I made a massive mistake… (pro copywriter here)

Yeah I made a massive mistake this is a Video for all my fellow creatives out There I think all you guys are going to Really understand my pain in this Situation so this mistake really has Something to do with something that I Recently delivered funny thing is I Didn't even notice it but the people who Did notice it immediately started Calling me texting me emailing me Kind of a little bit of a panic Situation friends family people I know From online followers on this channel Even my fiance's parents called me from Another country to tell me about it all Right enough of me building this up in The intro I'm going to tell you the Story of how this all happened so it's Kind of a funny story it all happened Back on March 1st of this year beginning Of the month and like every month it was Time for me to send out my monthly Newsletter that I send out through the Nardyblog.com that month the topic of The newsletter was going to be focused Around the fact that I'd recently been Able to quit my job and become a Full-time content creator YouTuber Creative entrepreneur it was supposed to Be an email like that the title was even Quitting the rat race the whole email Was meant to be kind of a Life Update But also kind of a little bit Motivational uh for anyone thinking

About doing YouTube or going down the Path of becoming a creative entrepreneur It was supposed to be be a lighthearted Happy email anyways I'm just going to Read the first two paragraphs of the Email see if you can spot where I made The mistake how crazy is this starting This year February 2023 I am a full-time Content creator and creative Entrepreneur feels a bit surreal for the Past three to five years I've been Copywriting and creating YouTube videos In my spare time my evenings and Weekends were filled with writing copy For clients writing scripts for YouTube Videos editing videos responding to Comments and cutting my teeth in the World of creative entrepreneurship it's Been something I've really loved doing And am lucky to have gotten to the point Where I'm not able to support myself and My family as a creative entrepreneur Did you catch it did you catch the Mistake I made it was literally one Letter one letter that changed the Entire meaning of that whole email one Letter that caused everyone to panic Let's rewind I'm lucky to have gotten to the point Where I'm not able to support myself and My family Right there the word not was supposed to Say now I'm now able to support myself and my

Family not I'm not able to support Myself and my family that one letter From this entire email from a Motivational email to an oh my God Mike Cannot support himself and his family I Feel so bad one letter my mom called me While she was on a vacation skiing in The Rockies she was shocked Mike I Thought you were making money I thought You could pay your bills you need money Do you need help you should get a job my Future father-in-law who lives in Another country texted me with a is Everything okay Mike like two minutes After the email sent a bunch of other People caught it I was at the grocery Store when I found out so I had to like Drop all my groceries and rush home so I Could send out a correction because this Email went out to a couple thousand People but yeah lesson learned and just A little mini lesson for all you other Freelancers copywriters creatives out There anyone who delivers stuff to People double check your work before you Send it out into the world don't make my Mistake double checking stuff will Either save you the type of Embarrassment that I experienced when Sending out this little tiny typo or in The real world it might actually save You a really valuable client might save You from losing that client with a silly Mistake anyway that's my story of how I

Made a tiny yet pretty massive mistake That's it for this one thank you guys so Much for watching please remember to Subscribe cheers

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