I tested the world’s EASIEST passive income idea 🤑 #shorts

I've been testing the world's easiest Passive income method and here's how Much I've made so far but first the Method is selling no content print on Demand books using Amazon KDP it's a Service where you can upload books as a PDF and Amazon will print them out after Your customer buys but rather than Writing full novels you can use it to Sell blank notebooks like this Sketchbooks or journals and all you have To do is upload a PDF with a cool cover Maybe some lines inside an Amazon take Care of the rest so here's how much I've Made I've sold 204 books in total and I Only uploaded five book covers and it Only took me about an hour to do that I Use this app book bolt to format the Pages and upload them to Amazon and so Far they've generated me in passive Income 99 basically a hundred dollars For an hour's work

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