Hack Uses Bots To Earn $100 Per Day On Auto Pilot

What's up guys Ryan Borden here in this Video we're going to get so many leads That you can't even handle them Specifically these leads are for selling People's services and I'm going to show You how you don't even have to fulfill The service if you don't want to and Best of all Bots are going to do all the Work for you totally automated system Completely on autopilot after having Worked with Bots and AI for the past 12 Years I can tell you that this is the Lowest hanging fruit to get leads to Sell services to and it's totally Automated so it's even better Before I get way far into this though we Are developing a eight-week boot camp Where I'm going to be teaching live Courses At AI University and you can check it Out here at Aiprofitscourse.com and jump into the University and join the live classes as For how we're actually doing this this Bot is one of the Bots that we're going To be using and the method here is Really fairly straightforward We're basically just reaching out to Business owners offering them something Free basically to fix something on their Website for free so one item to get our Foot in the door and then once we have Our foot in the door and Trust Established then we're going to upsell

Them and offer to fix other things on Their website to do SEO you could upsell Them for there's a whole list I can show You As we jump into this here and the way That we're going to do this is by using This bot here and reaching out to them With an actual contact form so let me Show you that I've got The Campaign Already running you can see it's already Sent like 121 000 messages here so let's Go in and have a look at it and Basically there's a whole lot going on Here of course there's a ton of settings We are developing something that takes Away all of having to manage this where You basically just punch in the keywords That you want and your subject and your Message which we'll see here and it Actually does everything for you Automatically so let me show you that Or rather let me show you where you can You can just go here to contact bot.ai And you can register for Early Access It's in Early Access right now enter Your name and your email address and When it becomes available here soon we Can get you set up with that but this is The best tool at the moment and we do Need to enter a subject and a message Because it will arrive in you can think About this as kind of like an email it's Not we're sending a contact form on the Business website so we get better

Deliverability and avoid all the email Issues but basically we do need a Subject which just says you are you Still in business so just a question Pretty basic because this is going to a Business owner and the message is you Know just a little bit of spin tax here Hi hello and it's going to pick one of These so to only use one word here Automatically it changes the message up Just a little bit I'm one of the top YouTubers in the world for fixing Website issues and ranking websites on Google and I noticed a few issues with Your website that I'd love to volunteer To fix for you give me a text or a call And here's a phone number this phone Number doesn't have to be like your cell Phone number or anything this is Actually a number that's tied to Skype And the Beautiful Thing here is you're Not you're sending them an email well You're not sending an email you send Them a contact form right And so when they view this on their Device then it asks them to reach out to You with a phone number and a lot of People who are not legit Don't put a phone number in their Messaging right so this gives a phone Number it gives you instant credibility And you don't have to be live monitoring It or answer phone calls or anything and I'll show you that here in just a minute

It just gives a different way to people To reach out to you so basically we just Run this and then It's going to contact the businesses for Us 100 on autopilot I have not sent 121 000 messages by hand I've sent Zero by Hand the bot has sent a hundred percent On autopilot and Let's go back in here and so basically I'm going to go ahead and get out of This it should start back up here in Just a second it takes a second on setup But we don't really need to see that What we need to see right now is the Actual reply so here they are These are actual leads and does the list Here just goes like when I scroll down You can see here it just then it just Keeps loading more and more and more and More and more so this is like this is Why I said it's more leads than you can Actually handle so anyways the list goes On and on and on and we can generate More and tons and tons more than this Obviously so basically so let's have a Look at a few we're going here yes we Accept volunteers for SEO remember we Said we're going to volunteer to fix Something and so here's another one Here's a voice message okay yeah let's All right Received a message on my website from You it's uh Bible basedanswers.com Um and um just return your call about

Fixing a couple issues you said on my Website at number 732 and so then he Goes in to give them the number sounds Like and so here's another one here's a You emailed me volunteer for yes please Let me know how we can talk and discuss More so all these people are interested Right here this person's wanting to know What kind of Errors here's another voice Message Yeah hi I just received some emails from You on about seven different websites Seven different names seven different Sales pitches about how great you are in SEO and YouTube and et cetera et cetera Would love to chat with you I know a Little bit about the business And so here's the beautiful thing right This person so we didn't actually send Them they're probably confusing some of The messages that we sent with messages Other people sent but did you notice That so we sent one message it did have A different hi hello it had a different Intro but it's the same name and the Same everything but other people do Marketing too and they're not sticking a Phone number in there and so we get Credit for all of it and see this person Even knows they're being marketed to That's the beautiful thing people aren't Even upset that they're being marketed To like people love to be sold or at Least they love to buy things that they

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Want to buy Right so this person says that they got A whole bunch of messages from different Names and everything and they're still Very happy to talk with us and Work with us right so the list goes on I Mean there's tons of of leads here and Yada yada you sent me an email can you Please provide me more details Etc so I'm not going to read obviously all of These to you live as we go through here But and so there's tons of leads so what Do you do now well you can run a audit On their website so let me show you that And let's pull this up it's just Shineraker.com logged in here and then We can go to shine audit And here is one that's actually done Already from healthharmonize.com which Is just another lead we can look through It all you would do is you punch in your Actual website right here so I think There's like one that we heard was Bible-basedanswers.com we could run a Website audit but there's no point to Waste your time on that because it just Looks like this so What it's going to do is it's going to Check all these metrics and there is More as we scroll across here So we there's just a lot of stuff Anyways it tells us the depth here and It gives us like a score right so Anything that's green is usually pretty

Good it's not completely accurate on the Green like some of these here don't like There's no Google analytics so even Though these websites are green you Probably want to have some Google Analytics because that gives obviously a Lot of metrics and what gets measured Gets managed and the response time here Is really high even on this website that Here is kind of green but they have Other stuff good that's going on so they Have SSL already they don't have the H1 And the title and then as we roll across Here there's other stuff going on so Basically we looking for the it has meta Description conical links and as we Basically you can just look for anything That's red and so this is the h2 tag so The point is and you can click on stuff Here and it'll give you information how To fix it but basically you could give This to the business owner for free so I'd export it as a PDF give it to the Business owner and say Here's a bunch of Stuff I'm going to go ahead and fix X Pick what you want to fix right it Doesn't really matter you you get to Decide what you want to fix if you know How to fix this stuff great jump in There and fix it if you don't know how To fix this stuff option you have two Options option one is go to YouTube and Learn how to fix it it's not too hard Most of this stuff is pretty basic but

Business owners are busy running their Business if it's a roofing company or The bible-based answer one is probably Uh you know they're probably selling Some products about the Bible this is Health harmonized so off the top of my Head without looking at this website It's probably Health Products the point Is is that they're running their Business and they don't have time most People that go into business there's Three segments of business there's sales And marketing there is doing the thing So delivering the product and then there Is Administration like dealing with Taxes and HR and accounting and finances And if you're hiring people and Insurance and all that jazz right so Most people are going to business they Want to do the thing they don't want to Do sales and marketing and they don't Want to do administrative stuff and the Website here would fall under like Administrative stuff it could also Bollinger sales and marketing because Obviously it's a marketing part of the Marketing machine but they don't want to Do either one of those they just want to Run their business and like build the Thing or sell the product that's why They will pay you to do it for them and The beautiful thing is when you fix Things you're helping them to make more Money more sales and letting them devote

Their attention and giving them more Customers to do the very thing that they Want to do so you're helping them get What they want and you're helping them Make more sales and then the customers Are going to have a better experience Because when they buy the product then They can use the product right whatever That product is So it's a win-win for everybody and the Great thing is you get paid for helping Other people which is just the best Thing So what happens if you don't know how to Do it and you don't want to learn how to Do it and you don't want to do it That's no worries either just go to Fiverr Obviously there are other options and Ways to do this you could hire someone Off of upwork or do whatever you want But if you go to Fiverr here and we type In install Google Analytics Or probably set up Google analytics but It should come up either way I'll Install Google analytics 10 bucks You can get into more I'm not sure we Don't need to get too deep into things If you say you're going to do the Google Analytics one Um you know here's one for 30 bucks Here's one for 25 10 right so you're Going to find someone that will jump in And install and says great reviews and a

Level two seller so analytics tracking Setup you're just looking for basic Stuff we're doing a free thing right and So we pay 10 bucks to the Fiverr person The Fiverr person goes and installs Google analytics for them and then you Come back to health harmonized or Bible Answers or whatever you're doing right Whichever the leads were and say listen It's fixed up here's all your stuff Right And then they're like okay cool now what And so then you say all right well Listen I can put together some training For you on Google analytics and you Don't have to do the training right you Just go find YouTube videos that teach Them how to use it And you give it to them and say Hey Listen do you wanna you know if you'd Like to get me some I can do some Training for you let me do like 25 bucks This is called Walking them up the value Ladder you can jump straight to higher Offers like like selling them SEO Service for 500 bucks a month or Whatever you want but you could put Together some training for it and be Like listen I just need a few bucks for My time Um 10 bucks and I'll put together some Training videos for you a package and You go out to YouTube you find some Great videos put them together in a

Thing because you're getting paid to Compile it and find the time the time to Do that you hand it to the person you Got your 10 bucks back to pay Fiverr you Could obviously charge more and then you Say Hey listen now that we have Google Analytics and you kind of know how to Use it or at least you have the option To learn how to use it because they're Not going to then you say Hey listen do You want me to manage your Google Analytics for you and I'll go ahead and Manage the Google analytics for you and Give you valuable feedback for 100 bucks A month right and then also while we're At this we should probably fix some Other stuff because we've got some H1 Title issues your website loads really Slowly and this is really impacting you Users I mean this is a huge one website Load speed so let's fix these things as Well and we'll do like a one-off fee to Fix some stuff and I'm gonna charge you Like 300 bucks and again you're going Back to Fiverr and paying people to fix Stuff and then you're like all right how About 500 bucks a month for SEO when You're going back to Fiverr and you're Hiring in it and then you just keep Going up the thing all right sweet now That we have our SEO for 500 bucks a Month for 100 bucks a month we can add On a local SEO and then now for another A couple of 300 bucks a month I'll be

Your social media manager because we Need to go generate content and post on Facebook And you can see how this just stacks and I realized I just gave you like an Overload of information but you can make Hundreds and hundreds of dollars if not A thousand plus on just fixing stuff on Their website Intro and then you sell them on monthly Service to get reoccurring Revenue where You are doing stuff for them every month Then you're not even doing it right so You got the lead With a bot Bots do the work got the lead For you then you turn around and are Paying Fiverr someone on Fiverr to do The work for you you can hire social Media managers on here Right So here's a social media manager for you Know anywhere from 60 to 160 bucks a Month and you're charging 300 400 500 Bucks a month to be a social media Manager you can do monthly SEO and you Can hire that out in here so you can you Know pay 70 bucks 250 bucks there's Different ones right 50 whatever so and Then you're charging them and you're Just having Fiverr people to fill all These services and you're just taking The difference every month and so if you Charge a monthly fee of 500 bucks for SEO and you pay someone on five or 50

Bucks that's 450 if you charge three Hundred dollars for social media manager And you pay someone 100 bucks to be a Social media manager that is another 200 which taxed on to the 450 dollars And now you're at like 650 a month if You do this even with three people a Month right so 650 per month times three There's Nineteen Hundred fifty dollars Two thousand dollars a month in monthly Revenue and you don't have to do the Work you didn't have to do the work to Get the lead And you get that paid every single month So again And that's kind of like just the tip of The iceberg obviously you can go and get In excess of ten thousand dollars a Month and so let me show you Just lastly here I pulled up my PayPal here and we can Refresh And have a look and Just so this is one of multiple PayPal Accounts I have this is under the loop Line digital marketing business the last Seven days is like 2800 bucks in the Last 90 days is twenty thousand dollars So there's other stuff going on even my Side hustle which I started using Square And we can refresh this too this is so This has been the past three months this Is just on the side this is something I Started that's just like

A side hustle right and so let's see if This refreshes in the reports if I had To go okay yeah and so this was just Started you know October right just Running through here and today is December the 5th and this is um you know Three thousand dollars so it's about a Thousand bucks a month right now just on The side thing so the point is and then I've got other PayPal accounts and then I have checks to that clients that Actually send me checks and in the next Video I'll pull those out I need to take Pictures of all those let's stick them In here and so the list goes on right as Far as methods you can make it as far as How to get started it's pretty easy just Go here to AI profit course.com and We're going to you can basically enter Your email address and then get set up With the eight week live trainings where I'm going to be teaching and then There's going to be other people Teaching in the course as well and so It'll be eight weeks intensive of the University teaching live classes where You can ask questions and normally I Charge 350 bucks an hour just to talk to People on the phone or to answer Questions so you get access to me and Other people live which is kind of cool Actually and I'm looking forward to it Here should be a lot of fun and then We're going to have a test and a

Certification as well where you can get Certified to complete this and then you Can leverage that as well so Aiprofitscourse.com and you can get Signed up right now as far as entering Your email address to get started and Enroll in the AI profits University

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