How To Make Money on TikTok Online In 2023 (SECRETS To Make $300 a Day)

Right you've probably heard of Tick Tock But did you know that you can make money From Tech talk now you might not know This but every single day there's people Making money online using the tiktok Platform now on the screen right now There are some people who are making a Lot of money now this is obviously the Top tier people on Tick Tock who are Earning the biggest incomes however There are thousands of other smaller Creators that are making a full-time Living online using the tick tock Platform and in fact I have a few Friends right now that are making over 400 per day using the strategies I'm Going to show you in this video now in This completely free training video I'm Going to show you five of the best ways To make money with Tick Tock right now And three of these methods are brand new And are blowing up right now and you are Going to want to get your foot in the Door to get a piece of the pie and even If you do have a tick tock right now and You've been struggling to make money With the platform this is the video that You're going to want to watch now what I'm going to do in this video is I'm Going to take you through a 12 minute Quick guide showing you the exact steps That you need to take to make money with These particular but myth and I'm going To go over every single one one by one

Now you have nothing to lose to try These methods it's completely free to go Ahead and sign up and create your own Tick Tock account it's free to post Content on Tick Tock and it's also free To make money with Tick Tock with these Ways that I'm going to show you so let's Jump into the tutorial right now and I'm Going to show you exactly how you can Make money on Tick Tock right now Whether you are a beginner or if you Already have your own struggling Tick Tock account alright guys now this is a No particular order but the first one We're going to look at is called canva Tutorials now this is kind of new and It's blowing up right now on Tech talk And people are making a lot of money With this particular strategy to make Money on Tick Tock so if you don't know What canva is canva is a website where You can sign up and you can do design Type of stuff you can design things like Flyers business cards YouTube thumbnails Videos presentations webinar Presentations you can design really Anything with this platform now what's Happening is here's some temp plates Right here is a lot of people are now Starting to learn about canva but they Don't actually understand how to do Things on canvas so here's some of the Templates that you can go ahead and Create now the best thing about is you can actually sign up as An affiliate and you would earn money From people signing up to their plan so What happens is you sign up as an Affiliate you then become an affiliate For canva and you get a special link Where you would get a commission every Single time someone signs up to their Plans that we can actually see right Here so their Pro Plan for example will See the prices Is a hundred and seventy nine dollars Per person per year and if we go monthly That is 19 per month you would get a Percentage of this money okay paid to You now what's happening is people are Using tick tocks to go ahead and create These canva tutorials and as you can see They have 592 million views this is Absolutely insane it's a really big Untapped Niche right now where people Are making insane amounts of money like This one here 887 000 views three hundred thousand views 500 000 views 300 000 views and if we Click on one real quick you'll see what They kind of are like Super simple super short A little bit of music and they're Creating a simple template so that is One of the best ways you can make money Right now with Tick Tock is by going Ahead and signing up as a canva Affiliate and become an affiliate

Marketer for canva and teach people how To design these templates now there's Always going to be a base template and Then you can go ahead and edit it and Show people how to edit it you can even Do resumes and then go ahead on Tick Tock and do canva tutorials now while We're on the topic of Affiliates for Canva let's move on to the next Niche to Make money on Tick Tock alright so what We'll do now is we'll move on to number Two and that is affiliate marketing Mainly because we just came from Affiliate marketing method what I want To do is I want to focus on affiliate Marketing specifically because the canva Tutorial thing was a little bit separate Because that's its own method that is Blowing up on Tick Tock right now so if You don't know what affiliate marketing Is it's when you take somebody else's Product and you get a link and you Actually promote that link and you get a Commission every time someone purchases The that product so you don't have to go And create your own products or anything Like that it's a very easy method to go Ahead and make money online based on the Fact that you don't need to go and Create your own products so what you Want to be doing with stuff like this is You want to be going on to tick tock and Creating a brand for yourself for Example this person here has a tick tock

Talking about how to make money online And things like that right and then we Go to this person here he has the same Type of tick tock where he's talking About how to make money online what you Can actually do is you can build up a Brand on Tick Tock and you can go to Websites like for example And you can go to the marketplace and You can go ahead and find offers in Specific niches where you can go ahead And get a custom affiliate link so if we Go to e-marketing E-Business and E-marketing and we go down here This is essentially Um so you've got like categories on the Left and stuff like that what you can Actually do is you can go down and you Can pick a specific product you want to Promote on Um Tick Tock so this is say one two Three profit this is about making money Online your average commission would be 900 yes that's right that's the average You would get all you do is you click Promote and you go create hop link and You're going to get a custom affiliate Link right here that you can post on Tech talk now I do think this one is Closed I think it was a promotion that's Just an example if we go down to this One here you could also promote this and Get sixteen dollars this one you could Get sixty seven dollars you could get a

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Hundred and ninety four dollars it Really just depends you just want to Find one with a decent gravity score and Where you can actually click promote get That link and you can start promoting These particular products and there's Different types of niches and categories On the left now another website you can Use to find affiliate products is this One here called Munch online they put products that are going To be launched in the future and you can See on the left it has the payment Platform that that you sign up to so Jvzoo or ClickBank which we were just Talking about and what you do is you Click on one of these particular Products like this one here and you go To the product JV page which is joint Venture page and it's going to give you All of the information that you need to Go ahead and get your affiliate link for This launch in his launch prizes and Everything like that so if we go down Here yes count me in and then go down Here get whitelisted as an affiliate and You go just follow the process and You'll get given an affiliate link very Simple way to go and get some affiliate Products to make money with Tick Tock But you want to go and get yourself a Brand and then when you go ahead and Have that affiliate link put it in your Profile here now this guy's probably

Selling a course or something but it Works the same you're essentially Promoting somebody else's course but You're going to get a commission in Return for promoting that course alright Guys now another method in a very Popular method online right now and Another method where you don't need your Own product is print on demand we're Going to look at two options for this The first option is you could go ahead And create a tick tock and you can go And sell your own T-shirts from a Website called now on Teespring you don't actually need to go And hold any inventory it's all held on Teespring and they go ahead and Essentially drop ship these t-shirts for You you just go ahead and get the Designs made now you might be thinking How do I actually get these designs made I don't know how to design t-shirts or Anything like that you can even actually Do leggings shorts hats all sorts of Stuff so you can do heads right here Bags even stickers what you can do is You can go to and you can Actually pay people to do t-shirt Designs for you now keep in mind this is A New Zealand dollars so it's about 40 Percent less in us so 17 will be about 12 U.S but for 17 New Zealand 17 New Zealand you can go ahead and get T-shirts designed created if we scroll

Down we have more t-shirt designs more T-shirt designs and generally they will Think of all of the designs for you Sometimes you might need to give them Some general ideas like a niche that You're interested in but generally they Will give you all of the design the Designs that you need then you can go And start a Teespring account and you Can start selling these products on Tick Tock now another way if you want more Control is to go ahead and start your Own Shopify store where you can control The entire store and what you can do is You can actually link this to an Application called printify and with Printify you can also go ahead and Create t-shirts and they will keep the T-shirts in stock and they will send Them out all you need to do is go ahead And get the designs created and put them On and then upload them onto your store And that's it you can go ahead and do Print on demand using Tick Tock this is One of the most popular ways right now To make money with the tick tock app Alright guys so another great way to Make money on tiktok is to promote Promote your own course or product now If you do this you're going to get the Full amount of money obviously rather Than doing affiliate marketing and this Is a really good way to make money and The online education business is worth

Multiple hundreds probably even billions Of dollars per year there's a lot of Money to be made in online digital Products so if you look at the guy here That we were talking about before you'll See that he has a link it probably goes To some sort of product that he sells But if we actually look at this guy here I know who this is he has a very very Big Tick Tock presence if we click on This what's going to happen is it's Going to take us to a webinar now on This webinar he gives away free Education on how he's making money every Single day now once you sign up to this Webinar he is going to teach you the Basics for free and then he's going to Offer you a training at the end for a Price so here's using Tick Tock millions Of views per day probably based off his Stuff I don't really know any views he's Getting but lots and lots of use now he Is using tiktok to send people to his Link when they go to that webinar they Watch that webinar and then it promotes A course at the end now what he's using To create this page and to create the Course is a website called now on You can actually go ahead and use this To promote your own course okay so as You can see you can do sales funnels you Can do online courses you can do Webinars you can do email marketing you

Can do everything you need all you need To do is create a following on Tick Tock And then you can just simply put a link Right here and you can start to promote Your own products now you don't have to Do this in the make money online space You can do this in the animal Niche if You're a horse rider you could do a Course on how to ride horses you can do It on the health Niche if you want a Course on how to be healthy you can do It in any Niche on Tech talk I've even Seen people selling phishing courses on Tech talk and making a bunch of money Alright guys now a new way to make money On Tech talk right now is by going ahead And doing chat GPT tutorials on Tick Tock if you don't want chat GPT is it's A new AI software that will actually Spit out information for you ebooks Articles anything like that and it's Extremely popular and people are doing Tutorials on how to use chat GPT as you Can see down here now if you look at This one here this is a chat GPT Underscore expert and their title is Chat GPT expert and they have over 400 000 followers now they actually sell a Course on chat GPT so if we actually go Through from here They have a course on chat GPT that they Sell on a website called udemy so that's How they monetize their chat GPT Tutorial Tick Tock as you can see

They're doing chat GPT tutorials now This is a brand new method because chat GPT is brand new it has not been out for Very long and people are still trying to Learn about jet GPT so this could be a Very good way for you to make money on Tick Tock by going ahead and doing chat GPT tutorials now I just want to put This one in here as a little bit of a Bonus because this is very big and is Blowing up and you can still get a very Large chunk of the pie so go ahead and Go to tick tock and put in chat GPT Tutorials to see what type of content People are doing if we click on chat GPT Here you can see there's more chat GPT Tutorials as well Now if you want more chat GPT stuff I Have videos on that that will show you Step by step how to use chat GPT to make Money online this is it for this video And this is exactly some of the ways you Can make money with Tick Tock don't Forget to subscribe tap that Notification Bell and I'll see you in The next video

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