HP – All in One PC Review and Unboxing | I just Bought this Personal Computer

I just bought the HP all-in-one desktop Computer right I'm gonna be unboxing it Now I'm gonna be seeing what's inside This giant box and I said we call i7 a 5.512 gigahertz of uh SSD hard drive and Um of course it's 16 gig RAM and I'm Basically I'm supposed to use this to Edit my videos right I wanted a Dedicated computer for my video editing So and I bought this monster so we're Going to be unboxing this and let's take A look at what's inside this box right Now monster is open All right our monster is open so let's See what's inside of this charger think Monster okay first things what this Looks like the keyboard so this is a Model 24 a power cable power adapter Documentation and keyboard and one Mouse So let's see what's inside so there's a Power cable right here right as a power Cable there's information uh important Product information right here then of Course there is the adapter or adapter And there is a mouse right Wired Mouse So that's what's inside this box so I'm Gonna throw this code this And drop it down here so what else Um Okay I'm gonna put this out These levels that it comes out The dish looks like this cream right This is the screen with the keyboard This is the keyboard right and this is

Empty right now as it's empty Drop this yep Um okay let's go And our keyboard let's take a look at This keyboard Okay Okay this is nice it's a thing to pull Shibo rice is a keyboard Very nice so I'm gonna open it Wow this is actually very beautiful This is pretty this is pretty guys This is the power I filter I'm not sure if this cable And the mouse is when I turned in mouth Oh Fiorella this is him out Okay so this is important information Take your time to go through this right To understand exactly what you say It should be the standard thing so I'm Not taking my time doing that right now This is the best this is a computer Okay let's bring it out Of these ones that come out Okay it's actually very nice okay so This is uh it's a Intel Core i7 right This is a core S7 computer so I'm gonna Be bringing this out as well let me take This out So I'm half computer writing wow this is Nice this is nice Wow this is this is cool Anyway So this is not what it looks like and it

Has it has this stuff here so this is Where the um where the camera is for Face camera right so take it down and it Goes down [Music] Um So I'm going to be switching this baby On So first things first I'm gonna be Connecting in the keyboard So let's visit us So it's a USB so I'm gonna put it here Right then this is in mouth we're going To put in the mouth here USB model USB goes in here now this is a Power adapter again with two power Adapters you can use anyone I have the Plug for both of them so which one Should I go with let me go with this I'm Going to be dropping this Right I'm gonna open this up Okay Disappoint I'm gonna plug this in here I'm gonna open this So it says HP Right so this is coming on right now I Think this is a good buy and this costs Less than one million error this is About 900k All right less than a million there but There's other USB slots here And there is an earphones Jack here A headphone jack here let's see if There's anything here nothing

Okay this works perfectly well I think I love this I think I love this I like the black Color you know like so the only thing I Don't like is the the wires that are Here so I'm going to be changing this to Wireless mouse And change this to a wireless keyboard I Think in the coming weeks I'm gonna be Making making a detailed review telling You exactly what I think about this After I've used this for a few weeks Until I see my next video keep winning And don't forget to check out Dodge love You guys bye from here guys

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