thing for you it's Going to take time before you hit your First home run that's just the way it is Don't let it discourage you but that's The reality I'm trying to be real with You because there's so many videos out There that say you can do this in like a Weekend it's just not going to happen Also burn this into your brain but it Might take you a bunch of trial and Error and failing before you find the Thing that you love that you didn't even Know that you would love it kind of just Happens like that sometimes you you Don't know what you don't know and you Discover things things along the way and That's because a big part of this is you Actually need to enjoy what you're doing Or at the very least not be so miserable Doing it that you just can't be Persistent because sticking with it is Huge and you're not going to stick with It if you absolutely hate picking up a Pen or typing on a keyboard that takes Time too at the start it's gonna be so

Hard your writing is going to suck I Promise you and it might be hard to even Enjoy the process because you're Learning it and if you don't like Feeling like you're unprepared for Something that's just not a great Feeling for a lot of people but you're Never gonna know if it's for you or if You truly enjoy it until you get past That phase stick with it practice and do It for the right reasons to see if it's Something for you so yeah that was my Journey bunch of failed blogs an Incomplete story and hundreds of other Writing related business ideas that Didn't even make it out of my head Because they were so terrible but all That has gotten me to where I am today And that's the message I want to tell You I'm someone who's earned a hundred Thousand dollars plus as a copywriter And I stumbled across copywriting by Chance because I knew I was interested In writing I stuck with it and I didn't Give up and if this is something you Want to do I suggest you try the same Stick with it practice try to find some Area of it that you really love and just Go for it so thank you so much for Watching I hope this helped cheers

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