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Product Managers Know That They Need To Make Their Product Contagious

What we really want to have happen is for our products to become contagious and for all of our target customers to “catch” it. How can product managers make this happen?

Using Neuroscience to Understand “Customer” Behavior

Of the many modern applications of neuroscience perhaps it is least surprising that it has been picked up by marketers to shed light on how customers make decisions. Understanding customer behavior lies at the heart of what marketing people need to shape campaigns that encourage buying activity. But “customer” behavior stretches beyond blatant attempts to sell more product; we are all customers in one way or another – internal “customers” in an organization or “customers” of each other when we want to get something done, for instance. Understanding behavior and how to encourage an action is useful for everyone from a mother and her toddler, to an executive in a marketing firm. Read more about this in the following article…

What You Can Do Now To Get More Clients

Does your business need to secure more clients or customers? If so, there are several things you can do right now to improve your visibility and advertise your brand. It is of the essence that potential clients know how your service or product will add value to their lives.

The Win-Win of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing, also called mobile marketing, is rapidly growing as a benefit to both customers and businesses. Consumers want deals targeted at their needs and businesses want loyal customers who buy more. This article discusses some of the benefits and the reasons why affordable SMS marketing plans can be the best way to grow their business.

Techniques for Printing – Fulfill All Your Printing Needs

Printing offers solutions for nearly every business and advertising need. Any size job, from offset printing to digital printing, can be fulfilling by printing companies; there are diverse printing choices for a wide range of markets. All printing specifications are not the same and thus require different technology and levels of involvement. Knowing exactly what you require is an important factor, especially when you have a complex printing task.

1 In 3 People Now Own a Tablet – 3 Opportunities to Maximize Your Reach on Mobile Devices

As a business in today’s ever changing technology landscape, it is important that you leverage each and every form of mobile technology in order to ensure a profitable company. Some of the ways to help your company maximize their reach on mobile devices are explained below.

What Is Marketing? 3 Key Steps to Transform Your Marketing Today

It’s key when looking at marketing strategies for your business to understand the fundamentals. Get those right and you’ll find it a lot easier and less costly to attract clients. Let’s look at 3 fundamental elements of marketing your business successfully.

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